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Princess Celestia: Goddess of the Sun, ruler of Equestria, beloved Princess of ponies. She is loved by all, and loves all in return. A calm and wise ruler, she sits on the throne in Canterlot, maintaining peace and harmony throughout the land.

What most don't know is that her past is much darker: She was once a commander of legions, a warrior and scientist of unmatched skill. Thousands of monsters and abominations fell to her forces, slain in the name of an old leader, one entombed within his own throne. Free of her old form, free of the powers of Chaos, she was cast into a new realm, in a new form, with a new lease on life.

She is the God Emperor, Eternal Ruler of Equestria and Lord of the Imperium of Man.

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Wow this is the first Celestia is the Reincarnation of the god Emperor(well this is the only one i saw) fic ever seen! Keep it up sir and i shall follow you to the end!

this looks like its going to be awesome

fav just because of her lapse into old habits :pinkiecrazy:

Well, this one has got my interest

The GEoM was a pretty nasty character but, by necessity, for the WH40K universe was a nasty place. A man had to be a warrior and give up every positive emotion if his trillions of subjects were to live in the face of the Eldar, the Genestealers and the Necrons. Let alone things like Horus's little attempted coup.

I would say one thing though - his spirit has learnt compassion and, I think, wisdom in Equestria.

Well done.

Are you implying GEoM is a cross dresser? :pinkiegasp:

Funny; although, speaking seriously, I suspect he is so old and powerful that 'gender' is a cosmetic consideration that doesn't much enter into his mind. That said, I bet he spent the first thousand years or so swearing to all the pantheons in the multiverse after he found he had been reincarnated as a female alicorn.

With how 40K logic works, it would not surprise me.


Little? I think it was kind of a big thing, what with the trillions dead, worlds burned, astartes almost wiped out, emperor dead, primarchs dead, Imperium in shambles...

I had lived my whole life without considering this, but now you have violently hammered it into my mind...impressive.

Well that would explain somethings about Celestia. Like why is hates Discord so much, why she is willing to defend Equestria with her life, why she quickly and decisively ended the War of Eternal Night, why hesitated with with her decision to banish Luna, why she wishes to be simply Celestia and not worshiped.

A very good start, and as someone who hasn't played Warhammer or even read the books I look forwards to see how this will go.

I was trying to use sarcastic terms to give emphasis. Yes, Horus's actions were a disaster but I always visualised the Emperor describing it as a 'little attempted coup' just to make him feel insignificant and a failure.

Just an additional thought that's just come to my mind: As this is set before Return of Harmony (by several years, it seems), I can see that, when the Mane 6 arrive for the post-victory celebration in Celestia's court, she has them wearing pony versions of terminator armour and inducts them into one of her old Orders from the Imperium to symbolise the incredible nature of their victory over the God of Chaos. After all, it is something that would mean near-deification in the WH40K world. Come to think of it, why else should Celestia order icons made of their victories over Nightmare Moon and Discord? :trollestia:

DAT PICTURE! :rainbowdetermined2:

Man has She learned compassion - She merely banished/imprisoned Her sister/daughter, rather than slaying her like Horus... which is actually a pretty similar scenario. I mean, other than the known enemy completely corrupting Horus versus Luna's jealousy. But yeah, commenting in the hopes of getting this featured, because damn does this fic deserve it.

(not humanized, but that picture was too awesome to pass up)


WOW, I-- this is wonderful

I love Celestia, and for a few seconds, you made me love the GEoM. This is wonderful.


So you basicly took the God Emperor, the most badass human in all of Science-Fiction, pulled a rule 63 on him and turned him into Princess Celestia. :rainbowderp:

And then I thought this fandom couldnt get anymore epic. :twilightsmile:

The awsomeness! IT BURNS!

... more please.:pinkiehappy:

The Empress protects, Battle-Brother.

Keep up the awesomness of this! :raritystarry:



I hope she will be able to bring a little humanity back to the galaxy as well. :twilightblush:

EDIT: This lived up to my expectations - only one problem.... I need moar. now.

Also is this headed in Celestia/Emprah staying in equestria territory, orrrrrr, do we see "worlds collide"? I vote that Celestia/Emprah retakes the throne- hilarity ensues (pony on the golden throne :rainbowlaugh:) and that she embraces the "Celestia" side of her character and not totally become re-immersed in her former self.

However, if this story decides to stay within the bounds of Equestria, I still will find it hard to be disappointed.


I'm gonna promote the fuck out of this. BRB GUYS FEATURED BOX OR BUST!

EDIT: done *crosses fingers*

This is EPIC. Please more -on my watch and email list :pinkiehappy::ajsmug:

This has my attention.


I'm sorry, but there is NO possible way that the Imperium of Man would accept a heretical Xenos as its leader reborn. There is simply far too much hate and bigotry for anything to happen otherwise. Now given how Alicorns seem to have innate shape shifting powers on the other hand...

DO WANT MOAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!1!!!!!!one!!!!!!!!!:flutterrage:

Wow, lots of comments. I should reply to some
1584132 yeah... other than the next chapter, no humans will be showing up in this fic :twilightblush:

1583450 a lot of it was jealousy, but there's more to Luna's fall that will be revealed



Oh well.... I can always hold out hope for a sequel though.

In any case, I jumped at the idea largely because of this http://1d4chan.org/wiki/Emprasque and absolutely awesome piece describing the return of the emperor in the body of a giant monstrous creature- it was highly entertaining. The thought of something like this +ponies made my brain break for a few seconds under the sheer colossus of win it could contain. Take the opportunity to read it, set aside about 3 hours for it because once you do you will not want to stop. ever. for any reason.

ya know...you'd think someone would have done this earlier.....

faving to watch for now, I love Celestia and non-grimdark warhammer 40K crossovers I tend to enjoy.

1585282 Glad you like it.
It may get a little darker at point, since The Emperor has to go from being... well, the Emperor and become the Princess we all know and love

The Fall of Horus and the rebellion of Luna would have been painfully similliar to her.
The Emperor tried to save Horus, the only reason Horus managed to nearly kill him was because the GEoM was holding back out of the hope that Horus could still be redeemed, only after he recognized that there was nothing left to redeem he focused his entiere will and destroyed Horus absolutly.
Luna on the other hand was corruptet but could still be redeemed thats why Celestia banished her and didn't destroy her outright.

Also Celestia is best princess and god empress of ponykind!

1585425 darkness is inevitable.

It's when lovable ponies are needlessly slaughtered out of misplaced malice that I start getting pissed.

The Space Marines are brutal, but I sincerely doubt that they're amoral dickheads, specially when source material states that they do, in fact, have honor.

and morals....


1585460 Celestia's not going to be like that. Sure, as the Emperor she is going to be a bit of a jerk, but butchering innocent ponies because She thinks they may have pissed Her off? Not likely

1585469 Yeah, thanks. Way too many badfics involving space marines arriving to save equestria, only to slaughter more ponies than the aliens they're supposedly protecting them from do out of hatred for 'xenos' and not, ya know, considering the possibility that the pones LITERALLY mean no harm.....

I may not be into Warhammer, but you have my attention. This looks pretty good.

This is epic, although telling Twilight, or anypony, about the Imperium of man would cause their innocent little minds to impload, explode and melt simultaniusly.
Anyway, does this mean the Emporer has died in the Imperiums universe and been re-encarnated here, or is he still "alive" on the Golden throne on Terra.
Great Job though. Probs one of the better 40K mlp fanfics I've read so far. :moustache:

Genius Idea!:rainbowlaugh:

1587367 he's not dead; he ascended
1587205:rainbowhuh: ...

he's not dead; he ascended

Good, Saying the GEOM is dead is HERESY and will result in instant BLAMing! :trollestia:

Celestia is the god empress? HERESY
(keep it coming or the commissars will get you)

The fighting segments were delicious. I've played Warhammer 40K games for awhile, and you seemed to hit them pretty well.
Also, the end. Perfect.

“I... I am aXenos ?” The Emperor asked before placing a hoof against His throat. His voice had raised several octaves, and was now much more bell-like and regal rather than harsh and commanding. “A female xenos?!” For whatever reason, His eyes drifted to the top of his head and saw a horn, almost a foot and a half long, protruding from His skull.


So, so perfect.

Where custodes? Usually Dark gods call him Аnathema.

That was freaking awesome man. There weren't any real fluff errors that I could see so you should be good on that front. Keep up the good work. I can't wait to see what happens next.

You did very well on the battle scenes, and I did not see any fluff errors, but then again 40k fluff is so freaking varied its like chaos itself.

Wait wait wait,so this is a Warhammer 40k/Ponies fic?
Funny,since Celestia's voice actress voiced Farseer.

Definitely checking this.

Man, this made my day; I have played 40 for years and I have read some BL books; and I can say that this is once of the best 40k stories which I have seen. Good work!.:moustache:

the return of the emperor actually seem plausible. if you know GW get the plot moving.

also when he was fighting the chaos gods?:moustache:

manly tears T.T

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