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Just a normal evening of playing some video games with my friends until a bright mysterious light teleports us to the lands of Equestria-cliche am I right-. With our new strange powers and no known way to return home will Twilight and her friends be able to handle us and the strange occurrences plaguing Equestria. ( Also I would love constructive criticism. Tags and other characters will be added later.)

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Interesting. Very interesting. Tracked!

I agree with IraqLobstah. Except for the GTFO. That's a tad bit harsh, even though the picture is hilarious.

I'm really liking where this is going.

My inner gamer almost exploded when I realized what was going on.:pinkiehappy:

Also I got a feeling that Ben is going to be the most bad@$$ one of the group, MINECRAFT FTW!!:rainbowlaugh:

360238 nah it's funny but the reason im making them human is to make my story stand out more. I mean there are lots of human going to equestria and seeing ponies, but not as many ways with the whole 'oh there human yet have pony like personality' like way.
361001 oh you'll see how much of a badass he is in chapter three.:moustache:

Nice chapter! Can't wait for the next!

Ben NOOO:raritycry:
KILL THEM!!:flutterrage:
Ben nooo:raritydespair:
Forgot about respawn:pinkiegasp:

Ben is the immortal god :yay:

Loved that chapter, keep it up!!!

Wait, wait, wait. Ben was playing minecraft right? So why isn't he all blocky?

362398 well that wouldn't make sense silly:pinkiehappy: if we followed that logic why can me and pedro actually speak without text options hovering in our face. Truth be told i just kept everyone human becuase i just can:trollestia:
361948 oh just you wait and see what we're going to do to ben next chapter :pinkiecrazy:
Also be honest who actually saw the whole dragon shout/immortal thing coming


Honestly I knew it was coming when it said he was in the dragon armor.
As for the immortal thing I didn't think of it until he was thrown against the tree.


No you were settle about it for the most part, I'm just really good at noticing the these type of things.:ajsmug:

YOU KILLED BEN...FOUR TIMES!!! You hilarious bastard. :rainbowlaugh:

372145 totally a good choice of song given the situation
372328 i told you, you'd see how much of a badass he was:raritywink:


yeah...shitting himself to troll his friends:trollestia:...really badass:pinkiehappy:

Good work enjoying this so far. Isn't it "Hungry like a wolf" not "Hungary"?

384817 fixed it thanks didn't even notice that
384394somepony never played elder scrolls before, no it's just a joke that the coms in the game say

385387 no i've played the last two games, its just that you mispelled it. you put "mudCRAPS" not "mudCRABS".

385460 well shit didn't even notice that...damn you windows 98, but no thanks totally went over my head when you posted

This just gets better and better, keep it up!:pinkiehappy:

Also yes, you seem to be doing a good job with how everyone acts.

And I think that Pedro has just become my favorite of the four after starting that shit storm.:rainbowlaugh:

401382 good to know that i'm getting the way they talk down i was mostly conerned with AJ and Rarity way of talking

Keep it up, enjoying this story so far.

402306 wasn't that big of a mw fan so didn't feel right to put that in the story, plus i would have been to lazy too look that kind of info up:derpytongue2:

402845 its all right im loving it all the same :heart: but one question when is next chapter coming out:rainbowhuh:

403024 sadly i'm only just getting started on it plus i have an essay due in a week, but i hope to get it done and up by this weekend it'll depend if my teacher will except the speech i want to write on about :twilightblush:

Needs more of a human being a headcrab in the story..... more than likely a mix of fast and poison types of headcrabs.........:moustache:

FUS.... RO YAY :yay:

Another good chapter, seriously enjoying this keep it up

433431 dude no joke his scream is really high pitched

Pedro makes me laugh:pinkiehappy:

Also *waves at computer screen* Hi Pinkie!:pinkiegasp:

433568 Pinkie: hiya:pinkiehappy: Me: Pinkie don't steal my computer...our break the fourthwall


So Pinkie, how much are you going to mindf*ck Manny at Sugercude Corner?

433695 oh you'll just have to be patient and see:pinkiecrazy:


Damn... meh I can wait. I can see a lot of pain in the next 2 or so chapters (mostly for Manny and Pedro):rainbowlaugh:

ahhh~ humor, it's so soothing. :pinkiehappy:
Thanks for another good chapter :twilightsmile:

Hopefully Manny magically learns how to use a gun and Ben can still punch 1-meter holes in trees in a few seconds, or else it'll all be for nothing. Ben especially, as Manny still has the armor.

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