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Well, this a fan of MLP who has just started to watch the show. And I like what I see!



This story is a sequel to Escape from the Moon

It has been nearly three hundred years since Doa learned the truth about herself. Three hundred years that she has patiently waited, knowing her freedom is inevitable. Three hundred years in which she’s been slowly reforming.

Then she died again.

Now, she’s had enough. It’s time for her to leave the moon.

The second story in the Doa-verse, written by me and Anon.


Tags to be added as they come.

Also unmarked spoilers in the comments, so beware.

Chapters (31)
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Comments ( 171 )

I'm surprised this isn't getting more attention. Assuming that's a bound Nightmare-Analog on the other side of the portal, and looking forward to seeing how Luna deals with it.

No cover art willl do that.

Their mistake, and now they'll pay for it. :pinkiecrazy:

Also, NOW is that I realize that the sequel has been released :raritycry:
Better later than never :twilightsheepish:

“Yes, four hundred years is a lon-” her eyes went wide as a pony named Batty brought in a steaming hot plate of spaghetti and placed it down in front of her. Spliced’s eye twitched before she picked up the plate with her turquoise magic, walked over to the window and then threw it like a discus clear out into the night sky.


“Well then, may I ask you a question, Luna asked as she walked over to the balcony and Celestia saw what her sister was planing.

I was confused for a moment there. :unsuresweetie:

(...)“But this is the first time she actually warned you to be careful. I mean, I read the the journals; she gave you notice that Tirek was loose but not to be careful. Same with Discord, I mean, no warning until he escaped.(...)

“I wonder if it is like the one I knew of...?” Spliced said, tilting her head. “Though I highly doubt it.”

So Doa's Universe is slightly different than this Equestria :trixieshiftright:

“I don’t know,” he leaned in, hovering off the ground. “Are you Doa?”



So Doa's Universe is slightly different than this Equestria :trixieshiftright:

Beyond the already high technological advance world (with multiple galactic governments), Windigos being sentient and all the alicorns you mean?

“I would love to try one but I don’t have any means to pay for it.” Spliced tilted her head as she picked up a rock from the ground. “Although I could turn this rock into gold as payment…


“Makes sense, Ah suppose,” the mare drawled out. “Where ya from, by the way? Ah don’t recall a sixth alicorn anywhere and mah family is everywhere.

You have nowhere to go. They can see you :trollestia:

She already turned a rock into a diamond.

Also, I highly suggest you go look at a diplomatic visit

good so far i am really enjoying it.

Fluttershy looked to be trembling nervously. “Oh the poor dear…” she whimpered. “What kind of ponies would do such a thing to somepony else?”

Complete idiots, thats who :ajbemused:

And her sentence made no real sense. I mean the whole "isolation on the moon for 1000 years" part, i get, making her immortal so that she can actually live that long, i get (sort of), making her forget who she is, why she is in isolation, what her crime was, and forgetting much of, if not all, of the punishment, makes no sense at all :facehoof:


And her sentence made no real sense. I mean the whole "isolation on the moon for 1000 years" part, i get, making her immortal so that she can actually live that long, i get (sort of), making her forget who she is, why she is in isolation, what her crime was, and forgetting much of, if not all, of the punishment, makes no sense at all :facehoof:

My theory, based on what I know of the situation? Vindictiveness probably played a large role in deciding her sentence, given what she remembered of her past at the end of the first story... her actions during the war and after affected a lot of people, and I expect they wanted her to feel just like her victims, who suffered and died without ever knowing why. It was the survivors' way of lashing out against one who'd caused so much pain, motivated by pure spite and bitterness.

Until next time...
Anon e Mouse Jr.

That makes sense :moustache:

This is what I look for with canon/au fanfics like this. It’s so interesting to see reactions, interactions, and the like.

Wait a minute. If Luna can teleport too and from the moon, then why didn't nightmare moon do the same. That really doesn't make sense.


Luna's powers were restricted by the Elements of Harmony when she was on the moon as Nightmare Moon.

“ Could ?” Dash gave her a look. “Lady, I’ve broken the speed of sound before. Every time I do a sonic rainboom.”

...No, you’ve broken it in the normal way within a second with little to no build up. Eveberyone saw the Sonic boom you made when you wanted Starlight to be friends with Spitfire, Rainbow.

“ Splicey? ” she muttered to herself before looking at the Wonderbolt. “I can travel at an average speed for a mare my age but I have not had much time to actually fly anyplace. And you are?”

Considering you are at least 400 years old... no you can't :applejackunsure:

Who’s next on the Splice+Friend (kinda) list?

Thorax? Derpy? Granny Smith? Starli-Maybe not that one just yet. I can only see negative events unfolding once they start getting to know each other better.

He was starting to get used to her screaming in her sleep, after all. And he’d learned not to go digging into her life after Twilight had failed horribly to get Spliced to open up about her dreams.

Considering what Spliced dreams about, are you sure she didn't succeed :trixieshiftright:

Of course, a lot of things about this version of Equestria weren’t adding up… such as why Discord, with his unusual and highly dangerous abilities, and who had manipulated ponies’ minds for fun, was still allowed to wander around free and had apparently become very close friends with one of the very ponies he’d gone after, yet a being who had only caused physical damage, whose name she had yet to learn, had been locked up in a prison realm.

They're really big on reformationen :pinkiecrazy:

Besides, who in their right minds would purposely make a tree that would drop seeds that grew into large and, if she was to be honest, gaudy castles like this one?

Someone very bored

“Pleasant night?” Starlight said in a snippy tone.

“Shut up and give me some coffee,” Spliced shot back as she dropped her head onto the table.

Twilight, wouldn’t it be proper to ask polit-” Starlight moved her head to the side, her magic catching the tossed salt shaker. “You really don’t work well with others, do you?”

Starlight, you no doubt hear her scream in her sleep every night, and if you don't believe that she has nightmares all the time, then ask Luna :ajsleepy:


They're really big on reformationen :pinkiecrazy:

Also, she doesn't know the extent of Tirek's abilities and what he was trying to do. (Now, if she did learn the full story about him, she'd probably be more understanding.)

Someone very bored

Or some ponies who didn't know everything it was capable of. (Remember, this is sometime in season 7 - probably after "A Royal Problem" and definitely before "Triple Threat", though I don't think we've finalized the exact timeframe. The truth of the Tree of Harmony's origins wasn't revealed until the season finale, so even Twilight doesn't know where it came from yet.)

Starlight, you no doubt hear her scream in her sleep every night, and if you don't believe that she has nightmares all the time, then ask Luna :ajsleepy:

Oh, she hears it... but she and Spliced just really don't get along.

Until next time...
Anon e Mouse Jr.

...Spliced is going to learn that magic is irrational and awesome. Then she's gonna learn that Friendship is Magic.

I think that once she realizes just how important friendship really is, she's gonna realize just how devastating her actions were back in her old world. Still, if she doesn't go nuts, she should be a good ally for Twi and co.

Well this proves that Spliced's thaumatics are at least starting to function like magic... wonder how that will affect her ?:applejackunsure:

My little pony: banishment is magic

Why is banishment the "go to" solution with you Celestia :facehoof:

Luna raised a bunch of good points in this chapter :twilightsmile:

If you want to imprison someone like Spliced, then simply put them in a place where they don't feel threatend, and make sure they never get bored and that they always have something to do that they find interesting :ajsmug:


It's not her go to solution but simply one possibility she has to address in case things go tits up

“Spliced, I’m surprised in you for missing this.”

Spliced blinked rapidly before frowning. “Missing what?”

“It’s really simple, if you think about it,” Twilight continued to smile, causing Spliced to frown more as the younger mare managed to get under her coat.

What is so simple, Twilight?”

“Two different dimensions, two different words for the same thing,” Twilight said.

Spliced’s eyes went wide at this before facehoofing. “How could I be so stupid to not think of that‽”

So that's why she kept getting irritated about it... there is also the fact that it seems to operate differently in the two dimensions.

Spliced shook her head. “I honestly don’t know. I remember it being better when I was a normal pur-alicorn, but I haven’t been able to figure out why it’s gotten so much weaker. My best theory is that those who made me immortal also made sure that I wouldn’t be able to use it as effectively as I once did as a further punishment, and to reduce my ability to escape if I ever figured out what was going on.”

Well now i am getting interested about how powerful Spliced should actually be in this dimension :applejackunsure:

Spliced wormed her way out of the hug, looking guiltily off to the side. “I…” Spliced shook her head, unsure why she was feeling all these emotions. “Can we get back to the lesson, Twilight?”

Magic get's influenced by emotions, it only makes sense that the opposite is also true :moustache:

Spliced looked curiously at her; was Twilight actually trying to fib for a change? She shrugged it off; she’d probably find out the truth sooner or later.

Not very well, but yes, you will most likely find out sooner or later :trollestia:

Spliced’s eye twitched as she recalled the cloud but did not fight the illogical impossibility and decided to embrace the madness. 

You know walk the path of the truly wise :eeyup:

“It was a massive box canyon with rocky cliffs

This just made me think of "Blood Gulch" from Halo and"RvB"


Not very well, but yes, you will most likely find out sooner or later :trollestia:

And if we do have her find out about the place Twilight is referring to, boy is she going to be surprised.

This just made me think of "Blood Gulch" from Halo and"RvB"

Or Perfection Valley from the Tremors franchise (which is what I was thinking of when I wrote that part).

Until next time...
Anon e Mouse Jr.


And if we do have her find out about the place Twilight is referring to, boy is she going to be surprised.

Oh for sure!

The Thaumatics/Magic divide is even more silly when you consider their roots; thaumaturgy comes from the Greek thaûma érgon, literally "miracle working"; magic is thought to come from proto-Indo-European magh, "to be able to, to help; power."

In other words, one could argue for the high-tech society to use the term "magic" and for Equestria to use "thaumatics."

Spliced's situation still makes me ill. Following orders is no defense, but it appears that her superiors merely decided that she would make a good sacrifice to bolster their own reputations and focus attention elsewhere. "Look how harsh we are on this war criminal! Are we not paragons of justice?"


Finally someone gets the magic/thaumatic bit!

Comment posted by LoudThunder deleted Jan 14th, 2018


They did try that already.

I just remembert after I posted it.
I'm going to delete that real quick

I think you meant for her to say that winged and earth ponies were born without a carbuncle and in earth ponies and unicorns the wing control center is completely dormant.

And this is why Celestia's a hypocrite. She routinely releases beings who nearly caused EXTINCTION LEVEL EVENTS, on little more than their own threadbare promise of good behavior... Spliced Genome was a war criminal. But it was the rebels who commissioned her weapons, and in the end it was the rebels who USED those weapons.... not S.G. She was nothing but the hired help. Compared to Nightmare Moon (nearly turned the world into a frozen snowball), Discord (actually turned the world into a madhouse), or Starlight Glimmer (who nearly erased the world from existence via time travel) Spliced Genome is a minor offender, one who had already been punished beyond all reasonable justice and sanity. But Celestia's willing to pull out threats like THAT on her... while Discord and Starlight Glimmer get parole.

(What makes SG's backstory especially bleak is that, essentially, it means that in her world, the tyrants and oppressors WON.... tyrants and oppressors who were sadistic enough to torture someone to death over and over for a thousand years in the most horrible ways possible out of revenge for the rebellion. That's some outright Emperor Palpatine shit right there. A JUST government would have executed her and been done with it. Imagine the fate of the poor Thirds still left on her world, once the Rebels had lost....)
EDIT: even worse--- the Alicorns in her world started using bioweapons FIRST? And SG was originally just finding cures? Apparently "war criminal" is Equestrian for "on the losing side."


I would need to review it properly to see if you are correct.

The gold thing is why most magic systems have it either impossible or incredibly difficult to create gold.

Diamond? Meh. Just squeeze some carbon. For that matter IRL diamonds wouldn't be worth diddly-- except DeBeers and a few others bought up all the diamond mines and control the supply with an iron fist... that, and they pushed through a huge ad campaign about a hundred years ago, pushing diamond engagement rings and diamonds as the "ultimate" symbol of eternal love, diamonds are forever, diamonds are a girl's best friend, etc... when in reality there's a glut of the damn things and anyone can fabricate equally good ones on the cheap.
Yup. Diamonds are the mineral equivalent of Steve Job's Apple.

Other stones aren't that much of a big deal either: rubies and sapphires are basically crystallized aluminium, and can be fabricated as well....

Anyway, point made: gemstones ain't much of a thing even IRL, and in equestria they grow in the ground like potatoes.

Consider: the "Pures" were not only the slavemaster/ruling class, they were the ones who used biological warfare FIRST. These were not noble, good, or decent souls. SG's punishment was simple sadism and vengeance... think about it. They had cameras watching her. They took turns watching while she died. They planned to monitor her... and routinely kill her in horrific ways... for a thousand years. So that their children's children's CHILDREN would get to watch her die in horrible agony over and over.

Not exactly an Empire of Light.

If Celestia and Luna ever meet the "Pures," I suspect they're going to be a lot more sympathetic to Spliced Genome.

No natural weather? But before the founding of Equestria, when the settlers arrived they found a verdant paradise! That means it rained BEFORE the pegasi got there, holmes.

I can buy the idea that the Equestrians control the weather for their own personal benefit... to the point that they don't even REMEMBER normal weather anymore--but weather being impossible without pegasi?Augh. That just breaks my suspension of disbelief. A grade schooler couldn't swallow it. For there to be NO WEATHER, that means things like condensation, evaporation, convection, air currents, etc. would no longer work... forget weather, you couldn't put a kettle on to boil!


Keep in mind one thing: Celestia doesn’t know the full story.

She knows Spliced is a war criminal who was working for a rebellion, and whose actions led to her being imprisoned on the moon for a thousand years.

She knows Spliced was willing to attack her and make a run for it.

She knows Spliced seems to be driven by logic and scientific curiosity rather than morality - the other alicorn doesn't necessarily do things out of a sense of right or wrong.

Any of those things would make anyone with any common sense nervous; coupled with what she knows about Spliced dying over and over to the point where she’s used to it and freely offs herself if she feels the need, it is perfectly reasonable for Celestia to be worried about the other mare’s sanity.

And that’s even without knowledge of Spliced trying to vivisect Luna (remember, she wasn't told that part) or the biological warfare that both sides were involved in - she hasn’t been told about that part yet either as of the latest chapter, only Twilight and her friends know.

As for paroling Discord and Starlight, season 4 reveals Celestia has clairvoyant visions in her sleep; it’s how she found out about Tirek. Who’s to say one such vision wasn’t also the cause for Discord’s release? Starlight’s, on the other hand, is because she knows Twilight was able to talk sense into Starlight and make her see reason after showing her the consequences of her actions.


That they will.

Also? There’s an in-story reason for why the government did what it did, beyond just vindictiveness and sadism. It’s something that we aren’t ready to publicly reveal for a long time yet, but it’s something we have planned for. And when it happens… their decision will make perfect, and horrific, sense. (PM me if you really want to know.)


Point. But Twilight may not be remembering everything perfectly, especially considering something from that far back.

Until next time…
Anon e Mouse Jr.

I been meaning to ask this for a while, but is Spliced world basically a science base Equestria rather than a magic one? I know it doesn't matter but I remember saying something a meeting long ago about what magic was or something along those lines.

The more I learn, the more I find how little I know, she thought. Such as… just how many layers does that mare have?

"I am the wisest man alive for i know one thing and that is that i know nothing" :moustache:

Twilight had called out for Pinkie Pie for a bit of help to reassure everypony that everything was okay with the mare appearing from under a rock and happily agreeing to do so before bouncing away.

“H-how?” Spliced asked, her mind trying to comprehend what she just saw.

There is a saying, full of ancient and profound wisdom..... "It's Pinkie Pie, don't question it" :pinkiecrazy:

My own hatred and anger, my sheer obsession with the path I’d set myself on… I very nearly destroyed Equestria all out of a misguided attempt at revenge on Twiligh

Yes, i agree with this, i completely agree that she was so obssesed with the idea of hurting Twilight that she got complete tunnel vision on that and that alone, ignoring any and every single thing that Twilight and company had done beyond ruining Starlight's plan :twilightsmile:

She looked at Twilight meaningfully. “And there’s another pony I’m pretty sure feels the same way, from what you’ve told me about her.”

Tempest :rainbowhuh:... wait was this written before or after the movie ? was the movie included ? :trixieshiftleft:

Twilight reviewed her thoughts and let out a sigh as she could not deny it any longer; the parallels between Spliced Genome and herself were striking and alarming.

Huh... i did not consider that :moustache:

They also knew that they had a duty to all life, including it. Using their magic to lift the predator up away from the back of the cave, they began to make their way to the capital.

A predator that can be mistaken for a pony, has a blueish coat, and a wears jewelry.... i got nothing :moustache:........ :applejackconfused: by the stars IT'S A SIREN :applejackconfused:

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