• Published 5th Jul 2012
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Leather-Winged Oddity - Deyeaz

More often than not, we don't always become what we want when we go to Equestria.

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XV - The Majesty of Colors

Shadow: Once again, this is in Kaileena's POV. And MAN, is it hard to write through a woman's perspective. It's like trying to solve a 100 X 100 Rubik's cube. Also, this is mostly a dream chapter, so it's supposed to be relatively short. Go ahead, call it gay, but I like to see YOU try and write in a woman's perspective. Plus, I plan on collaborating w/ Doctor D in the next chapter, so I had to make it a bit short. Enjoy, ladies and gentlemen!

Leather-Winged Oddity

XV - The Majesty of Colors


Bright sunlight warms my closed eyelids slightly. I can feel the wind tickle my face a bit, and soft grass beneath my back. I crack open my eyes and shield them again, for the light of the sun against the blue sky nearly blinds me.

Wait a minute... blue sky?

Completely disregarding the sun’s brightness, I open my eyes and glare wondrously at the sky. Indeed, it is a rich, beautiful cerulean. I look down at the grass, each and every botanical blade being as shiny, sleek, and green as a polished emerald. My tribal clothing are also green, yet a shade or two darker than the grass beneath my posterior.

I could see colors...!

I wanted to scream out in joy at this discovery. Never before had I ever even got to witness the beauty of all these palettes of the rainbow, appearing as vivid and surreal as a fever dream. The majesty of colors that graces my eyes is so gorgeous... so incredible.

If this is a dream, I don’t ever want to wake up. I want to stay here in this colourful wonderland, dancing the grass, basking in the sun, and live peacefully.

My sensitive ears twitch slightly as I pick up the sound of... music?

Indeed so. I could hear the sounds of a harp’s strings being plucked, the cacophony of notes transforming into something that would cause the most heavenly of angels’ choirs to pale in comparison to the music that tickles my ears and causes my heart to flutter. I stand to my feet and try to pinpoint the sound’s source. At first, it was simply a walk. But now, as time passes, I start picking up more speed, my paws harshly thumping on the soft grass and brown dirt.

The jog then evolves to a run, which then spawns a full-out sprint. I continue to run faster, my breathing now heavy from using up my stamina. The music gets louder and louder, but I don’t even feel remotely close to the source. It feels so strange....

After a quick bout of sprinting, I come to a sudden stop at the presence of some sort of ruins. Moss and shamrocks grow on all the decrepit rocks that had fallen and weathered away by eons of existence. The archway bears vines that dangle a sparse few feet above the cobblestone path, which was also stained green with moss. The sounds of insects and birds reaches my ears and causes them to twitch slightly. I venture slowly inside the ruins, where I confirmed the music is coming from. I step down a stone staircase towards what appears to be the remains of a massive stone amphitheatre, with stone blocks that substitute as chairs scattered here and there.

In the middle of the amphitheatre is when I see him.

He is sitting on a small wooden stool, its color indicating that it is possibly oak. He wears only the lower half of a white gown, the gold trim of it shining in the light of the sun. Around the long kilt-like robe is a large cloth of red silk, fluttering slightly in the breeze. The black wings on his head shine like obsidian in the light. His golden eagle legs, are crossed, his right bent over his left. I gasp when I see that his left hand is whole and undamaged as he plucks the strings of a giant golden harp before him.

What makes the image so much more serene is that his eyes are closed as he plays the harp so harmoniously, it almost lulls me to sleep with how soothing it is.


I slowly walk over to him and sit down on one of the stone blocks, watching him with a grin as he continues to play the music. He opens his eyes and smiles my way. I glance in another direction, my cheeks stilling getting hotter under his gaze. Luckily, Damien closes his eyes and returns his full attention to his harp. Out of the corner of my eye, I see someone coming my way. I turn my head to see a woman coming our way. She has a dress woven from stars that glitter brightly on their own. Her long and wavy hair is also dotted with stars, sprinkles of white against a navy blue background. Her skin is also navy blue, and as flawless as cut diamonds. Her eyes are what mystify me the most: they are blank and unseeing, glowing brightly and emitting a small trail of steam, yet I can feel her gazing at me... and her soft glare pierces every fiber of my being like a needle through cloth.

Hello, young Bast,” the woman says, her voice swirling around me. It seems to be coming from all sides, that voice, but in the end, it all comes from the same source.

“H...Hello,” I say shyly, curling up slightly. There was something about this woman that just oozes power, like she would eviscerate me if I speak ill of her.

Please don’t be afraid,” the woman coaxes. I slowly unwind from my frail fetal position. She comes over and offers her hand to me, but her palm is facing down. Isn’t she going to help me up? “M... may I pet you?

“Uhhh...” I don’t give a direct answer to her as my eyes shift to and fro, in the hopes that something, anything, will give me an answer that would suffice for this strangely-powerful woman. “S...sure?”

At my word of consent, the woman smiles, showing her incredibly white and shiny teeth that sparkle magnificently. Her hand pats my head and gives it a good pet. Her touch feels... so strangely warm. Gentle, too.

Before I know it, I’m practically purring under this woman’s glorious touch. She gives a slight chuckle before pulling away and walking back to Damien, who is still playing the harp. “You know, he speaks rather highly of you.” I feel my face grow warm at her words.

“He does?” I begin smiling.

Of course. He tells me in his thoughts that you are always helpful, always kind, and you’ve saved his life twice.

“His thoughts?” Despite her nod, I’m puzzled by that statement. How can she read his thoughts?

Because, as you can tell, I’m not what you would call normal.” Okay, how the fuck did she do that?! “What, a deity isn’t allowed to read thoughts anymore?” Wait, what? A deity? “Eeyup.

“Could you please stop doing that?” I implore her. She chuckles a bit into her hand and kneels down to my eye level.

Of course, my dear...” She pats my back and glances at Damien. “Y’know, you two would make a cute couple....

“Enough, already...” I grumble, but that still doesn’t stop me from blushing even further. The woman chuckles again. “Hang on a damn second, who are you?” I demand as I stand up and away from her.

“Her name’s Nut,” A new, yet very familiar voice says. We both turn our heads to see Damien quit playing his harp. He stands up and walks over to us, a smile on his face as he looks at me.

His eyes.... they’re beautiful.

Pools of blood-red only paint the whites of the Devil Imp’s eyes, which bear some sort of kindred, sympathetic aura that emanates from them. The dark lines that outline them only pop them out more and more. The longer I stare, the more lost I become in those luscious and vivid rubies.

“Nut... I wish t’ ask a favor o’ ya.” The woman known as Nut turns her head to Damien, who leans in to whisper in her ear.

Certainly, my pawn,” Nut says, smiling slightly as Damien pulls away. She looks at me with an even larger smile. She pats my head again, but something about it seems off: a pat on the head shouldn’t make me feel so light-headed, nor should my eyes slightly roll around in my head.

“Kaileena?” He then says as he offers me a hand.

“Yes~?” I reply a bit stupidly as I take his hand. I shake my head and restart. “Yes?” Before I know it, he grabs of my hips and holds me tight before beating his large wings and taking off for the sky. The closeness makes my heart race and my brain shut down a tad.

“Thy lips are like wine...” he coos, bringing his face eerily closer. My heart almost stops from the closeness. “And I want a taste...”

He closes the distance between me and him. The feel is so... so real. Like this isn’t a dream and that this actually is happening. I squeak in surprise before slowly melting into the kiss, my eye closing in a dramatic fashion. I feel his tongue poke my teeth, and I open them and allow his tongue entry, the organ dancing and weaving like a snake.

Again... this is a dream that I wish I wouldn’t wake up from....

But sadly, that’s not the case.

“Excuse me miss... miss... Ma’am, wake up!”

I jolt awake, my eyes wide in shock. I grasp my head in one hand, while the little rubber buds in my ears fall out from my sudden movement. I see the unicorn doctor from earlier, his blue eyes gazing at me in concern as a frown was etched upon his orange-yellow furry face.

Wait... orange-yellow face?! BLUE EYES?!

“Oh shit...”

“Ma’am, are you alright?” The unicorn inquires in concern. “You’ve been sleeping here for the past twelve hours!” Twelve hours?! Sure, cats sleep for a long time, but damn!

I look around me. Nothing is in a grayscale style anymore. Instead, everything is painted in a myriad of colors. Blue chairs, white hallways, blue and white tiles, and the occasional green shrubbery. It's as if a massive bucket of rainbow paint just exploded.

I could see colors... again!

*Warning. Warning. Brain malfunctioning. I repeat: brain malfunctioning. Commence total freakout?*


“Um... could you excuse me for a second?” I ask the unicorn.

“Certainly,” he responds.