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Braeburn visits Ponyville for an Apple family reunion and stays around a bit too long when he and Fluttershy become close. At this her friends all seem happy for her, except for Applejack who seems to be avoiding the subject. After all, avoiding the truth isn't lying, and the truth is something she wishes, beyond belief, to avoid. When her best friends attempt to understand...well read the story if you wanna know.

A.N.: first off, I'm just coming up with this as i type so no guessing at what will happen or i will feel inclined to not let it happen. which won't end well
secondly, criticism is welcome in any form, and i'd prefer if you were as blunt as humanly possible, but i will probably break like a Fluttershy if you are too harsh
and thirdly, i lowered the rating because im gonna keep it an E story as it is so far
P.S. i dont like the name but it was the best i could come up with. NOW! on with the show!

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Comments ( 31 )

oh i forgot to mention that i would update it sporadically so dont expect it to be on any particular schedule
ideally it will take me maybe...three days a chapter? idk :twilightblush: but ill try to get chapters out at a rate close to that
oh well :facehoof:...enjoy however you please
thanks for reading :scootangel:

so wait wait wait, I haven't read this yet, but from the description I am to believe that Braeburn likes Fluttershy, and Applejack likes Braeburn?

and the first thing I notice when opening the chapter is words everywhere (not too uncommon in a WRITTEN fiction) but you might wanna space your lines out more, makes it easier to read.

804154 Anyway, for a first attempt, this is pretty good. I'm probably not going to track/fave this story (I'm not realy into romance fics), but you can have a thumbs up from me at least. :twilightsmile:

806472 :facehoof: Umm, I'm pretty sure AJ like Fluttershy, not Braeburn. It'd make a bit more sense, considering context clues, don't you think?

If I am correct in thinking that, then I'm sure this will shape up to be a fun story. I liked the first chapter. Your spacing was excellent: I hate when people think two lines are a paragraph. And, I'll now be following you. :pinkiehappy:

I'm scared
I honestly thought i was less subtle than this but...umm to anyone who thought it was incest i am very sorry to have led you to believe that im that way
also im sorry if its hard to find the seperation between paragraphs ill go back and put a space between them k?

806496 I'm glad to see I've gotten the interest of manly men
THX BRO:rainbowkiss:
806819 and thx for possitive feedback
{see above thank you note}

I'm leaving on a trip with muh church in five days from today (6/25/12 for those who don't know) and ill be there for a week so if i dont update by then, i probly wont for another week same goes if i do update by then.
now *wipes sweat from brow* this chapter was annoying if you wanna rage at me feel free ill take an iron will lesson real quick so i can take it
*comes back* lets :flutterrage: DO THIS!

oh and btw im gonna take a break for like a day or two so there probly wont be a new chapter for a few days

i decided screw the break i cant sit still
so here you go, enjoy!
and truth be told i like it when you comment soo....

sorry this chapter took so long. I was in New Orleans for a conference and couldn't get my hands on a cpu and some wi-fi at the same time

I just finished the whole story at once. I like how you're going about it, and the involvement of all the characters! I normally don't read stories where any of the mane 6 are together, but I really like this one. Good job! Can't wait for chapter 3.

First of all, as a sort of generic notice/comment, you do yourself a disservice by leaving so many glaring errors in your story description. It makes you look sloppy and unconcerned. Fixing that alone might give the story a higher profile.

Sorry this one took so long I started another story and worked through two chapters for it before I realized this was still here
oh yeah the new one is a twishy i started if your interested feel free to read it I named it Simple Things and im enjoying the writing of it a bit more than this one because... well :yay::heart::twilightsmile:
I like twilight a bit more than aj sorry

I hope you write and finish this one though! I like this chapter, I've been checking every few days of an update and then when I checked today it was there! I really like the set up you have here. Please do at least finish it. :pinkiehappy:

942175 oh i will. what im doing is i write one for this is one then take a break to write for the other one and so on

Hat-trick! I just typed this whole chapter in one day after finishing a 3000 word chapter on my other story. I don't feel like i rushed it either. It just came to me but oh well. I think one or two more chapters and this story is done. hope you've enjoyed the :ajsmug::heart::yay: as much as I have. Which is a lot despite my previous comment about enjoying my other story more.

Aww. Loved it! It's just soo cute and I loved the added bit with Pinkie and her Pinkie Sense. And that is pretty impressive, 3000+words in a day. And it didn't feel rushed at all, really. Can't wait to see everyone's reactions.

There's a sad finality to changing the status to "completed"
I'm happy to be done, this story was definitely loads of fun, but I'm gonna miss working on two stories at once... WAIT!!! I has idea!:pinkiehappy:
Okay so i've been tossing some more ideas around in my head for a while and since you guys had the tenacity to read my dribble I'm gonna pitch 'em to ya. I'm gonna do a new blog called "Idea List" I want you guys (If you care to) to tell me which one to start now.

Also, I'd love for you guys to read my other story "Simple Things" (that is i-if you want to...) It's a twishy I've been doing and, judging by the rating, I'm doing good on it.

Such a cute end! I loved it! :yay::heart::ajsmug:

Just saw this, just read it all, liked it. Well done have a thumb:twilightsmile:

What about Braeburn? He sorta dropped off the face of the earth after his part was done. The poor guy deserves some closure of his own. :fluttercry: See, Fluttershy thinks so too.

Did you write this just to make Braeshy supporters mad?

Hm.. I never would have expected this :rainbowderp:
I was expecting some Braeshy...
But this was so adorable~
I don't regret reading this :twilightsmile:

Oooh I think applejack likes fluttershy:ajsmug::heart::fluttershysad:

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