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To take away the Elements of Harmony was a true master stroke, if Discord did say so himself.
Only, Twilight Sparkle seems to have a few awkward questions about the mechanics of the whole thing, which might well take away all the fun.
It's difficult being Discord.

After realizing how close it was to qualifying already, this story has been entered in the A Thousand Words contest under the Comedy category.

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Discord just got out smarted and made quite the fool here, I love it!

Outsmarted? No. He got outcoincidenced. Outchaosed if you will. The lord of chaos falling victim to a murphy he didn't invoke. Now that is what I call peak chaos.

Not going to cut ten words to try for the Thousand Words contest? :)

:moustache: So we're good?
:duck: A years worth of Vanilla Oat Swirl ice cream and three months servitude darling . . .
:twilightoops: He's already your slave , Nearly
:rainbowlaugh: Fluttershy has Discord for her bird collection
:flutterrage: Now PooP!
:pinkiegasp: Me me me!
:ajsmug: Now that's a first
:twilightoops: Pinkie!
:trollestia: Punishment fits the crime

Well, now I have.

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