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The Unicorn at Hogwarts has updated (Ch.8, May 31) · 10:22am Jun 1st, 2014

Apparently the fav thing didn't alert everyone. So this is in case someone didn't get the fav-alert.

Report Saphroneth · 1,275 views · Story: The Unicorn at Hogwarts. ·
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Indeed, that's an odd bug. It happened to some of my other favorite stories before... No idea why.

Yeah, it was pretty weird. I did get the email update though

Yup, same to me. Thanks for the heads up, I'd've been pretty sad if your story sat unread in my favs box until the next time I clicked the 'show all' button. And now to read... :twilightsmile:

I fixed it by toggling the latest chapter to 'read' and back to 'unread'.

This story is awesome !!!!!!!!

i hope you didn't stop writhing it:twilightsmile:

Twilight Sparkle is the best pony:heart:

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