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Well, this a fan of MLP who has just started to watch the show. And I like what I see!



A mare finds herself all alone on a station on the moon. She is being monitored but by who is not known for they do not speak to her. She is threatened by everything on the station as they malfunction in ways that threaten to kill her. She knows nothing except that she has to find out why she is on the moon, what her past is and a way to escape from the moon.

Another story brought to you by Anon e Mouse Jr and myself.


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Wow! :pinkiegasp:
I like the concept. This have potential.
To my tracking folder. :trixieshiftright:
I REALLY want to see what happens next. :trollestia:


We are working on the second chapter as we speak.

She jolted upright from the bed with a scream, her hoof clutching her chest as phantom pain throttling her body. She remembered suffocating and flailing on the ground, the nightmare of her horrific death.

I didn't expect that :rainbowhuh:

“Wait,” the mare said as she placed her hooves on the bed. “I woke up dead on arrival…” Tilting her head as she muttered the acronym for that phrase, she cracked a smile. “Doa is a cute name.”

WHAT?! She forgot everything again...
Maybe the entry in the computer can help in some way? If this happens several times it'll come in handy :trollestia:
If THAT really happened :trixieshiftright:


I didn't expect that :rainbowhuh:


WHAT?! She forgot everything again...
Maybe the entry in the computer can help in some way? If this happens several times it'll come in handy :trollestia:
If THAT really happened :trixieshiftright:

What is real and what is not?

The lack of a Princess Luna tag surprises me.

I'm starting to think that maybe she went to the moon willingly, installed that base, then she died and somehow she forgot everything...
But how that happens? Is someone who is doing that? or something?
Just a thought :unsuresweetie:

Went outside for what I’m estimating was half an hour... Most of the time was to psych myself up to continue going around the station. The suit is currently hanging in the large room; had to clean it in the medical bay from me we

Doa froze as she almost wrote that in.



Who said it was Luna?

And putting another tag would spoiler stuff.

Hehe. Read and find out.

I thought that she was in the moon much more time.
I have to say. I didn't expect this to be her past.
It's something that I couldn't have imagined :rainbowderp:
So Nightmare Moon(?) is there too. My doubt has been answered :trixieshiftright:
Good job! :twilightsmile:

“I just woke up here after dying, so I could call myself Doa for dead on arrival,” she said as she slowly tilted her upwards, her eye fixing on the camera. “But I think I prefer my own name, Spliced Genome, much better.



how long did you think she was there?

By the way, we are having a mini contest on SB to name the sequel with the promise of a cameo

A few years, like 10. It was only a thought. I didn't think much about it. :unsuresweetie:


You said more; 10 is less than 120

So... Is this story over?


Well, we are working on the sequel

Hah! I did not expect that ending. I felt like it had something to do with Nightmare Moon somehow, but that wasn't what I expected.

Spliced Genome is an interesting character. You relate to her plight, you find her sympathetic, you admire how thoughtful and methodical she is, and then you find out that she's a psychopath and is also thoughtful and methodical about making plagues! It's a strange revelation.


Thank you. It was a real effort to keep things aligned as they were and I am happy that we have continued to surprise people at the ending of it.

This was honestly a really good slow unfolding of the puzzle. I enjoyed figuring out what was going on.


Thank you and I feel it is a sign of growth in my ability to write mystery stories well.

I hope you enjoy the sequel.

It was a great story, I now have to read the sequel =). just one question, I don't understand how she could keep her memory in the end ?

Thank you and that's a good question.

There just wasn’t organisms that one could find on the coreworld


This is creepy! How much of that is actually nightmares, and how much is actual things killing her for some reason. :twilightoops:


If you look at the dreams, you notice that some have proper punctuation and others don't. There's the hint.

Liked the introduction. Definitely got the impression of everything in the station being ever so slightly off, and am interested to see where it goes next.

I... was not expecting the chapter to end like that. Well played. The mystery in this is nice; really keeps you guessing.

I think I have an idea of what's taking up all the space in the Admin account now, since there's no entries from her previous lives in the Guest account.

That does raise some questions, though, like how many times she's died for the number to be 12%, along with the nightmares that don't match either of the shown deaths, as well as whether we're seeing successive lives or are skipping some, and if the first chapter was even the first time around. All very intriguing.

Having read the entire thing now... I really wasn't expecting that ending. That the character I've been rooting for this entire time is actually a villain (and possibly an alternate version of Luna) in her setting is a nice twist. Looking forward to reading the follow-up.

Thanks Wix, I'm glad you enjoyed it. And this is only one universe in my multiverse.

Fun. Can't wait to read about the rest.

If Doa had a voice actress, who would it be?

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