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For most of his life, Blueblood has lived in the shadow of his parents' murder. His past has haunted him, kept him from moving on and achieving something beyond "President and CEO of Mane Enterprises".

But when his life is thrown out of balance once again, Blueblood begins a journey that will lead him to becoming something more than just a pony.
He will become a legend.
A Dark Knight.

Cover art by Supersheep 64

Comments contain spoilers. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

Takes place in the same universe as Mare of Steel, The Princess of Themyscira and In Brightest Day, In Blackest Night. Reading those first is recommended, but not required

Chapters (4)
Comments ( 71 )

And so the dark knight of trottingham will rise. A stallion we met through the eyes of supermare in the future. But a man who would be found under a shade of mystery as he died but a few months before as general zod. A man with great tech capacities and smarts, but with some paranoia and reserve. A stallion who would be involved in an accident that would end up making Clayface. A stallion who will disappear for several years, allowing Zod to take his place and probably be the jerk who rarity so despises.

This is the tale of batpony. And it begins with a savvy business pony who wants to be distracted from the death of his parents and find purpose in helping the city even as an invisible benefactor. Let the rising dark knight come forth.

Hm... You chose Blueblood, an acceptable pony for the role. Fancy Pants could have also taken that role, since there will be some drama in it with Fleur, but, if we are taking this with the Catwoman romance, I might just see where this Dark Knight goes.

When will we see some update to the other DC universe ponies? I know there was a Crossover in this one. But when do we see Shining Armor half failing but be the hero gig?

3861695 I'm working on them; schoolwork's just being a bit troublesome right now

Okay... as I recall, Zod spent five years masquerading as Blueblood after killing him. I hope you have some plan in place to reconcile that with casting Blueblood as Batstallion in this installment. I look forward to more of your work, just wanting to know if you have some plan for that or if you're planning a major retcon of who Zod posed as in Mare of Steel.

3861723 I have a plan; no major retcons are forthcoming

I will absolutely be reading this soon. Loved Mare of Steel. You have a awesome writing style.

3861743 What, did Zod kill someone already masquerading as Prince BB? Might make sense for it to have been an earlier mission to gather info on the royal family for the Wedding incident if you follow my meaning.

...someone want to explain to me why the hell I'm not following you yet?

Never mind Remedied.

That being said, I'm enjoying the way this is starting, if for no other reason, then for the fact that this Blueblood is miles away from the pompous ass we saw in The Best Night Ever. And I love it when stories do that.

Does that make Rarity the jewel obsessed cat woman? Because that would mean Pinkie Pie totally called the crazy cat lady thing.

3863049 Ah but if you read Mare of Steel you will see that there was a reason for pompous ass Blueblood. I wont spoil it for you so instead I command you to READ!

I've read Mare of Steel, so I already know about that.

EDIT: Besides, it's not like the comments here haven't already spoiled that little tidbit anyway.

I'd just like to point out something on Bluebloods costume that I think would be cool. Instead of having his mouth and chin showing, wouldn't it be cooler to close up the entire mask by even covering up the horn? Since a pony's skin color can give them away, I think a full costume to cover up every speck of skin would be plausible. It's just an idea. :applejackunsure:

*Sees notification*
Stop it, boner.

You sir deserve this.

3864786 Something like that has already happened. Ever heard of Batman Nightfall or Azrael? If not I highly recommend reading the Nightfall story and studying up on Azrael.

Do you know why this story will be good? Because he's Batman. That's why.

I kept trying to use Blueblood's voice for this. It didn't work; Kevin Costner kept bashing his way back into my brain. Nice to see Braeburn as Gordon; he's a bit more rebellious than I'm used to him being, but after a little while in this town I'd expect this sort of behavior. Is Diamond Hoof an OC? Blueblood is a little less fanatic than Bruce usually is, but that shouldn't be a problem. I'm always glad to see a little Luthor vs Wayne rivalry, and I have to say that, as a combatant, this is probably Bruce's financial specialty: fighting off hostile takeovers. And finally, I hope that the prequel format won't ruin any tension. Overall, great start! Can't wait to see more!

3923616 You mean Kevin Conroy, right? I don't think Costner's ever been Batman. As for his voice... who's to say that Zod flubbed his notes and chose a different voice for Blueblood?
Diamond Hoof is an OC; I needed a generic mob lieutenant name and that one seemed to fit the bill
And I'm glad you like the story. I'm focusing on finishing Princess of Themyscira first, but I will get to this as soon as I'm done

3923645 Wait, I said.... :rainbowhuh: :pinkiegasp: :derpyderp1: :facehoof: :raritycry: ....I am so embarrassed.

3923681 Simple mistake, nothing more.
But Conroy is best Batman, and that's what I'm trying to go for

After watching man of steel about fifty times and readin mare of steel a couple of times ( yes i loved it) i just cant read any of bluebloods lines without slightly steering off to michael shannons voice :p

A nice start. It really is, I hope this works out well, as a good blueblood is just so rare. The hopes are raised, please dont dash them horribly?

And so we see the origins of the Dark Knight. I would say when we get to see The Joker, but I know that any villain could be put in this story, so I'm not jumping to conclusions just yet.:eeyup:

Keep going, This look great so far. Plus, you might what to explain the two Bluebloods in this and Mare of Steel at some point.

Nice start to the story. I cannot wait to see how the Batman is formed. Plus, I wonder if we'll get any sidekicks in this story. :ajsmug:

Please do keep up the good work upon such a great story. :scootangel:

Finally updated it. Well it seems your writers' block has vanished.

So, I've got several guesses on who the main baddy is for Batsy. It's a tie between Bane, Joker, Riddler, and Two-Face.

Also, you have CONTINUITY with Mare of Steel.

4554175 Two face would be an interesting one.


I'll try to get this updated more often.

And I do have a plan for who the main villain will be (hint: it's one of the characters you mentioned)

4554175 Joker, he's prisoner 4479 mentioned by Arkham to Braeburn.

So Blueblood is not yet Batmane, right?

4555548 No, not yet. That happens after he gets impersonated

4479, eh? Well, looks like the Joker's going to be joining the fun. Or it could just be a red herring, who knows?

I like Braeburn as the commissioner Gordon of this fic, I'm assuming that since this is seven years before Mare of Steel he moves to Appleoosa sometime in the future.

And now I'm wondering, if you haven't mentioned this already, are we going to have a Robin?

4555717 :pinkiecrazy:

As for Braeburn, he might go to Appleoosa, or he might stay in Trottingham. He is definitely Jim Gordon, though

As for Robin, I have a few ideas, but they probably won't come to pass in this fic

Hmm, any plans for Fleur? Maybe as Black Canary?
Also, I'm curious to find out what the plan of Mane Enterprises' board is. Sounds like it goes beyond the corporate world; maybe we're seeing the first stages of our villain's plan?

4554175 I wouldn't bet on Joker; considering he seems to be the chess master behind the Clayface fight in Adventures of Supermare, I'm guessing that his role comes later.
Also, I love that song.

4556286 I'm hoping the main villain is Ra's al Ghul, and since Blueblood is leaving for several years in a semi-similar manner to what happened in thee first of the Dark Knight Triology, Iowa might choose to parellel that.

4556283 if I ever do Fancy Pants as Green Arrow, Fleur will be my Black Canary

4556286 Personally, I'd prefer Bane as the main bad guy. Be a departure from the norm of having the mob/league of Shadows or Joker as the Starter villain for Blueblood. Plus, in the comics he is technically the only villain to actually outsmart batman (Bane's one of the few that have actually defeated batman through strategy). Again, this is personal preference.

I just think Joker/Two-Face and the Like should be held back for part/the next bat fic in the verse. Hell, my own version of Mister Freeze(I call her Victoria Freeze/Miss Freeze. Her son is my verses' Captain Cold, and the Bastard and Bitch who made her the ways she is is Icicle and her 10 year Daughter, "Killer" Frost.) is being held back for my verses' Batstallion story when I get to it.

Also, I been looking for a reason to use that song for a while. This Chapter gave me the excuse I needed.

4556677 Yeah, I can definitely understand wanting to reference that song.

4556677 Personally, I think either Bane of Ra's would be likely candidates, considering they've both pulled the sort of chess master schemes that would result in the Mane/Wayne Enterprises board trying to off Blueblood/Bruce. I hope he saves Bane, though. I've always felt his impact on the story was best saved for when taking down the Batman has been built up to be a really impressive feat.

4556482 You know, it would have been interesting if you made Trottingham Green Arrow's city, because Trottingham was based off Nottingham and Green Arrow was inspired by Robin Hood.

Why do I get the feeling that that was Zod meeting with the Falcon?

It's taken me a while, but I finally got around to read this story. Now I can say I've fully caught up with your Justice League of Equestria series, and I'm glad for it.

Getting excited to read a story where Blueblood is the protagonist is a pretty hard thing to do. Even in the current two chapters this story has, reading about Blueblood is still just an okay thing - not something I feel very excited to do. It's a hard sell, painting this character in a good light. Making him Bruce Wayne is fitting, more so than any other male character in MLP for sure, but as is the case with any Batman origin story, it's hard to get excited for something most people already know about. It got me to think about Mare of Steel, and how that origin story played out to the point where Rainbow Dash is hardly recognizable as the Rainbow Dash most fans know about. I'm hoping that this can happen with Blueblood too, but that of course means writing more chapters. Seeing as it's been nearly six months without an update... well again, it's hard to get excited over this.

Not that I'm one to talk ^^;;

I will say that I can't see where this story is going, or any obvious path that gets Blueblood to suit up. That I certainly am excited for, along with how he might interact with Diana. I always thought that shipping her and Bruce was a great thing the cartoon series did, and I like it a lot more than shipping Diana and Clark.

I don't know where you stand with this series or what chapters you're working on now, but I sincerely hope you're writing something. I think of all the superhero pony stories I've read on fim, you still have the standout series that tells a great story with a strong cast that makes readers want to come back and read more, as well as eagerly anticipate new chapters. I really hope you update some stories soon.

Nice update, but whomis the Falcon in your story ?

Is he the Falcone Family of Batman mythos ?

Or is he the Penguin of the Batman mythos ?

Either way please do keep up the good work upon such a great story.


Um, dude. Either BlueBlood disappeared and Zod took his place or he's dead, as Zod implied in Made Of Steel. So I think he screwed up a bit there.
Either way that leaves no fun and we know he won't be around for mare of steel. Unless he's got ideas from batman v superman I have no idea what he put the stories on hiatus for to.

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