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My nickname was Cole... but now I guess I'll just stick with that, names are pretty hard to come up with.
Have you thought a plan out in your head and decided to do it to see if it would work? Sometimes it does work, and most time it doesn't. My plan, let's just say it didn't work. And it ended with some deadly...

Screw it I'm gonna come out and say it. I got f--ked up. I'm laying on the ground at my bank with bullet holes riddled in me holding a revolver.

Well we all have Guardian Angels... and I don't like mine so far.

After making a wager and a couple requests, I get sent off to Equestria and literally drop from thousands of feet up into Canterlot.

Did I mention I got changed into a kind of demonic monkey?

My name is Cole, and in the words of a great hero in a fictional Fable


Based on Rust's Universe with some cameo crossovers (Done with permission)

Image was found with Google search

Chapters (6)
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Comments ( 73 )

First shot at a chapter, I probably could've added more to it too :applejack unsure: I was pressed for time at the moment so I skipped it though

Dun Dun DUUUUHHHHHH!!! Elan would be proud of you my good sir.

Twily is going to meet Hellboy, just perfect. (oh the ensuing hilarity):facehoof:


...Or very gruesome misconceptions. :twilightoops:

Anyways... not bad, not bad. I never followed Hellboy so I can't really give you critique over it.

this is ganna be gooooood.

shit is to hit the fan soon very soon

>> Distrance

The idea wasn't really to include Hellboy, but to include demonic like creatures into the story. In a sense they are also mythical creatures because some folklore actually refer to demons as also being mythical.

Just so everyone knows, something similar to the very end of Chapter 3 did happen to me last night and yes I was scared :fluttercry:

I may have to just pull a MarbleHornets and start a whole video series about it and end up killing everyone :pinkiecrazy:

:pinkiegasp: SLENDER-MANE!
btw good chapter:rainbowkiss:


Sad thing is this did happen to me. I felt something holding me down to my bed and I couldn't open my eyes for a while until I forced them open just a bit and I saw Slender man walk out of my room

775336 Not sure if crazy or one unlucky dude... Yup unlucky it is. And yes I AM serious.


Yeah, I honestly thought about doing crossover stories like this and Fallout Equestria and tossing some Lovecraft in there for some enjoyable stress and tension

Haven't read yet will in a moment but first, you had me at Demonic Monkey.


you had me at the use of proper punctuation

776983Is that sarcasm? I can never tell when I'm on the computer.


no its truthism

I'm part grammar nazi haha

777018Ah, well in that case, I thank you.

Wait a minute...
Uber Right arm?
It sounds familiar
Well goo fic anyway but IM WATCHING YOU


In my next chapter, Celt and Cole meet and begin to sing Irish drinking songs together:derpyderp2:

kidding of course. Thats not til further down the line

Have i missed teh past few days when did I plan a irish song wit cole?


I was kidding mate, but I do plan on incorporating some music into this story whether it be for laughs or dramatic effect

You know, there are times that I wish Tiggy could talk. just so he can sing random songs like everyone else.

Oh well... Cool story bro.:moustache:


you could.do instrumental music maybe?


maybe.... I might be able to pull it off, but playing music at the drop of a hat doesn't fit Twig's personality. I might do it every now and then though. I got some good ones I could use... heh heh heh

774735 That happens to me all the time.

I found that if i lay on my stomach, I can trigger such event.

whatever you do when it happens, DON"T STOP STRUGGLING. you'll only fall deeper into the paralysis, and you might not be able to get out of it if you go to deep.

The Japanese call it 'sleep paralysis' and they believe that it's spirits playing tricks on you.

may i suggest sprinkling salt around your bed?


Its only supposed to be a dude who happens to look like him.

Nah, I just that your brain doesn't know your bodies asleep yet.
On a completely unrelated topic, I got 20 blocks of C4 under your house. Don't make me use it.
Wait. Where the detonator go?


Hey I found a button! *pushes button*

What does it do?

Hey, why is that delivery truck still at my front do--BOOOM

This is fun, interesting setup, and I'm enjoying reading it!

Oh my God. "Pick a lane, you asshole!" :rainbowlaugh: Not only the funniest thing I've read today but also the greatest falling line I've ever seen. Seriously, that was comedy GOLD!


Is it sad that I almost forgot I put this line in here :twilightblush:

And sad I made the very first pony I see, which was Derpy in case you didn't get the hint, the target of my aggression?


Also I thank you for the kind words, I too enjoy reading Skeleton Jack, just to see how much s:yay:t she can f:trixieshiftleft:k up before it blows up

The dream you had reminds me of a popular nightmare among people with narcolepsy called The Hag. In the dream you cannot move nor speak while a 'hag' stands at the foot of your bed or sits on your chest watching you. :pinkiecrazy:


So in other words I am insane? Sweet :pinkiecrazy:


You shall get your fill friend when all of the Gala chapters are unleashed to cause mayhem

807634 narcolepsy is a sleeping disorder silly!


Yeah, I realized that after I posted since one of my co-workers had something similar happen to her

Gala.... must wait till saturday.... gala comes out saturday.... WHY ARE YOU MAKING ME WAIT TILL SATURDAY?! THATS 3 DAYS AWAY! AND I WORK THE NIGHT SHIFT THAT DAY!


my friend you seem upset:trollestia:

822903 ..... Bitch I will cut you with your own rib.

Wow, 5k words. Impressive.

Also yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay :yay:

Cool, Hermes is here too. ..And now two characters have firearms.
Missy with his/her M1911 and you with a generic revolver.

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