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Twilight Sparkle thought her life couldn't get any better. She was a princess, she had great friends, and a comfortable home. Perfect, right? That is, until she receives a letter from the Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Albus Dumbledore!

Harry Potter/My Little Pony Crossover
Do let us remember that this is a fanfiction site? I do not own anything.

Chapters (4)
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Alright, you got my attention.
Now lets see where this goes

Dude... I only just read the description and... And...
"Home base, we've detected a stray pair of sides orbiting Mars."

I can't wait to see where this goes!

This should be interesting...

Sorry if I don't update as soon as ya'll would like, but I've got about four other stories going on right now, too, so new chapters may not appear for a while. :twilightsheepish:

Comment posted by Patience deleted Jan 14th, 2014

This comment put my sides in orbit.

3785837 So my sides leaving orbit made your sides leave orbit? :applejackconfused:

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Comment posted by mojomcm deleted Jan 14th, 2014
Comment posted by Delta 727 deleted Jan 14th, 2014
Comment posted by mojomcm deleted Jan 14th, 2014
Comment posted by Delta 727 deleted Jan 14th, 2014
Comment posted by Patience deleted Jan 14th, 2014

3778217 Funny, but I think this somehow ended up a higher priority than I thought it'd be. So, new chapter!

This is a good start. I like the idea of Twiligt once again transforming into a human for Hogwarts. Keep up the great work :)

Ahhhhh!!! This NEEDS to be updated!!!!!:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

OK. This is flat out awesome.:pinkiehappy:

Eh.. a bit short, but I like it.:twilightsmile:

this is getting fun

are the students going to be parallel universe people from equestria???

A wizard or witch doesn't need a wand, it's just really helpful.

Judging how you've replaced Malfoy with Trixie this appears to be a substitution story, meaning you're going to substitute major characters from one story with characters from the other. Meaning, it seems that, Twilight is Harry Potter; which would be a different direction than what I thought you were taking.

4072128 4058023 Not really, but you'll have to wait and see how it goes.

4072128 This story happens a year prior to the Sorcerer's Stone, and I plan on having only a few mlp characters. Trixie, Sunset Shimmer, and Twilight (for example) because their cutie marks are specifically magic related.


Oh, ok then. That's better than I thought... but why does Trixie's dialogue match up exactly to Malfoy's?

4074224 Because Trixie and Malfoy are alike. Generally a bloody git at first, then they just end up being the type of person (or, in this case, pony) you start to pity. But are still a bit of a git either way.

This is a very intriguing story. Any chance of a picture of Twilight as she is in the HP universe getting posted?
Random moustache!! Muhahahahaha!! :moustache:

4159067 Perhaps. Just imagine (for now) a young girl with tan skin (not quite latino dark) with purple hair.

4159386 So, basically, I should imagine Twilight like how she is portrayed in her human form from "Spiders and Magic: The Rise of Spidermane". Just with Hogwarts school robes.
Strategic random moustache! Muhahahahaha!! :moustache:

4160187 Uh...havn't read that one...

Yes but the author already asserted that this happens before HP does. So if Trixie has Malfoy's lines, and Trixie acts like Malfoy, then it kind of implies that she is Malfoy which makes no sense unless the author is doing a character swap kind of story, which he said he isn't.

If she isn't Malfoy then there's two people in that universe who are identical except that one is a year older...

4164592 My idea is that every generation has an annoying Slytherin. James Potter had Snape, Harry has Malfoy, Twi has Trixie.

That's fine and dandy, but, I mean, exact lines?

4164880 They aren't exact. I did all those lines on my own. I haven't even read the book in a year.

Absolutely. Fangirling, Right Now.:rainbowkiss:
I can't wait for Twilight to meet Draco and magic laser his proud tushy all the way to Manehattean.:trollestia:

"Arriving five minutes early is not ever late, Twilight. Remember that."
I normally don't laugh out loud when I'm reading, but I laughed so hard at this.:pinkiehappy:
I actually expected Twilight to be a pony when she made it to hogwarts, not a human. But I like where this is going.
(PS I'm kind of confused. Does he have wings now?)

Trixie is Malafoy... THIS IS THE BEST DAY EVER!
Wait, does that mean Twilight is Harry Potter? Or are Trixie and Malafoy gonna become friends and the same thing for Twilight and Harry?
Just a question, time to wait for the next chapter! *Stares at computer.........*

4186556 Yes, Spike has wings just like the rest of the dragons of the HP world.

4186588 This is set a year before the first Harry Potter book. So no meeting of the HP characters. Sorry.

What about Spike!? He can't be Twilight's butler forever.

4830606 Spike is more like a familiar, like Fawkes.

4833509 A humanized familiar? I dunno...

4834706 Spike is still a dragon like he is in Equestria, just with wings, and his role as #1 assistant stays the same. He isn't a student, nor is he a pet. I used the term "familiar" because it implies some sentience.

Keep up the good work thanks. :twilightsmile:

4872653 please continue getting interesting oh so very interesting


Please continue!

More goddamit.

Nice story, are you still continuing?

rest in Spaghetti. NEVER Forgetti! fic is dead:fluttercry:

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