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Still Ain't Dead Yet (Status Update: 1/18/2021) · 6:11pm Jan 18th, 2021

Hey there! Been a long time since I logged on here.

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Thank you for the concern, but no I am not kill.

I kid but in all seriousness, I'm fine, just got into other stuff.


Well thankfully I'm not dead, in case anyone was still concerned about that.

I once had a conversation with him on the Featherfall Studios Discord server. It was about a year ago, but he was talking with some voice actors about doing a re-reboot of the audio recordings of TVST. That was the last I heard anything from them. I know the original voice for TVST was still willing to work with them on a re-reboot, but I don't know if that ever happened. Shame really, but you can't force art.

It seems that way. He either quit the fandom completely or died.

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