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Thanks so much for the favorite, it keeps me going happy and writing to know that my stories are appreciated. I hope you take the time to check out my other stories if you would be so kind to.

Hey, thanks for the fav on Victor Squad: New Frontier!

Thanks for faving The God Empress of Ponykind :rainbowkiss::trollestia:

1st*Cav and I wanted to shoot you our thanks for the fav and comment on Rancor Regicide. Hope you enjoyed it thus far. :ajsmug:

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Proofreading Services

Hey, every pony! I'm now offering up my services as a proofreader for any fics that y'all may write. If you are interested, just contact me on my user page (you're on it right now) and leave me your contact info, and I'll reach you. I'll do my very best to help you with grammar and context, and let you know how the pacing of your story is.:pinkiehappy::rainbowkiss: