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I'm just your typical college student who loves ponies. I occasionally try my hand at writing, so I may publish what I write from time to time.


(Written as my submission to Equestria Daily's annual Horror Fiction contest)

The Everfree Forest is a dangerous place filled with wild creatures, exotic flora, and mysteries abound. Most ponies who choose to explore it are wise enough to do so during the day. Even Zecora, who has chosen to live in the forest, does not leave her home at night.

Stories passed from generation to generation tell of monsters, ghosts, and demons that would feel right at home in the most terrible of nightmares living in the Everfree, but most ponies chalk them up to nothing more than old mare's tales to discourage young colts and fillies from entering the forest at night. However, on a Nightmare Night not so long ago, four young colts decided to disregard these stories and enter the Everfree at night to prove their courage. It was supposed to be a simple trip to the castle at the center of the forest followed by a quick return to Ponyville.

Unfortunately for them, the most terrifying nightmares are the ones you have while you're awake.

Special thanks to my prereaders ChaoticHarmony, JetGrey, and Teal-Tome.

Huge thanks to jamescorck on deviantART for uploading this fantastic art he had lying around and for allowing me to use it for cover art. (link to original art here) He's the artist responsible for the Best Pony logos, so definitely give his DA page a look and even consider commissioning him.

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Damn! You should be a big time author! The Good Doctor approves.


Thanks! :twilightsheepish:

Glad you enjoyed it. I'm hoping to make the top 10 for EQD's horror fiction contest. At that point it opens up to public voting, so even if I don't win, I'll get some exposure.

I actually enjoyed this. I don't do horror stories so much but this, especially with the ending, made me just a little bit happier today. Plus the hinted Twilane ship you added made me do more then smile.


“I still don’t believe it.” Rainbow crossed her hooves over her chest while looking unamused, though Thunderlane could almost hear a hint of fear in her voice. “I’m going home. I’ve got weather duty tomorrow and I’m totally not afraid of any stupid ghost stories.”

You forgot to add Baka.

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