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If... · 5:24am Jun 12th, 2014

If my loop 6.1 made you decide not to read the Lunaverse... then go give it a go and decide for yourself. For goodness' sake, I'm only Someone On The Internet, I could be Wrong. (I was, in at least one factual way.)
That's quite apart from how 6.1 is the worst thing I've written in the past year and change. (At least I hope it is; if not, there's a real stinker somewhere.)

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It didn't, I had read bits of Lunaverse before and decided on it's own merit that it wasn't worth my time. And honestly, one author really shouldn't harp on another author until said author is forced to change their work to accommodate the first. In my opinion RDD is WRONG to have done what he did. But... he apologized and I guess we should all move on. Enjoy your vacation from loops.

Been following the thread on SB when i encountered the posts concerning this...
either way s not your fault, you deserve your rest.

I find that the Loops can be very hit-and-miss; some are hilarious, some are sweet and heartwarming (my favorite is still the one where Twilight befriends Trixie), some are dull and repetitive, and some are bad. (Personal preference plays a part, naturally.) Overall it tends to b a fun read, and you can just skip ahead if it's not to your liking.

When I read 6.1, my reaction was "Wow, whoever wrote this has no bucking idea what they're talking about." I can see why RDD would take offense; He's very proud of his 'verse, and 6.1 was essentially "No, you're writing your story wrong, this is how it should go; also, I haven't bothered to actually read the story and clearly don't know what I'm talking about." Don't know how he responded since the post was deleted, but I would have been majorly pissed if anyone had ripped one of my stories like that.

No, this isn't a personal attack. Most Time Loops are very entertaining. Also, write more Another Kind of Magic.

Honestly, the way people talk about the lunaverse, the mane 6 are all different luna is the pony, Twilight is a fugative for no reason, the world is turned upside down. Theres only a few differences caused by the way it was changed, i think. It just doesnt really appeal to me that much because of the prremise, same as the conversion Beauroue...which is creepy with CelestAI

I did not know the two were related in any sense,

Yeah, making and pressing a "Solve Every Problem I Have with the Setting" button was bad form. Still, in the end, it's all horsewords. If this is truly the most important thing RDD has to worry about, then he leads a very blessed life.

Odd, I don't see anything wrong with 6.1.

Though, without wishing to offend anyone, the only segments I skip over are the manga/animé crossovers, or those crossovers with novels/movies I haven't seen, since I wouldn't understand one bit of them at all. :pinkiehappy:

Isn't loop 6.1 kinda... Old? Why bring it up now? Anyways, I had decided that the Lunaverse wasn't my cup of tea a while ago, before I even knew about your story in fact. The most recent thing in its verse that I've read was the crossover crisis one.

I'm sorry to hear you're worried some folks might've actually be discouraged to read Lunaverse due to what you've written but I can promise you I never had any issues. I think I was reading bits of Lunaverse before I got into the loops but I can't recall.

My original intent was to show how Twilight reacted to being cast as the villain - to not be the villain.

I executed it abysmally.

A proximate cause of my apology is that the author was concerned that I had caused a chilling effect on his readership. I hope to redress the balance.

2201487 Yes, but - disregarding the fact that Twilight was never a villain, but just a scared, neurotic girl prone to messing things up due to considerable faulty reasoning - there's a difference between "not acting like a villain" and "fixing everything that doesn't look like you're used to".

For instance, L!Applejack's motivations for maintaining a choking monopoly are actually benevolent (if severely misguided) and are explored later, but they're not shown in the first story because that one is mostly shown from Trixie's POV. She's not going to budge on her heart's beliefs just because some bookish unicorn starts spouting fancy words on economy. It felt very much like - and I really mean no offense here - the kind of "easy conversion" you sometimes see in Chick Tracts.

2201562 Which is why I say the snippet is crap. Execution did not nearly match intent.

I was just never interested in that verse, honestly. Not that it's a bad idea, or executed badly, or anything, it just... didn't really catch my interest.

Crisis on Two Equestrias was pretty good, but after reading it I asked myself, okay, where's L!Celestia? Skim to the relevant Lunaverse chapter, find out she resisted the elements of harmony. And she's still "at large", I guess?

It kind of broke my brain and I haven't been up to revisiting the 'verse since.

2201487 That seems an interesting hypothesis, what did they use to create this idea?

2202568 Apparently, the rate of faves on the story in question diminished from a steady and high rate after chapter six of the loops was posted.

2202946 Hmm, now I want to track down Poultron or knigty to see what overlap there was between people who read both stories :twilightsheepish:

Either way I can assure you I didn't mind it in the least and more significantly, I try not to judge one author based on what someone else does with their characters. I'll admit it can be difficult though, if you really dislike it. (One or two examples come to mind of authors treating characters very differently.)

I tried Lunaverse originally, but the first few chapters felt as much as a "Take That" of the mane six as a building of their own elements group that I was turned off to it entirely. I did read and enjoy the crossover it had later with the prime branch, but not enough to read the rest of the tale.

That was well before I read 6.1, so no connection between your chapter and my view however.

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