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Well, this a fan of MLP who has just started to watch the show. And I like what I see!


This story is a sequel to A Moon and World Apart

Luna and Celestia have settled their differences. With one major obstacle settled, Equestria and the Lunar Republic are coming back together as allies and partners. But danger still lies ahead, and not all are happy with the new arrangements. More challenges await the Royal Sisters, along with Twilight Sparkle, Sunset Shimmer and their friends, as the world continues to change.

Second in the Worlds-verse, and a part of the greater The Powers That Be multiverse.

Has a TV Tropes page here.

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Luna and Celestia's fight took a rather different turn from in most universes. Instead of assuming a corrupted form, Luna took those who supported her and left for the moon, where she and her followers still live a thousand years later. But sooner or later, worlds must collide, and when the ponies of the moon meet the ponies of Equestria, the sisters' conflict won't be so easy to resolve.

First in the Worlds-verse, and a part of the greater The Powers That Be multiverse.

Featured on 4/15/2021

Co-written with Anon e Mouse Jr.

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This story is a sequel to Diplomacy through schooling

Fourth in the Diplomacy-verse, and a part of the greater "Powers-That-Be" multiverse. Twilight Sparkle's had an interesting year and a half since meeting Swift-Pad, the diplomat from the Packlands. She's made new friends, she's traveled the world as a diplomat and learned a great deal about the other societies in the process, and opened a school to teach friendship and world cultures... and she's also seen the permanent downfall of two tyrannical enemies. Now, she's just looking forward to a peaceful time of teaching and enjoying life, while training to get her new powers under control.

But there's more to life that's coming her way. New travels, new dangers, new and exciting surprises. For a diplomat's duties are never done.

Cowritten by Evilhumour and Anon e Mouse Jr.. Tropes page for the Diplomacy-verse here.

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This story is a sequel to Diplomat at Large

Third in the Diplomacy-verse, and a part of the greater "Powers-That-Be" multiverse. Twilight has returned home after nearly a year, and has a new mission in mind: the formation of a School of Friendship, in which creatures of every species can come to learn the values and methods of friendship, and about the cultures of the different races that make up their world. 

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This story is a sequel to A Diplomatic Visit

 Second in the Diplomacy-verse, and a part of the greater "Powers-That-Be" multiverse. As Twilight Sparkle begins her travels around the world and seeks to mend the divides between the nations, friends old and new have their own adventures back home.

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This story is a sequel to The Mare from the Moon

Years after the events of The Mare From the Moon, the Doa-verse's final chapter begins when a new enemy steps up to conquer Spliced Genome’s home dimension, unwittingly drawing a trio of junk scavengers into the fight of their lives… and a search for answers to one of the greatest mysteries of their time.

The fifth and final story in the Doa-verse, written by me and Anon.

Tropes page here

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A day of great importance is fast approaching a coven of cultists that worship dark and ancient gods, and all that stands before them is Luna’s refusal to arrange the stars for them. Left with no other option, the cultists are forced to rely on an even darker and more insidious power to see their agenda fulfilled.


Will Luna be able to defeat these dark souls or will the evils that these cultists wield prove too much for her?

A fun little three parter collab between Anon, Tangent and myself. And despite the dreaded topic of politics being used, it is very minor.

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(prequel to “Escape From the Moon” and “The Mare From the Moon”): Well over a thousand years ago, before the founding of Equestria, the world was a different place. In time, a trio of ponies came together, and through the Fires of Friendship, created a nation. This story is well known.

Except some of that history has been swept under the rug. Now, the truth of what the world was like before Equestria’s founding is about to be revealed… including the role that Snöflinga the windigo played in it.

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There are many Reapers, those who monitor the souls of the living and guide them into the realms of the Dead. Now, one is being forced to take a break from his duties. Sent into the land of Equestria until further notice, he meets with one of his charges.

This is the story of Fall Harvest, the Death of Alicorns… and the past he will reveal to Princess Twilight Sparkle.

Part of my Multiverse and a work with Anon E. Mouse Jr.

TV Trope page

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First in a planned series. Batpony teenager Cassius, the nineteen-year-old son of Lunar Guard captain Cold Justice, moves to Canterlot with his father to live after Luna returns from her thousand-year absence, but finds himself having to deal with some very complex issues involving school, batpony reputations and his own personal life.

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