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MLP Loops side story - the Wedding of Russ and Nyx · 1:24am Sep 21st, 2016

The Wedding of Russ and Nyx, being a sprawling thing of ridiculous length, is being handled by Evilhumour over on his page. The link is here:
It will be progressively updated.
The chapters not posted on FimFic (at first) are the ones which are primarily 40K based. The ones which are on FimFic (first) are - I am assured - reasonably comprehensible for someone who's read the MLP Loops.

Go and read it if you're interested.

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Actually Saph, the 40K chapters will be posted here once I am finished with MLP chapters as those are easier for me to write and I closer to finishing them off.

And like you, I use the proper rules of spelling and my name has a second 'u' in 'humor':derpytongue2:

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