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The body of a young bride is found hung over the side of the S.S. Water Glide. Private and Twilight are sent to investigate her death right when she was announced to be engaged to a young prince. Things are hardly as they seem when a pony from Private's past makes her appearance. While investigating Private falls overboard in a terrible storm and is saved by a forgotten race of ponies, dubbed Seaponies. The lost tribe is in search of one of their own who left them. The twist? She left because she fell in love with the very same prince who's bride was murdered. Was she responsible? Or are there darker forces at work here?

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At this point, I'm going to say the killer is Reeflet, though I hope that's a red herring.

This is good, I shall eagerly await future updates.

What do you get when you combine the little mermare with noir? This.

A mute mare with long red hair.

But seriously, Reeflet, if not the killer herself (which I doubt as that would be far to simple) at least has an idea as to how or why this may have happened. *sits and waits for the next chapter eagerly*

From the synopsis...

Was she responsible? Or are there darker forces at work here?

You know, it's kinda gone beyond the point where that kind of question can even be considered rhetorical anymore. :ajsleepy:

2129297Yeah well, I gotta add it for advertisement purposes.

Look on the bright side Private, at least they're not watching the Disneigh channel which will turn them into snot nosed brats.

Oh good, more reunions! Private can't get enough of them lately.

I liked seeing Private's grandmother in the side story and glad she's now part of one of the main stories.

:yay: yay, for new case
:yay: yay, for exotic location
:yay: yay, for fancy-pants
:yay: yay, for little mermare
:yay: yay, for privates grandma
:yay: yay, for equestria noir

great chapter cant wait for the next one. (like the cliff hanger ending to this chapter) :eeyup::twilightsmile:

“He claims somepony pulled him to shore,” Tailwind mused. “I’m sure he managed to save himself, he was always a strong swimmer. However, he insists that a young mare saved him from drowning.”

“A mare?” I asked as I raised my eyebrow. “In the middle of the ocean?”

“That’s what I said,” Tailwind replied, “I asked if it was a Pegasus who flew him out, but he said she had no wings. Only the most beautiful voice he ever heard in his life.”

there was a seaweed green colored pony. She had hooves on her forelegs and a horn, but she had no mane, instead she had a flat head with some kind of crest on it. She also had no hind legs, but a long fish like tail.



The seaponies has arrived, looking forward to your portrayal of them.

Geez, Private's inner monologue is starting to get all green again. Maybe someone should talk to Wade, see if they can't find him some nice yellow boxes. :trollestia:

As long as they don't sing Private, you'll be alright.


Disneigh reference is begging to be done now.

Well this isn't sounding anything like an old Disney movie pertaining a certain little mermaid....

“And then there were none?” she replied with a smile. “You always did love Agrippa Cantly.”

interesting that you refer to Agatha Christie, seeing you based Private's mentor's mentor off of her famous Hercule Poirot. I actually like that. :moustache:

References.... references everywhere... And look! A few lampshades, how nice.

Well...that encounter just went swimmingly didn't it?

Ooh, we haven't had a fourth wall joke in a while.
Reeflet luvs him 5eva.

Yes, this was a good chapter.

only with a pony obsession instead of humans. Which everypony knows is a total myth.


the little mermare ftw:yay:

Private, I’m sorry for being a burden…

:fluttercry::fluttercry:the feels:fluttercry::fluttercry:

damn...dem seaponies got all prophetic on privates flank.
dis gon b bad:twilightoops:

Nice, liked how you tied in the music in this chapter and I also liked the conversation between Twilight and Private's grandmother.

I had a feeling that if i refresh this page one more time there would be a new chapter. :twilightsmile:

*pieces click together in my head* I think I am understanding this one. Dude, you're twisted. :pinkiehappy: And absolutely brilliant!

Quite the twist and cliffhanger, not entirely certain where this is going.

“And I don’t look a day under four hundred,”
Finally I'm starting to get some references.

What a twist! A good cliffhanger, what is up on the surface now? I feel we're going to have another fight to the death on our hands.

Also, I feel Poseidon isn't quite the good ruler the Sea Ponies make him out to be. I think he may be like The Governor from The Walking Dead, but that's just my mind going through possibilities.

So if Northwind's dead several weeks and someone's still walking around as him, either we've got a Changeling about, or this Saladin guy is impersonating the prince in order to get 'his' princess. I actually wouldn't be surprised by that given what we do know about things, after all, a 'seapony' mage would know about the toxin of the puffer fish reacting to magic and could infuse things with it, trying to force Reeflet to flee or get a certain somepony away from 'his' girl.

I also wonder... Aphrodite is an Alicorn that plays matchmaker, is a millenium old and went down with the ship, so to speak when Sombra started going evil. We know Sombra attacked the Crystal Empire, where a certain other love related Alicorn will be coming home to roost and from what we know, seems to be linked to the same Element that Private is. Could Aphrodite be related to Cadance and could the Eye line, not only include one of Luna's guard/lover, but also Sombra himself?

2177812You're close, that's all I'll give...

Why do I get the feeling I'm going to be :facehoof: "I missed it by an inch" later?

:applejackconfused: :ajsleepy: :facehoof: Please tell me that the seapony city isn't part of the Crystal Empire....

2178112Nope, it was a separate kingdom that suffered under Tenacity's dark power...

Hmmn, a monkey wrench indeed, I thin I have solved this case myself, but will withhold any assumptions for the moment.

Sigh I am sorry I don't know if it was intentional or not but you basicly screwed Reefeet over I mean maybe If Northwind was alive and captured instaded of dead it would have been better but you went for the death option and frankly if Reefeet does not commit suiocide by the epiloige I will call cow pie on that casue For what happend to her it seems to be one of the options she will go for

2189300Sadly,the original tale of the little mermaid didn't have a happily ever after. I know it's not a happy set up for her. But then again real life dosen't put you in the best situations. People use people, and she will try to commit suicide but she'll have help to keep from that happening. The source of that help may not come from what you expect. But she will end up better after this experience.

Man, I'm really loving Idrena. I hope she gets to meet Tailspin and be reunited with Irenius.
Kill her off, and I will kill you...:flutterrage:

2189300 You underestimate what can happen in Equestria Noir.



This is what I mean but I won't Juge I will see firest if it works or if she should have just died

I like Idrena, she seems to be an interesting character.

2194301I hoped people would like her. Shattered came up with a bit of her perspective in writing. Overall, she's probably one of the coolest grandma's anypony could want.

2194432 I was going for bad ass but could still whip up a batch of cookies. :pinkiehappy:

2197979Actually, Idrena can't cook...

2198183 Liar! She can summon forth cookies with her bad ass Grandma magic.

2198243That or blackmail Celestia or somepony into getting them :rainbowlaugh:

Another seapony story. Not like mine but I can deal with it

2198314This was my first stab at adding them to my universe. I just thought it would be a waste if I didn't.

2198324 I don't mind. I'm just going to add it in to the seapony group. And you should check out my Seapony story

Sacred Blue
I see what you did there.:derpytongue2:

Good chapter, a good twist, but I just have one complaint. I feel that Tenacity/Chanting is being used too much, as if it has been solving way too many cases. I know that it is Private's destiny, and is probably there to stop him from being killed before a set date, one which I assume Celestia knows, but still it does seem a tad overpowered and overused. But if it is really needed for the plot, I'm be cool with it.

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