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This story is a sequel to My Little Arkham

Anarchy takes Gotham City when the supposedly dead Scarecrow returns with a new concoction of fear. Abandoned by the general populace, the metropolis now rests in the hands of the criminals, who now run rampant after nine months of dormancy.

Three years have past in peaceful Equestria, and all seems well. When news of this terrible occurrence reaches Twilight Sparkle and her friends, they hold true to an old friend.

Will Scarecrow’s oppression prevail over Gotham’s otherworldly allies?

Cover Art is by me.

Author's Note (IMPORTANT): This will be a sequel to ADHD365's My Little Arkham and it will be a crossover of both Batman and My Little Pony: FIM, it will take place during the events of Batman: Arkham Knight. The timeline will be set between MLP seasons 6 and 7, meaning that every episode in season 7 has not happened yet at this point. It will be set a month after the events of "To Where and Back again" the season 6 finale of MLP. Just like the prequel; this story will focus more with the ponies' POV rather than Batman's. The reason I'm writing a sequel to someone else's story is because I liked that story very much; but I was a little disappointed when I learned that the Author (ADHD365) of My Little Arkham recently announced that he will not be doing any sequels or side stories of this great crossover. I loved this story to the point that I was motivated enough to do it myself. You can review, fav this you if are enjoying this story, you are also free to criticize this story if you'd like for any flaws I have made with story. Enjoy and have a nice day, ladies and gentlemen.

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Seems interesting, I'll read it when I get the chance!

Fuck yeah!!! I was hoping for this.

Thanks! I was actually planning to do this for a year tbh.

Cool! I look forward to it. Or in this case more.

I loved My Little Arkham, one of the best crossover stories on here.

I'm surprised nobody came up with a sequel yet before me, which was kind of a crime. lol

Well, now you are the star! :raritywink:

I haven’t start reading it yet, but I will admit I’m curious. It wasn’t too long since I’ve read the original story and thought it was a good story.

There’s definitely a lot of things that can be done with Arkham Knight. Heck you could do some things better than the game like maybe a little less use of the bat-tank to solve problems espescially when fighting Deathstroke.

I was planning to make a sequel which would include Sunset Shimmer, but I didn't had the chance to work on it. Oh well, at least somebody decided to create it. It's been so long since I read the first story. I hope it'll be great. :twilightsmile:

Thank you for the fav! TBH, I did not expect this story to get some attention this fast either.

Excuse me, I have a question to ask. Would you recommend me getting a proofreader to help correct any grammar flaws?

I would say that’s definitely recommended. From experience of writing a lot of papers and currently one story I usually miss a lot of mistakes looking at them on my own. I usually need someone to go over my stuff to find mistakes I miss.

Some people can do it fine on their own, but most usually do much better with someone else to look over it.

Thank you for the answer. I'm usually one to need someone to correct my own stories as well. I'm currently trying to find a proofreader at the moment. Do know anyone who would help me correct grammar flaws in this story?

Sorry don’t really know anyone here that would do it, but I’m sure someone will do it when asked.

Thanks, it's fine if you don't. I'll keep looking.

Are you going to let the ponies chase some of the villains? Like Firefly, Deathstroke, Professor Pyg, Killer Croc,... Maybe they can go in groups to various places so Batman isn't doing all the work.

Some of the villains are probably going to have a grudge on the ponies like Riddler with Twilight, Mad Hatter with Fluttershy. Firefly could be the perfect opponent for Rainbow Dash. Putting Mr. Freeze in the story might be impossible since he lives in Equestria now with Nora.

Yeah, lucky for you I do have plans for all of that. Mr. Freeze actually turned down the offer to live in Equestria so he still lives in Earth. I do have plans for all those villains you've mentioned.

I've actually written a rough draft of this story on a Journal, so I can plan out this story in an easier and faster way. I only have five chapters written down so far, it was kind of a pain, though. And I still have a LOT to plan.

And not to mention, I have to look over through chapters to find and correct every grammar mistake I might've made, like I'm doing with this first chapter right now. If only I have someone who can proofread to work with.

I can try to help you with that.

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But didn’t Freeze at the end of the first story go to equestria with Nora to live in Equestria? Pretty sure that happened at the end of the first story.

I swear I read that he stayed in Gotham. Let me check so I can be sure.

It’s in the chapter called “Paradise” where they both go to Equestria.

Yeah I just read it. Well that just foiled my plans with the Season of Infamy: In From the Cold mission for this story. Now I have to change things up a little.

I guess you could replace it with another villain that wasn’t in the game or something.

Comment posted by The JGBrony1875 deleted Jun 11th, 2018

I’ll think of something. Maybe I can put in someone to replace him like Black Mask or maybe Zsasz. Or a villain who has never appeared in the game and only came out as Easter Eggs like Ventriloquist. Or I can have Clayface return or something.

I think Black Mask and Clayface are really great choices. Black mask has been kind of screwed over in the Arkham games and we never found out what happened to Clayface after falling into the Pit.

They both seem like favorites to me right now? So what should I do with Victor? Should I have him as a cameo or I have him play a different part in this story?

Well I say either have a cameo at the beginning and ending where Freeze talks to them before go to Gotham and after the ponies leave Gotham, or have Freeze go with them to help them out.

I’ll decide that he’ll just be cameo. It’ll be more difficult for me to write if he’ll come to Gotham.

Fair enough though if you want to you could let him give them some gadgets to help them before they leave. You know like the ice grenades or something.

I actually had that idea in mind

So is Rainbow still Batmare in this story?

Edit: second after posting this I saw that the cover art answered my question.

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