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I'm just your typical college student who loves ponies. I occasionally try my hand at writing, so I may publish what I write from time to time.


Six years after getting her big break, Sweetie Belle is back in Ponyville filming for a new documentary about her life. She's a famous singer now, selling out concert halls and producing top 40 hits all across Equestria. Now, she's collecting interviews from all the ponies that played a major part in her life story as she grew up. However, there's one pony who she wants to interview more than any other: Button Mash. In addition to being six years since she got her start, it's also been six years since he broke up with her.

Despite keeping in touch with letters over the years, Sweetie had never brought up the topic of the breakup since it happened, yet she wasn't satisfied with the reason he gave. Deep in the back of her mind, she couldn't help but think that it was somehow her fault. Now though, she had the chance she wanted to get the answers she sought. The only questions left to be answered are will she be able to handle the truth, and what will revealing the biggest secret he's kept the last six years do to Button?

No matter what happens, both their lives will never be the same.

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Shouldn't there be an OC tag, for Button Mash?


Since he shows up in an episode, but doesn't get a name, he tends to go under "other".

Oh my God tear jerker I'm cry so bad right now

Kind of predictable.

My only complaint(actually it is more of a pet peeve of mine.) is this:

I mean, you’re the bucking Element of Honesty’s sister AB.

:flutterrage: The main six are not the elements. They represent the elements, but are not the elements themselves. :twilightangry2: Ok I feel better now.

I love this story <3

3638560 Do you mind if I say that your profile pic is bucking adorable?

It was an honest pleasure to read this. I absolutely loved this story.:pinkiesad2:
Now I'm going to read it again and possibly cry myself to sleep....

3638834 thanks <3 i love derpy:derpyderp1:

Oh sweet Jesus:fluttershysad:. I... I need a moment. There is water in my eyes for some reason.:fluttercry:

I have liquid pride................................:fluttercry::heart:

Well... such a long fic, and I find myself short of things to say about it.

This was fairly well done. Other than a few typos I noticed nothing wrong with the technical side of your writing. The story itself was intriguing, but unfortunately not enough to keep me from skimming a bit near the end. The end lagged, and so did the beginning a little bit. The story was extremely dialogue-heavy, and I think that did a lot to dampen my enjoyment. As nice as dialogue is for plot-progression, it's not exactly a good medium for beautiful writing, which I think you are capable of.

My only other problem is with your characterization, particularly of Sweetie Belle. She just seemed like too much of a "damsel," if you know what I mean. She didn't have a lot of character, or show many signs that she's matured much. As for Button Mash... he becomes a bit of a Romantic Stu here. He's completely selfless in his love of Sweetie Belle and doesn't show much character outside of that love. He also seems a bit bipolar... he switches from emotion to emotion very quickly, and so does Sweetie Belle.

All of that aside however, this was fairly well written. Keep up the good stuffs!

Your Rating: :twilightsmile:

Hey, I hope you appreciated my feedback! I can tell I'll have my hooves full this week, so it'd be really, really awesome if you could support me by joining Weekly Watch! Your rating, and many others, will appear in a results thread later this week. Hope to see you there!

I absolutely adored this story! It reminded me of something that happened with me, when my friends were there to support me. :pinkiesad2:
All in all, I really liked the story, and I liked how I was able to figure out the amount of time that had passed between from when Button and Sweetie had supposedly met to when they started dating. I like solving things :twilightsheepish:
I would love to see more stories somewhat like this one! (Either other ships or a story from while Sweetie and Button were dating. Just a thought :twilightblush:)

I kept on thinking that Button was breaking up with her only because he was 'holding her back'. And when it got to the confession and I saw that it was actually something else...Man this is one of the few stories that almost made me cry.

Why is it that it's always Fanfics that make me have some emotion when I'm reading, and real books that just make me rethink my life? :rainbowhuh:

You are now added to the list of people to almost make my cry my friend :raritystarry:
Very well done and very impressive work :heart:

Create an epilogue:pinkiesmile:, create an epilogue:twilightsmile: create an epilogue:pinkiecrazy: CREATE AN EPILOGUE:flutterrage:

There must be something wrong with me! There is water in my eyes!

The feels are too great for comprehension, as I almost broke down crying 3 times. Good fic, sir.


I didn't cry at all it wasn't all that sad but it still was but not enough to make me cry

Beautiful just beautiful

You have to make a sequel

Help my eyes are leaking

Just had an idea on how to write a 10,000+ word story when you can't get to 10,000 words:
1) Write a 9,999 word story

2) Do a line break at the end of the story

3) Align it to write in the center (or: Press Ctrl+E)

4) Write (with capitalization): The End

5) Dun.

Congratulations! You have now *technically* written a 10,000+ word story! (Because 'The End' consists of 2 words, and adding these words to the end of the story increases the word count by 2, and because that mathematically 9,999 + 2 = 10,001 and because 10,001 > 10,000, that means you have a story with over 10,000 words! yay!).

AaauuuUuuUuugghh! All the feels! :raritydespair:
It's always good when a story hurts... :heart:

I accually cried for a few seconds. :fluttercry:

Pretty good! i recommend this read!

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