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My life was simple: Wake up, go to work, go to bed rinse and repeat. Not the most exciting or fulfilling life, but I like it. It was simple, no one ever bothered me and most importantly it was orderly, no chances of me getting into harms way or going off to do something stupidly dangerous. But I guess the gods have other plans for me as I'm flung into the universe that all bronies love/wish to go. Then again most broines don't know the difference between the real Equestria and one they wish to believe in...and I'm getting the front row seat for this shit storm. Yet another extension in the universe Rust and Blackwing created and along with the many other contributers. I would also love constructive criticism and feedback. Also a big thanks to Aoi, i know you probaly have heard this before, but your awesome. Also any joke, reference and charcter i use and or mention belong to their respected party/creater please support the individual and blah blah blah legal stuff blah.

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how did you get your story up? mine is pending and they're taking forever :pinkiesad2:

Idiot dislikers.

This story is awsome! :rainbowkiss:

We must have more immediately! :twilightangry2:

.....please? :fluttercry:

846421 everypony has a right to an opinion...unless of course they don't at least explain why they hate it/dislike it
ps more shall come

So, I have been considering making a story based in the Chess game of the gods universe about a human being turned into a draconequus and SOMEONE DOES IT BEFORE I DO?!

You know what? Fuck everything, I'm going to write it anyways as soon as I finish my current story.

855549 I know that feel bro, but then again i beat you to it :trollestia:
846642 Thanks i really enjoy reading your as well


To make it worse, my first (and only) story has the same issue. Why is there always someone who has already done it / been there / fucked her before?! :twilightangry2:


"To make it worse, my first (and only) story has the same issue"
My only story here, Planet of the ponies, is the second one based on "Planet of the apes", and the third story with that name

"Why is there always someone who has already done it / been there / fucked her before?!"
Do I really have to explain this?

856545 Well as far as i could see you would be the second person to make a draconequus and maybe a little context with the done it part do you mean in the CGotG universe or in general


I was talking about life in general, but it could be applied to CGotG, too.

856719 Well truth be told no idea is technically original, but thats not here nor there. The thing author have to do is just tell a story from their persepctive, and yes someponies might say how it's not orignial, but everypony is a critic. So i say go for it and see what happens

small typo.

it's "deaf" person

not "death" person

This is hilarious! HAHAHA :pinkiehappy:

*sigh* can´t wait for next episo... I mean chapter.

It's wierd, it's strange, it's kinda looney-tunes-ish, but I wubz it.

Also, Ron X Woona OTP.

857969 strange/odd/crazy is what i'm shooting for so thanks also, going to feel stupid for asking, but whos Rob i know Woona is Luna

857994 oops, musta misread your dude's name. sorry.

858023 oh you meant Ron X Woona and maybe havn't decided that far yet:derpytongue2:

858031 Is this before or after the GGG? Because if it's after, I'm wondering how Knightmare will react to meeting Luna's pet draconequus.

858069 truth be told this is before and i've havn't really consider being Luna special somepony, but now that i think about it, it would be Pinkie Brilliant. Also that tumbler thing you sent me do you need it asap or can it wait a day or two

That's it!
You've gotten me to fave this! No stopping me now! :pinkiehappy:
Seriously, though, as JJMalcolm says, this is so out there and insane that I find it quite enjoyable.

Thank-you for flying Luna Air, #1 for all your Equestrian travel needs.

OH OH! I got another! "Looks like Ron's blasting off ag-WHAM! (hits Celestia's window. She looks over to see this slide down).

Silly Ron. You can't do Buggs Bunny unless you're Pinkie Pie.

Beatles-I am the walrus :pinkiehappy:

869465 Nope, but granted the Beatles are a good band

This is fantastic! Just got finished reading your interview on the tumblr and I have to say it's one of the best ones yet for sheer comedic value :rainbowlaugh:

Loved the reference you put to Skeleton Jack in it, that was well-played :moustache:

869706 Thank you i throughly enjoyed your as well :twilightsmile:, both tumbler and story, and i actually put that Jack refrence in at the last minute gladed it came at as funny as i planned it to be
869694 sorry you'll have to wait till the next chapter to hear the answer :trollestia: unless someone else gets it


Seriously though, love the cartoonish style and antics, it's a welcome break from the grimness and sarcasm of the other chessverse fics

869911 like i told JJMalcolm i was shooting for a bit more strange/odd/crazy then a dark kind of tale, though there might be some later on like i hinted on the tumbler, but it'll be most comedy and me just going around seeing the other pieces

Truth be told, I can't stand Ryu.

Welp, The Janitor has some glass and vase pieces to pick up and repair. Again.

A grey changeling floats to the side of a castle, yawning. When he reached a window with a pinkish smear on it, he began scrubbing at it with a broom.

873353>>873475 well at least the pay is good right :trollestia:

You do know who I'm talking about right? Number 18 or something in the running gags?
EDIT: 16

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