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I write the countless and troublesome story worlds that I see in my mind for you're enjoyment, mostly to just make them stop! GTFO out if my brain and onto the site! *SMACK*


While lazing around one day Rainbow Dash gets a visit from Gilda who is freaking the hay out! The reason behind this is fairly simple, she is to be crowned queen after accidentally finding the lost Idol of Boreas. She does not want to be queen but the other griffons wont take no for an answer. So she ran away to ask for Rainbow's help on the matter.

Just got a quick update, errors should be gone.

Edited by: KillerShadow 15

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Comments ( 21 )

Not a bad story. You got some homophone issues here and there (berried vs buried for instance), but not too shabby overall.

Congrats on finally finishing something.

Thumbs down for poor spelling. Try again.

Editor but other than that, it definitely got a few chuckles

some bad grammar and spelling here and there but a good story none the less.

6105532 I just placed a post on one of the places to get an editor I'm just waiting for someone to reply.

I liked the Silver joke. Only problem is that he's a hippogriff, not a griffin. Nice job altogether.:pinkiesmile:


Thumbs down for poor attitude. Don't try again.

You have some rather wobbly tense. One moment it is present, the second it is past. Pick one and stick to it.


You have some rather wobbly tense. One moment it is present, the second it is past. Pick one and stick to it.

Therefore, it's written correctly!

“No problem, but please let go. I think I can see my grandpa pulling me into the light.” Gilda let go, letting Greta inhale a massive amount of air. “Thanks.”

"I'm not dead!" said Grandpa Gruff.

"THE OTHER ONE, GRANDPA GRUFF!" said Gilda in annoyance.

(This popped into my head at that point, sorry.)

great story are u gonna do any other griffon/gilda stories

this was great. mayb a sequel is in order.

6467430 only if I break 100 likes

u just got number 97!

come on! one more like!

6485726 looks like It's getting a sequel.

Neat fic, but the ending feels rather weird. Like, there's a conflict in the beginning, but then it feels like it wraps up all too neatly just like that.

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