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Hello, everypony! I'm Jordan Lego Comix, and welcome to my FiMFiction page! Don't mind me, I'll just be checking out and favoriting other FiMFics.


It is the 41st Millennium in the Equestrian Imperium. It has been nearly 10,000 years since Empress Celestia banished Nightmare Moon, thus ending the Lunar Heresy. The Goddess-Empress of Ponykind senses Nightmare Moon returning to conquer the Equestrian Imperium. Space Marine Librarian Twilight Sparkle is summoned by the Empress to find five more Space Marines across the galaxy to eventually face Nightmare Moon.

Now, Twilight Sparkle and her trusty cyborg baby dragon assistant, Spike, travel the galaxy in search of these five ponies. Little does she know that in many parts of the galaxy, there is no harmony. In many parts of the grimdark galaxy...

There is only war.

(A Ponified Warhammer 40k fanfiction I hope to complete someday.)
(Thanks to Angel of Speed for proofreading this, and to Matthais Unidostres his support.)

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This is an interesting start for a mlp/40k crossover. I don't see that many of these kind of stories on here so it's good to see someone making a ponified version of 40k.

Is this based off of another story?

This prologue is based on the final battle of the Horus Heresy, where the Emperor of Mankind confronted His son, Horus Lupercal.

Of all the cameos that could have happened, Snowdrop wasn't one I expected.

Not a bad start, I will follow your writing with great interest.

Although, I would like to know how your writing the Legions. As The Luna Wolves were the sixteenth and the Blood Angels were the ninth.

Yeah, I know. But I kinda went through a process of choosing random numbers and assigning them to different legions. Because while some are based on those from 40k, some were original legions I made up.

It sure was horus heresy I suppose?

Reargal Dorn had been the Prime Pony of Eleventh Astartes Legion, the Imperial Hooves. According to Twilight’s research, Dorn had been an expert in architecture and fortifications. Dorn had built the Royal Palace, and when it had been known of Luna’s betrayal, he had fortified it. When Nightmare Moon had come to Eques Terra, Dorn and his legion had held the walls of the Palace in what was now called the Siege of Eques Terra.

Excellent chapter mate, well done with the lore adaptions and everything. Also, I feel we all know what this means...

I’m a big fan of the Imperial Fists, Crimson Fists, and the Black Templars! Thank you very much!

Your very welcome comrade.

I'm betting Applejack is gonna be an Imperial Hooves, ain't she?

Not exactly. But I will say that it she is in a Successor Chapter. ;)

Oh ho ho ho...


Regardless, keep up the good work, honorable battle brother. The emperor protects!

I didn’t say it would be the Black Templars, brother.

Question: how did Magnus' true backstory get relayed to the Imperium and why is he still a Traitor?

Oh no, I didn’t think about that…

Best fix would be that they also know about the displacement of his shards and share the same pity for him Celestia showed to Luna before sealing her away.

Is that what happens to Magnus after the Horus Heresy?

More like during. When Leman Russ broke his back, his soul was shattered into multiple pieces. The Thousand Sons tried to find them, but Tzeentch got involved and only let them find the worst fragments while most of his good fragments were destroyed.

The singular exception is Magnus' Noble Shard, which the Emperor obtained and used to create Janus: the first Grand Master of the Grey Knights.

It's not mentioned what happened to the shard after Janus died, though the popular belief is that it passes from Grand Master to Grand Master and that's why Kaldor Draigo was able to 1v1 Mortarion after Morty killed the previous Grand Master. (Also Starlight is my pick for Kaldor Draigo in this universe)

Hmm… I don’t plan on Starlight being in this story, but I think you may have given me a little bit of an idea.

Thanks for sharing that with me!

No problem, I'm currently rewriting one of my older fics now that I know more about 40k.

If you're looking for more info and are capable of translating sarcasm, I recommend Majorkill and Five(ish) Minute Lore by Old Man Reacts.

Scootaloo’s wings still dwarf those of other Pegasi.

To dwarf something is to be larger than it, this makes Scootaloo's wings sound huge.

I don't know if you've already planned out Scootaloo's fate, but a perfect way out for her is the Deathwatch...she may even reunite with her friends there.

Oh... oops... That is NOT what I meant at all. Sorry.

I have something else planned for Scootaloo. Thank you for pointing out my mistake.

Hoo boy, this is gonna be good. Already liking the characterization.

She still couldn’t believe that Spitfire had the gull to tell her what to do.

Yeah, I mean, all you did was threaten to kill her. The nerve of some ponies am I right?

“But if I leave, who’s going to train you, Scootaloo?! None of the other Wonderbolts are willing to take you under their wing!”

Considering the options they're considering it might actually be safer to just bring her with you.

You nailed Rainbow's loyalty to Scootaloo in that chapter. Also, you really captured the tragedy of child soldiers in Scootaloo. Although I am afraid for Scootaloo, because if Rainbow won't leave Scootaloo to help Twilight, the logical plot point would be to kill Scootaloo off so Rainbow will take up the Element to avenge her. Or maybe you have something else planned?

Oh, don’t worry. I don’t plan on killing Scootaloo off.
Thanks, by the way!

Ah fuck, a demon.
Someone call the Grey Knights.

Sorry, but Sunburst isn’t in this story right now.


Lol, just kidding. Great chapter. Look forward to the next one.

Thanks. I actually intended on using the MLP G1 villain Erebus, not the Erebus that caused the Horus Heresy. But I guess I got carried away and made him like the Daemon Prince from the Tabletop.
Still, I’m glad you are enjoying this!

Huh, didn't even know there was a G1 villain named Erebus. Neat.

That was the most epic battle scene I've read in a long time. That was like Redwall with guns. Not sure if i like Wind Rider as a Changeling. It wouldve been better to just have him be the real Wind Rider who betrays the Wonderbolts so he can be the high commander of the heretics or some other greed fueled reward by Nightmare Moon. . Either way, I cant wait for the boss battle next chapter.

When they first met Wind Rider, and explained their mission to him, his internal thoughts were of how the glory of defeating Nightmare Moon would bring him praise for his service to the Empress. Now, we find out he was a changeling and loyal to the Dark Gods all along. If he was always a changeling, why would his initial thoughts have been of defeating Nightmare Moon for the Empress?

We haven't really gotten a backstory for Spike yet. You refer to him as a cyborg, but I'm abit confused? A cyborg is a combination of organic and mechanical parts, usually an organism that was originally entirely organic, and then modified with mechanical enhancement. Like the Borg from Star Trek.

Is Spike a cyborg here, or is he completely mechanical? If he's completely mechanical, then he's a robot or an android. Like Data from Star Trek.

Trust me, Matt, that was the initial plan. But I felt that it was too predictable, especially if one has seen Rarity Investigates. So instead, I decided to make him a red herring... if I'm using that term correctly.
Still, I am in the middle of planning the next chapter. I am looking forward to it, though.

I hope that this isn't a copout, but I edited a bit of Chapter 2 so that the story makes more sense. Thank you for pointing that mistake out for me.

When do you think another chapter will come out? I really want to see what happens next.

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