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Everyone says that Flash Sentry is sweet, gentle, kind, good-looking, a total goofball, and honest-to-earth a good man. Sunset knew that, and she used it to her advantage. Now that she’s really given him a second look, she realizes just how right everyone is about Flash. After everything they’ve been through together, maybe she wants something else from Flash; something aside from forgiveness and a platonic friendship. But how can she do that when he was the one who she hurt most in the past?

My first fimfiction story, which is part of a whole folder of other stories than I'm currently brewing up in my knoggin. I hope you guys enjoy!

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 17 )

Color me intrigued will definitely track.

I think this definitely has potential. Keep it up.

Thanks so much! I promise I won't take too long updating this story!

Humm, good use of the music video to make a frame of reference for the reader.

Great work with the integration of the music video.

Ah! I got butterflies when I read this chapter! Your story is so cute, I can't wait for more. :heart:

Enjoy it?
I'M OBSESSED! This was the cutest thing ever! I can’t wait to see how their relationship continues out. Bring on the fluff.

Glad to hear it!! :] Your comment just made my day

Awww. That was a nice resolution to clear their crummy past. Sure, it's not totally gone and will probably come back from time to time but at was a nice talk they had.

They are now friends but Flash is still basically in the free market. I wonder how she will handle seeing other girls flirt with Flash.

OH HO HO HO I'm glad you think the same way!

Looks like a promising start so far. Definitely interested to see where this goes.

You did a really good job tying the music video in with the story.

This was really nicely done. I enjoyed reading it. Glad to see that they've started clearing out the baggage of their past relationship. Looking forward to seeing what happens next, now...

This was really fun reading. I especially got a kick out of the Rainbooms' discussion about Big Mac, and of course the ending... yeah, Sunset, Rarity "Romance" is on your case now. She's not gonna let up! XD

Rarity is on it like a bloodhound on a steak. She smells blood in the air.

lol rarity! I should of known she wouldn't let this go. SunFlash 4 Life!

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