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Flowers often carry heavy meanings. Roseluck prides herself in knowing the meaning behind every flower. A flower however, has a deeper meaning. Big Mac never has any luck with flowers. For Rarity a flower is an elegant thing with truly humble beginnings. For Caramel a flower means freedom. And for Rainbow Dash, a flower is the mark of a new beginning. Hidden in the rose garden they will find a meaning all of their own.

Takes Place before Magical Mystery Cure.
Thanks to my Beta Reader: Anmynous

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Good... Very good.:pinkiehappy: I'm intrigued.This is pretty interesting story. But i don't understand who is the main character. Mac or Rose ? Well, I will wait for the next chapter.:twilightsmile:

3577414 Rose is the main character. However Mac is an important character. As the story progresses I plan on having Mac, Rarity, and Rainbow Dash play important roles. The least important of the tagged characters will be the CMC. The four adults all share something in common, no real luck in the romance department.

There's a number of errors that look like you first wrote something, then changed it but missed a word; got a beta reader? (I'm offering)
's a nice start all the same, though a bit too much 'orange-maned stallion' - such a way to refer to a character in a scene is best reserved for when you can't use their name any more without it looking wrong. Heck, I thought it was Mac talking to Rose in the beginning of the story, not Carrot, if only for a few seconds before he was named.

Mac himself is almost painfully realistic; kept wanting him to say 'why are you looking at me like that? What kind of pony do you take me for,' but in reality you don't just say that to people you're just walking past... Just hope none of them got the wrong idea in any lasting kind of way.

Also, ouch. You know the part I mean.

Rose x Big Mac?

Three hundred points for unique concept!

3578130 The short answer is yes RoseMac incoming. However there will be rival love interests for both characters.


I really like how you started. Also, the love conflict is a really good choice on your part.

:raritydespair: awww I saw Rainbow and Mac in the tags and they get only a little romance ... even if it was descussiong alcohol

Oh well, I fav t follow for now *hooves crossed*

New chapters ?

Wait, really? Ponies see Big Mac carrying an unconscious mare and their first conclusion is that he drugged her? That's pretty messed up. And not a single one thought to ask if the unconscious pony being carried through town might need help?

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