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When a mysterious ring finds it's way into the Crystal Empire, Shining Armor is introduced to a universe far beyond anything he could have imagined. As he works to master new skills and powers, he stumbles upon a threat that could spell doom for him, his home and family, and thousands of other beings across the galaxy... unless he can stop it.

Set in the same universe as Mare of Steel and The Princess of Themyscira; reading those first is recommended, but not required.

Cover art provided by Supersheep64

Comments may contain spoilers. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

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Do want

I am going to love this as I am a huge GL fan and I also one of the few people who actually really liked the movie
So the manhunters will be the villains

Hre is an idea: since the guardians of ht eu niverae are some of the biggest jerks in comics how about they make the choice of being loyal to them or princess celestia who they may see as just seem weak willed fool

I predict this will be featured


2786618 That may come up later. Interesting idea :twilightsmile:

I'm watching you.

Thanks and due to there being different human gl in the dcu at the same time
How about shining choosing his sister if he ever needs a subistute

Green Lantern is my favorite hero! Shining Armor is one of my favorite characters! I can't wait to see how will be the course of the plot! :derpytongue2:

Awesome cover art

Haven't even read the first chapter yet, and I'll already fav'ing this story. If "Mare of Steel" and "The Princess of Themyscira" are anything to go by, this should be a lot of fun. :pinkiehappy:

EDIT: Finished the first chapter, and I'm already loving it! The way you write Shining Armor and Cadance feels right and natural. Shining as GL is an inspired choice given how he often has to deal with being something of a second-fiddle in other fanfics. I'll be very interested to see how his character arc goes, as well as other "guest appearances" by other members of the Equestria JL.

SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :pinkiehappy:
*cough* *cough* I mean, cool. :coolphoto:

This is promising to look very cool. Consider yourself faved.

2786642 That could be an option, although I did have ideas for making Twilight Equestria's equivalent to Doctor Fate (Just an idea and not fully set in stone, but it's an idea)

2786745i had the exact same idea about dr fate

Looks at pony chosen to be the Pony GL.

Looks at his Costume.

GOD DAMN IT. At least I've going with the Alan Scott GL and no the Hal Jordan GL.

Seriously though, the design of your costume is so similar to mine it's scary.

Awesome start, if you have problems with the lore let me know and I will try to help out. I am often told I have an encyclopaedic knowledge of comics

Twilight studying mystical items... :trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright: Do those items, by any chance, happen to include an amulet, cloak, and full head-covering golden helm?


Okay, to start this off, I have not read "The Mare of Steel" or "The Princess of Themyscira." I've heard of them, but I never actually felt any interest in reading them... With that said, the beginning of this story does interest me. The idea of Shining Armor being a Green Lantern does sound a bit cool, and the way this beginning is set up does offer a nice new twist on the character, while still being true to the original incarnation. Now, I'm not give a full opinion yet, mainly because this story has just begun, but this does make me interested, and if it's good maybe I'll take a look at the other stories. So, yeah, I do like how this story started out, and I think I'll keep track of it.

I suspected as much. :ajbemused: That character tends to be pretty iconic in DC, as far as magic goes.

And which pony (that isn't an immortal alicorn), more powerful than Twilight Sparkle?

When comes next chapter

This sounds great (and the hinted sequel with Twi) just please don't use "Cadence", "dead", and "refrigerator" in the same scene in future chapters

btw, any ideas for Bat Mane? (possible Lunar Guard?)

2792385 No Fridge Stuffing will happen ( I have plans for the star sapphires)

And I do have ideas for Bat themed vigilantes, but I probably won't get started with them until I'm finished with Princess of Themyscira

OK, this is a decent start. For now I'll keep on guessing which GLs were used as the basis for this on.

So far, the origin seems based on Hal Jordan, but I do see some shades of John Stewart (due to sharing a military background) and Kyle Rayner (the costume is more elaborate than anything John or Hal have ever had. Guy Gardner has an "elaborate" costume, but only compared to John and Hal, though it is still a relatively simplier design than Kyles').

Using Green text for the ring is ok, the only thing I would change is the use of the quotation marks, since only green text is needed to show that the ring is speaking (note: this only applys to rings themselves, even the rings of others corps should be identified be their color like this. Beings like Parallax, Ion and the other emotional entities, while using there respective emotional colors should have quotation marks. It would make identifying whose speaking a bit easier incase you bring in the emotional entities).

Instafave It brings 2 of my favorite things ponies and Green Lantern

2786595 At least I know I'm not alone. Parallax is one of my favorite villains "Do you fear me? Good."

Shining.... word of advice. When you meet Sinestro... just buck him in the face. :ajbemused:
I mean, just look at his NAME for Celestia's sake, and consider that in Equestria, names are mirrors of who a pony is....

Also... Twilight Sparkle as Dr. Fate.

Shining, always remember. It's not, "No Fear", it's "Overcome Fear".


Also, I look forward to Shining's reaction to Oa

Well, that was definitely a way to get the ring to Shining: hit him in the head with it! Sometimes, that's the only way to get a guy's attention, so whatever.

Also, I can't wait for Shining to travel in SPAAAAAAAAAAAACE! (Space... so much space...)

What? Don't look at me like that! You asked for that last part with your author's note.

2798074 The Space Core is interned on Oa, mainly because he keeps getting himself into trouble and the Lanterns got sick of having to get him out of it

2798082 Even if this is supposed to be a joke, I expect there to be some point in the story where Shining meets the Space core. And maybe Wheatley.

i'm liking this story so far, it should be good. cant wait for more

Let's see, Shining armor made a letter, the ring zooms him to the crashed ship and... get the battery and travel to SPACE!!! I mean Oa.

Yup, Shining will definitely be more surprised with Oa than Space, or the fact the ring spoke with him.

This needs more. MORE I SAY, MORE. :flutterrage: Please :fluttershysad:
That is all.

Hmmmm, just wondering, I assume a human is going to be a GL? Just for kicks maybe.

2798229... maybe. Probably not, though

Oh my God, I was not expecting this. :derpyderp1:


I'll read it later, just wanted to express my glee.

I did this when I found out Cadence was pregnant

Blasted Ring

It picks the WORST time to pick a new bearer.

Shing's thought's when the ring said "welcome to the Green Lantern Corps": What... The... Bucking... HELL!

2798091 But it has to be during some big major space battle. All is hectic, war is going on, ponies dieing left and right!.... Then some orb just floats on by, yelling out "SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACE!" the entire way....

2798243 Probably shouldn't. You have Krypton being pony like, for 'superman', so basically Ponies are spose to be the humans. If you had an actual human as a GL, it would mean there are the other human superheroes too... and Superman and Rainbow Dash would be like, twins or something... :facehoof: Just better off no human

So how long until a Star Sapphire ring comes for Cadence?

2799318 Who said he wanted to even leave the palace willingly?

Woah... That was good. The pacing was nice, it didn't feel too rushed, and when Shining Armor finally got the Power Ring, it did feel like a strong reveal. So, so far I'm enjoying this, and I look forward to future chapters.

I think Con Mane's being set up as Batmane.

You know which DC hero I'd like to see ponified? Static.


Ah come on! Now Fridge Stuffing!? That could be so epic if done right (unlike with Kyle Rainor, which was done wrong).

Also, in case you were wondering: yes. There is a titanic difference between sentience and sapience and you should have used the latter word since the context in which you were using sentience is incorrect and actually the correct context for sapience.

From yahoo answers:

"Sentience is consciousness: the ability to understand signals, interpret them, learn them, and use them.

Sapience is the ability to think abstractly about the world, to search for meaning instead of purpose.

Some say apes are sapient. Some say Cnidaria (jellyfish and polyps) are not sentient, even though they have a nervous system. What is clear is that at least 99.999% of animal species is not sapient, and that all sponges and all non-animal life forms on earth are not sentient."

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