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I write the countless and troublesome story worlds that I see in my mind for you're enjoyment, mostly to just make them stop! GTFO out if my brain and onto the site! *SMACK*


Coming from a broke and broken family, I never kept high hopes for anything. When my mother died and I moved out of the house, finally making a life of my own, I decided to treat myself. I had a few grand saved up for a rainy day, and I was going to use them to go to E3, video games were one of the few things that kept me sane before and now. That and MLP, but with the show on hiatus, again I figured it would be fun. I got a pretty good Reaper costume. I rarely played him in Overwatch, but I liked his backstory and character. Riding to E3 in a train was kinda fun dressed as him, mainly since I was not the only one dressed up. When I got to E3 I got the usual, games, little trinket things, then I came across what was a sad looking stall, but there was a pair of really good looking guns Reaper carried, and my costume didn't come with those, so naturally I bought them. When I tried them out by myself in the bathroom, my luck, the lights went out...and I was falling...Okay someone spiked my cherry root beer!

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I'm looking forward to more, awesome job. :)


....(Backs away slowly to grab baseball bat)

Cherry root beer?:pinkiesick: Give me a blue lemonade any day.

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Let's see if Blue boy turns into an asshole or into a nice guy who isn't an asshole.

I will follow this

Take my advice and don't take any notice of Hamster_Master. That guy is a asshole that likes to shit on people's work.

To be honest, if you don't take notice of someone who shits on your work, you might never realize a flaw you had overlooked and can improve on.

8518243 True but this guy always shit on people's work regardless if it has flaws or not.

I won't argue that. He seems to put a lot of decent-looking stories into the OSF group.

Hmm, them several glaring grammatical errors is turning me off from this story, either get an editor or go use Grammarly while typing because the use of wrong words that sound the same is teeth grinding at best.

If Widowmaker is here, Sombra being mentioned, will Doomfist arrive as well? One can only imagine once he appears. Being one of the leaders of Talon, He would give his philosophy about evolution through Conflict to the inhabitants of equestria. making the ponies rise-up against the Council of Canterlot or the Princesses and cause a war.

"Those who fall, will be forgotten. Those who rise up? Their names will be remembered forever!"

“Jack! Your past with him is the reason we decided on this. Look, from what I can tell, so long as the portal is operating, we can tell vital signs. If Genji… Then, and only then will we send you.”

Well things are going to get interesting...

I'm pretty sure it says in the lore of overwatch is that the reason he can turn himself smoky and shit is because all of his cells are constantly dying and being created at the same time which prevents him from dying but he lives on constant pain.

my interest is raising. you have my attention. do not disappoint.

Is it wrong that I want the OG Reaper to show up?

Also, this
Can we have this show up please?

I recommend slowing down. pace out the chapters and add character development.(IF YOU MAKE BLUEBLOOD NICE ILL LOVE YOU LONG TIME). this story has so much potential.

8518581 Yeah. Plus the guy doesn't have fic to his name on this site. And he will make up any excuse to why he doesn't want to write one.

If you ask me. He is throwing stones while living in a glass house.

Not bad for a displaced. Seems a little quick paced, and the main character feels a little Gary Stew, but if it’s using Overwatch’s story as reference, I’m not worried. That’ll probably change soon.

I’ll shelf this for later.

Howdy hammy Hamtaro! I haven’t seen you in a while, how’s life? Now I know last time we met, it wasn’t the most pleasant of experiences, but please remember this websites purpose is for people to enjoy themselves posting, and reading stories based on/within the MLP universe. Criticism is always welcome, but keep in mind that some of the ways you express it can be hurtful to others, so maybe you should rethink your methods of providing your input!

Have a jolly day! :pinkiehappy:

You got me interested now after reading it

“When it’s complete, we will be sending Genji.”




Following for now. Let’s see where this go’s.

I can't wait for Deaths Blossom to update

I can't wait for OverWatch is reaction to Reaper

Soldier 76 is reactions going to be funny

Is Reaper going to introduce them to the video game OverWatch cuz that's be very funny too

Is Reaper going to make his own token

I sadly don't have Overwatch so please inform, I only know some lore and am learning more as I go on

A token is a thing for every displaced can get ahold of each other would like to help or just a chat

Oh. Alright, I think a friend of mine and His Displaced story have something like that in mind for a later planned crossover.

When is the next chapter coming out

Please look over the chapter a few times. I saw quite a few errors....

Why doesn’t Reaper throw his guns at others when he reloads instead of just dropping them

I think I heard in the background *First Blood*

Thanks, how much time till the next chapter?

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