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Equestria Noir Case 19 "Womb of the Ocean" - Jacoboby1

A murder mystery in equestria starring the lost tribe of ponies.

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Chapter 6 "Poor Unfortunate Soul"

Chapter 6

“Poor Unfortunate Soul”

Perspective: Idrena Eye

I stood among the crowd as everypony gathered in the hall. I feared not for myself but for young Reeflet. The poor child got herself caught in this, all in the pursuit of love. Northwind and she were standing at the top of the stairs. The other guests gathered around below.

Northwind spoke up, “My friends, I have mourned the loss of Shellheart with a heavy heart, but as my mother has always said, we cannot live in the past forever.”

I frowned; I wonder whose mother said that. I looked over where Fancypants and Fleur were supposed to be. I saw the pair standing among the nobles, ready for my signal. I had hoped Private would have gotten here sooner, but we had to stop this announcement from happening whatever the cost.

I turned my attention back to young Reeflet, naively gazing adoringly at her prince. She had such awe in her eyes. I hated to do this to her, but we had little choice in the matter.

“In my time of mourning one mare has stood beside me,” Northwind said, a resolute look in his eye. “That mare is dear Reeflet.” He turned and smiled lovingly at the mare beside him.

I gave one last look around for Private, but no such luck. Where was that boy? I set those thoughts aside and refocused on Fleur. I tapped my hooves twice on the floor. She nodded and stormed towards her husband, as if in a tirade. Fancypants saw her coming and pretended to be aloof towards his wife.

Fleur shouted loud enough for all to hear, “Fancypants von Trottanam! There you are!”

Fancypants looked at his wife and answered calmly, “Dear, so nice of you to join me.”

“I turn my back for deux secondes and catch you eyeing her flank!” She pointed to a random noble who scoffed at the mention. Fleur was utterly fuming, I started to wonder how much of it was acting “I know you think I’m fat!” she cried bursting into sobs. ”With our foal coming you will only think so more!”

“Fleur let us not make a scene here,” Fancypants said awkwardly, trying to calm her. “It’s probably just the hormones.”

“Northwind is up there proclaiming to the world his love,” she declared, “yet I can hardly get two words out of you!”

“Well you’re no saint, my dear!” Fancypants fired back. “I caught you speaking to Northwind before all of this!”

“So I am not allowed to congratulate our host?” She crossed her forelegs and said sadly, “I’m starting to think you do not care how I feel.”

“Of course I care about how you feel!” Fancypants cried so the whole room was looking at them now. I knew they were acting but it seemed so real. “I just wish you would believe me when I say you are truly the most wonderful mare I’ve ever met!” Fancy declared, his voice full of love.

I knew they couldn’t stay mad at each other for long. Fleur tried not to give in though, she simply huffed and tossed her pink mane. “Then do not speak anymore! I tire of hollow words that mean nothing!” she cried, coming within inches of her husband’s nose. “Show your love now! Prove to me that you st-”

She was cut off when Fancypants grabbed her, dipped her, and pressed his lips tightly to hers. Neither party was acting anymore; they knew in their hearts the love they shared. I watched as Fancy passionately kissed his wife, trying not to tear up at the sheer genuineness of it all. Fleur’s makeup started to run as she felt her husband pour all the love he held for her into that one action. No words were necessary.

Adamus... could we have ever been like that?

Fancypants finally relented from kissing his wife and wiped her eyes with his own sleeve. “Forgive me my love, for not showing how much I truly care often enough.”

“Forgive me for doubting,” Fleur said, looking at her husband with tear filled periwinkle eyes. “You’re right; it might just be the hormones getting to me.” She met her husband’s sapphire eyes and continued, “Mon amour, I will never doubt your love again. You are the only stallion for me. I can think of no greater stallion as my husband or a better father to our petit enfant.” She put one of her hooves on her belly.

Fancypants simply smiled and put his own hoof on top of hers. “I can think of no greater mother for him or her,” he replied, gently nuzzling her on the cheek, and catching her renewed tears. “I have loved you since the day we met. May I never forget how wonderful you are as our foal comes into the world.”

“Mon amour,” was all Fleur could say before embracing her husband tightly. Nobles around them cheered and stomped their hooves on the floor. I smiled at the couple, just taking in how much in love they were. They will make great parents when their foal comes. I wished I could have had a love like that with Adamus.

“My congratulations to both of you,” Northwind said, getting the attention of the crowd again. “I can see that the love these two hold for one another is genuine. May Celestia bless your impending foal and your lives going forward.”

Fancypants and Fleur hadn’t let go of each other yet. They were just in their own little world. A wonderful distraction indeed, my friends.

“Now without any further interruptions,” Northwind announced, turning back to Reeflet, who was looking on the couple with a wide smile on her face. She obviously hoped the same would come of her love. I looked outside a porthole quickly, the sun was just setting. What in Tartarus was keeping Private?

“I can say with a happy heart that I hold the same love for my dearest Reeflet here,” he said, gesturing to the now blushing coral mare. “May we both find happiness in the near future.”

Celestia, if you don’t set that sun slower I swear I’ll show those pictures of you and that banana! We can’t have her transform in the middle of this crowd. That will make her a prime target for Northwind’s imposter.

The prince took Reeflet in his forelegs and tilted her chin up to face him. She smiled so wide I felt heartbroken by what had to be done. Forgive us Reeflet, for we do this for all our sakes. Northwind said ““May we seal our love with a ki-”


I looked behind me and saw my grandson with his revolver wrapped in his magic. He fired a shot at the ceiling to get everypony’s attention. All the ponies in the room looked on in shock as they stared at the detective, now drenched in sweat, walk among the crowd. His marefriend, Twilight, wasn’t far behind.

That look in his eyes, I was about to see just the kind of stallion my grandson had become. I couldn’t be more proud as he stepped up to Northwind and stepped in between him and Reeflet.

“What is the meaning of this, detective?” Northwind cried, indignantly.

“You stay away from her,” Private growled. “Impostor!”

Perspective: Private Eye

I glared at Pseudo Northwind, everypony in the crowd chattering at my accusation. Northwind himself simply demanded, “What is going on? Why do you stand between my beloved and I?”

“I know what you want of her,” I said, with an angry glare. Twilight stood beside me, her glare just as dangerous. “I also know that you are not Northwind!”

“What manner of madness is this?” Tailwind shouted as he came to the front of the crowd.

“Your grace,” I said, looking at the noble “everypony here has been deceived, for I searched the very bottom of the ocean and found this.” I reached into my trench coat and pulled out the locket.

“A mere trinket?” Northwind scoffed. “How does that prove anything?”

“Your reaction proves it all” I said simply, using my magic to unlock the trinket. The picture inside showed Shellheart and Northwind. I continued smoothly, “The real Northwind wouldn’t forget something as important as this.”

His blue eyes became pin pricks in shock as he demanded, “Where did you get that?”

“Off the corpse of the real Northwind,” I said sadly.

Reeflet covered her mouth in shock. Tears starting to form but she could not give sound to her woes. Twilight tried to comfort her but she wouldn’t even look up at her.

“You’re speaking nonsense!” Tailwind shouted in denial. “My son is right here!”

“Your son drowned two months ago,” I explained. “Scallywix, the sailor who Northwind tried to save, was never found. His body was never recovered by the salvage team”

“A terrible loss yes,” Tailwind retorted, “but what does that have to do with anything?”

“Two months ago,” I replied, turning to look at Reeflet, “this mare, saved Northwind’s life as he drowned. She thought herself in love with him and you knew it,” I said as I glared at Northwind.

Northwind growled but didn’t say anything.

“Two months ago,” I further explained, “you swapped positions with Northwind just as he went back to help you. The chaos was perfect cover as you made sure Northwind went down with the ship. Then you moved his body so that the salvage team wouldn’t find it. If you try to deny the body’s existence, one call to Sherrie Illusions will state that she has the body in the morgue.”

Tailwind turned to the doppelganger in shock and asked, “What, what is this?”

“He’s lying!” Northwind shouted. “I am Lord Northwind! I am heir to the island! I am your son!”

“You’re also the murderer of Shellheart,” I said, causing the whole room to gasp.

“See how he spouts nonsense, father!” Northwind cried, pointing at me. “Now he says I killed my former love!”

“Then who could’ve killed her?” I asked. “Reeflet?”

“It’s possible,” Tailwind said. “She did have the motive!”

“It’s too possible,” I said, “If I was the murderer, I would’ve let the body fall into the ocean, never to be seen again. Yet she was placed out for everypony to see. The murderer obviously needed a victim. Reeflet loved your son, but she is neither sadistic, nor showy.”

“So if Reeflet didn’t kill her,” Tailwind said in utter disbelief, “you stand by the statement that my son killed Shellheart?”

“To make it look as if Reeflet killed her,” I stated. Reeflet was openly sobbing now, refusing the comfort Twilight was trying to give her.

“For what purpose?” Tailwind demanded. “Why would my son kill her?”

“I’ve told you he is not your son at all,” I stated. “In fact, he’s not even a pony.” I pointed at Northwind and yelled, “Show yourself, Saladin of the Sea Ponies!”

Everypony looked on in amazement as Northwind broke into mad laughter. He smirked at me and shouted, “So, you surface dwellers are clever after all!”

Suddenly a bright light enveloped him and what stood before me was a pony out of nightmares. He stood floating above the ground, magic carrying his body as he grinned maliciously. His coat was dark violet, his mane long and silver as he floated in the air. Instead of the typical seapony tail, he had the same octopus like tentacles that Aphrodite had. Only his tentacles looked like they’ve done far more than simply fixing loose hairs. His horn was glowing an interesting color, green with a violet outline. His eyes sported the same color as well.

“I’ve seen through your scheme monster!” I shouted, as the crowd looked on in fear. “What is it you wanted to accomplish by twisting Reeflet’s heart like that?”

Saladin laughed and gloated, “I have known for ages that Reeflet held a love for the surface world. So, I just bought into her fantasy and turned myself into a prince for her. Sweet, innocent Reeflet fell for it so well.”

“How could you do this?” Twilight shouted, glaring at the sorcerer. “How could betray your princess like that? She gave her heart to you!”

“Everything I’ve done is for the sake of my kingdom!” he declared. “For far too long Poseidon has been content wallowing in the waters while you surface dwellers have your pick of the land! I just want to claim what was rightfully ours. That which was stolen a thousand years ago by the very magic you wield,” he cried, pointing at me.

“You knew Poseidon would want to start a war if he knew his daughter was trapped here!” I fired back. “You just wanted to give him an excuse!”

“Poseidon’s power could’ve drowned this world ages ago,” Saladin declared, “but the old fool would never listen to me! So, I decided to take matters into my own hooves.”

“You knew Aphrodite would put that spell on Reeflet,” I shouted.

He laughed. “Aphrodite, another sea pony who cares not for the power she wields,” he scoffed bitterly.

“Your game is up Saladin,” I said, aiming Blackbird at him. “I’ll make sure Poseidon knows of your crimes!”

He smirked and his horn glowed a green and purple lined color. Suddenly small portals opened all over the area. Nobles screamed as monstrous tentacle monsters came forth. I recognized the black tentacles from before! They were the monsters that tried to drown Twilight and I!

Saladin floated up above the crowd and smirked, “I hope you enjoy my pets, I plan to make the first strike on Equestria. Once your lifeless bodies are discovered, your nobles will press for war against my kind. Then Poseidon will have no choice but to drown you all!”

I looked behind me and saw that the sun had just started sinking below the horizon. I then saw Reeflet running away as fast as her hooves could carry her. I saw Fleur follow behind her as I ran to grandma. She looked on at one of the monsters and then at me. “Private!”

I stood beside her and fired Blackbird right into the beast’s eye, causing it to screech in pain and flail it’s tentacles. I looked at my grandmother and saw that she was running to a nearby fire ax behind glass. She muttered, “This is going to be murder on my hips.” Then she bucked the glass with all her might, and levitated the ax in her pale grey magic.

One of the monsters tried to grab her but she dodged it and brought the ax down on one of the tentacles. The creature screeched in pain and flailed it’s now severed limb. Grandma then looked to me and ordered, “I’ll get the nobles to life boats! You and Twilight go after Saladin!” She then sliced at another tentacle.

Even at her age she can still hold her own, I guess that’s where I got my fighting spirit. I looked over at Fancypants who pulled out a pistol and aimed it another tentacle beast. He called to me, “Where’s Fleur?”

“She went after Reeflet!” I replied, firing Blackbird at the beast’s face. “You and Grandma help with the civilians!”

I spotted Twilight among the crowd, using her magic to levitate a beast and throw him out a window. her eyes met mine for a second before she broke into a run after Saladin, who was heading for the deck. I followed behind my marefriend, not willing to let anypony else get hurt by him.


Perspective: Fleur de Lis

I first noticed something odd when the trail that Reeflet left behind was steadily getting wet. I almost slipped trying to keep up with her. Private was right! She was a sea pony, I had only heard of them in tales my mere told me as a little filly.

I rounded a corner and saw the poor thing enter a nearby cabin. I walked into it and saw a terrible sight. Reeflet was on the ground, her legs now a beautiful scaled tail. Her hooves were clenching a kitchen knife and she held it near her throat.

“No stop!” I shouted, running to her.

“Do not come closer!” she cried, her voice was back. Such a voice belonged to a singer like Moongale, but the poor thing’s voice was now choked up as her tears became evident. I feared the worse.

Mon ami,” I tried to speak as gently as I could, “do not do what I know you want to do.”

“What is the point in living anymore?” Reeflet shouted through her tears. “Saladin used me! He killed and impersonated the stallion I loved! My father hates me for what I’ve done! Why should I even breathe anymore?”

I closed my eyes and said softly, “Do not throw your life away.”

“Have you listened to me at all!?” Reeflet said, her tears flowing as her grip on the knife tightened. “I was only a pawn in Saladin’s plan! I thought I was in love but I was so foalish! Nopony would want a disgrace of a mare like me to-“



“Just stop thinking like that,” I said, fighting my own tears “I once thought as you did, a long time ago.”

Perspective: Private Eye

Twilight and I ran out onto the deserted deck of the ship. Everypony else was already fleeing the ship on life boats. Nopony wanted to stay long on a ship with a crazy magician on it.

I looked up at Saladin who laughed at the sight of us. “So this is what the surface world sends to defeat me? Two unicorns?”

“My name is Twilight Sparkle,” Twilight shouted at the wizard, “personal student to Princess Celestia. I’m giving you one chance to come quietly and face your crimes.”

He laughed again. “What of your friend here?” he asked. Then suddenly his horn glowed that same green and violet lined color and a beam of magic hit me square in the chest. Instead of flying however, I only fell back a few feet.

I shook my head, wondering what the hell that was all about?

Saladin smirked, “Interesting, you seem to have a small resistance to dark magic, but your magical skills are lacking overall. You’re not even a full blooded unicorn.”

“I can still hurt you though, you bastard!” I charged at Saladin and fired three shots out of blackbird. Suddenly Saladin teleported away and reappeared behind me. He fired that strange magic and this time it sent me flying. I slammed into a nearby railing and saw stars for a minute.

I looked up to see Twilight standing over me; she then looked back at Saladin. “How dare you!” she shouted. “How dare you lay a hoof on him!”

“Oh, I’m so scared of a little filly,” Saladin mocked.

“You’d better be,” I said, wiping some blood off my mouth before standing up beside Twilight. I looked over at her and started to say, “Twi, you sho-“

“No,” Twilight said, looking at me with those wonderful amethyst eyes of hers. “We fight together, or we don’t fight at all.”

I smiled and reloaded blackbird. “It won’t be easy, he does know that I don’t have a strong magical resistance now.”

“Then I will make up for it,” Twilight said, as her horn glowed. “I’m not letting him hurt you again!”

“Twi,” I said.

“Yes?” she asked, looking at me.

“Just know, no matter what happens, I love you.” I gave her a quick kiss and we charged with all our might at Saladin.

Perspective: Fleur de Lis

Reeflet blinked her eyes at me and asked, “What are you talking about?”

“When I was sixteen,” I said, hating myself for having to delve into such sombre memories. “I came to Canterlot. I knew I could get a better education there then I could’ve gotten in my homeland of Prance. While there, I met a charming noble by the name of Sacred Blue. I was in love, I thought, he was so charming and helpful to me.”

Reeflet’s eyes tracked my every word. Her mind was off the horrible knife. That was a start, I had to keep her focused on me.

“I was so convinced I was in love with him I wrote home to my parents and said I had intentions on remaining there with him together. They disapproved of it, saying I was far too young to make such a decision about my life. However, I was so convinced that he was the one, I ignored them.” I kept my eyes closed as I recalled the horrible memories I’ve kept suppressed for so long.

“You’re with Fancypants,” Reeflet pointed out. “Whatever happened to Sacred Blue?”

“I did not meet mon amour until a year afterwards. One day at a party I was waiting to meet Sacred Blue, in the hopes that we would make our love official. However, hours went by and I never saw him. I became suspicious and went to his home, where I caught him with another mare.”

“Fleur, I’m so sorry…”

“I soon learned that the only reason he wanted to be with me was so that he could gain my father’s inheritance,” I said sadly. “That was the true reason my parents resented him. I was so heartbroken, for myself and for how I treated my parents who were only trying to protect me.” I looked down at my hooves as I recalled the worst memory I had. “So I jumped off a bridge into a river.”

Reeflet’s eyes grew wide; tears were starting to come forth again. I was thankful they were not for her own sorrow.
“When I woke up I saw a pegasus standing over me,” I continued, a slow smile coming to my face. “She had the most splendid rainbow mane I have ever seen. She asked me why I tried to kill myself. After hearing my story she told me, after every rain shower comes a rainbow waiting to be seen.”

“So you see Reeflet,” I said, gently, levitating the knife out of her hooves and away from her. “There is so much of your life you still have to live. Don’t let what happened to you make you want to throw it all away. Don’t let Saladin win.”

She then slid over to me and embraced me tightly. I held her tenderly in my forelegs. She started sobbing deeply and managed to say, “I only wanted, I only wanted to see the surface…”

I gently stroked her red mane as I smiled and said soothingly, “Do not cry, little mer pony.” She seemed to calm down a little. She would not take her life today. She had so much to live for, I hope that Private and Twilight make that bâtard pay for driving her to such sorrow.

Perspective: Twilight Sparkle

Private and I were sweating as our battle with Saladin raged. I dodged a magic bolt aimed for me as Private fired his gun at Saladin. One of the bullets entered his foreleg, causing it to bleed. Saladin growled and levitated Private in the air.

“No!” I shouted, firing my own magic at Saladin. The bolt hit the magician, causing him to drop Private.

The dark wizard glared at me and roared, “You bitch! How dare you foil my attempts at destroying him!”

“Private is my coltfriend!” I shouted, my horn glowing as my rage grew. “Nopony hurts him on my watch!”

“Then I’m sure you’re willing to suffer through this!” Suddenly Saladin fired a bolt of lightning towards me. I watched in horror as Private threw himself in it’s path. The bolt hit him square in the chest and he tumbled to the ground.

I ran to him and looked down. He took the full brunt of the blast. I nuzzled him, trying to rouse him from his state, “Private, please be alright!”

“Twi,” he said weakly, opening his grey eyes, “you’re okay.”

“Of course I am you idiot!” I shouted. “Why’d you throw yourself like that? You know I have a greater resistance!”

“I couldn’t stand seeing you hurt” he said, reaching up and touching a hoof on my cheek. Why did this all seem so familiar? Private smiled at me and said, “I can handle it, I’m stronger then I look.”

“You aren’t invincible, Private,” I said, fighting tears. “I wish, I wish you didn’t have to get yourself hurt!” I poured all of my feelings out, openly crying now. “I hate it! I’m supposed to look after my friends! Seeing one of them get hurt right in front of me! I can’t stand it. The greatest friend I’ve ever had, getting hurt because I was careless,” I sobbed, wiping my eyes.

Private pulled me into a weak kiss. He smiled at me and said softly, “Shh. No matter what, I still love you. I would throw myself in front of a hundred lightning bolts…”

“If it meant that we could be together”

That voice, it didn’t sound like Private’s. The chanting was coming, I could hear it.

I looked down at Private’s neck and saw Tenacity there. Saladin swore and tried to fire another magical bolt at us, but somepony was blocking the spell. I felt the weight of the Element of Magic on my head as I watched. Was that… me?

No, she just looked like me. Her coat was the same shade of lavender but her violet mane was much longer and her horn more prominent. Sweet Luna she was beautiful. Her sharp green eyes glared at Saladin, as she held up a barrier to keep Saladin at bay. I then noticed a cord of light connecting her to me and then to Private’s element. Who was she?

She looked over at me, slowly smiled, and then she turned to Private. Walking towards him as Saladin wailed on the barrier with all his might. I then noticed the cutie mark on her flank… She had a star cutie mark like mine!

“Who are you?” was all I could muster as the chanting grew louder.

She didn’t answer, just walked over to Private, and touched her horn to him. Suddenly Private’s wounds were completely gone. I felt the familiar sensation of being lifted into the air by Private’s magic. I looked over at the mysterious mare, who walked to me, and we touched horns.

Suddenly, magic seemed to flow in my veins like water itself. I felt a rush like when I got my cutie mark. I glared glowing white eyes over at Saladin. My horn flowed as bright as the sun as I said in a voice not my own, “You seek to use magic as a means to rule over others! Magic is a gift to the world! It should never be used for evil!”

I raised my hooves and felt energy rush through me. A glowing sphere formed above Private and me. I looked over at him and saw he was awake, and smiling. Although, there was no sign of the mare from before. Private and I nodded to each other, and poured all of our power into the sphere before releasing it at Saladin.

The glowing sphere hit Saladin right in the chest. Suddenly Saladin’s body began to freeze, ice covering his body. He swore as his entire body soon became frozen and his prison was sealed.

The chanting stopped and we descended onto the deck of the ship. I looked on the frozen Saladin, then looked over at Private. His beautiful grey eyes just stared at me. I wonder what he was thinking…

Inside Private’s head…

Holy crap, my marefriend is the sexiest, sweetest, kindest, and most powerful unicorn in all of Equestria!!!


I blushed at what he must’ve been thinking. He just ran to me and embraced me. I smiled and embraced him just as tightly. I pressed myself into his chest and heard his heartbeat in my ear. I felt his muzzle on my cheek as he whispered, “Twi, you really are amazing.”

I looked up at my coltfriend and kissed him on the horn, replying, “I couldn’t have done it without somepony equally as amazing.”

With that, I kissed my coltfriend, glad the fighting was over. The monsters below probably vanished with their master’s magic gone. I didn’t care though. All that mattered was that Private was okay. I let myself fall into Preventus’ embrace. I never want to leave it. I never want to leave him, my Preventus…