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I wrote some stories for you. I hope you enjoy them.


Every director's greatest fear is having a production turn into a battle between the directors and the cast. Twilight, and her musical director Octavia, are about to learn just how nightmarish the task of managing a cast can get.

Cast, crew, and audience alike had better brace themselves, because Vinyl Scratch a.k.a. DJ PON3 a.k.a. Beatmistress V-to-the-S is out to make sure this musical is a wild ride from casting call to curtain call.

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"They don't call it 'Drama' 'cause of what happens onstage".
Bam. Free quote for you. Might even be able to work it into a title.

Well, this certainly is a thing.

Waitin' to see where THIS goes... upthumb largely on the strength of other stuff you've done, Tactical, but you know quite well this hasn't really started. It's a prelude and I have no idea where you'll take it, only that I'm real curious. :ajsmug:

This isn't fleshed out enough for me to pass judgement on the plot, but I did get a laugh out of "Damn it". I might have to stick around for this...


To be honest, I was thinking about holding back the proper chapterly bit that I had written, in order to edit it more but more particularly to try to pace out updates.

Eh. Screw it.

*insert obligatory 'dis gon be good' gif*

Very nice. I'm looking forward to seeing the shenanigans that ensue. And all the arguments the Trixie and Vinyl get into. Until they have a big screaming match and tumble into bed. :rainbowlaugh:

Very interesting so far. Though, why would ponies be all lesbian for Vinyl? O.o? <.<


What kinda dumb-assed question is that? :rainbowwild:

1694359 Well, seeing as ponies aren't attracted to each other by how they look... <.<

Why wouldn't they be lesbo for Vinyl? She is the peak of cool without trying, it's just her unlike how Rainbow Dash tries to be.
So what are you willing to bet Stephan ends up with Vinyl? I wouldn't take that bet, but I would laugh and laugh.

1705231 Because no ponies are that way. Not canon. It's one thing to fall, but to have EVERYpony want her... <.<

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