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This story is a sequel to His Thorn on the Rose

Caramel works at a Hospice, taking care of dying patients, making sure that their last days are as comfortable as possible. He can't ever let himself grow attached to his patients, though, that would cause far too many complications.

One patient, however, is different.

Based off The Antler's "Hospice".

Not related to Cudpug's story, although we both draw from the same base material (the album).

Cover art by Pascal
Illustrations by zel
Editing by Justanothertimelord and Erickilla
Pre-read by Skeeter The Lurker

Chapters (3)
Comments ( 81 )

I really wanted to write this out as soon as I heard the album, but then I saw Cudpug beat me to it (sorta). You've beaten me even more, and now I'm unsure about whether or not those nachos I ate earlier were the best choice. Long story short; I haven't read this yet, but I'm sure it'll be great.

Post-Skim Edit: Time is not on my side. I'll favorite this and read it later. Looks wonderful, and much better than anything I could've done.

Oh goddamnit Regi



I have an inkling about Victory Rose.

Well... time to get the tissue box ready.

A work of art:fluttercry:

Oh ho ho hooooo!

And the grand feelsy fic Regidar promised us is HERE!

And he fucking DELIVERS.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Shit son, that was great. Get Caramel a sweater or something.

I'm wondering if Caramel's mom is a figment of his imagination... the italicized dialogue got me wondering. :rainbowderp:

I predict major feels incoming. (As if the first two chapters weren't feelsy already.) Excellent job, Regi. Looking forward to more. :ajsmug:

Is his mother alive?
Does that real-life connection from the first caramel-roseluck story still apply here?

There are emotions that can't be explained. Only felt.

If fanfiction were an art, this would be a masterpice


Hahahaha those illustrations are so gay


Cool. A well-crafted emotional story you have going on here.


3272799 Alright, let me know what you think when you do end up reading it later.


3273602 I cannot answer question number 1, but number 2 is a yes.

3273062 Sweaters? Where we're going we don't need sweaters.

3272834>>3273263 :heart:

3274105>>3272840 Hehe, hardly.


dose feels.

watching this.....as long as there's a happy ending...........hopefully :pinkiesad2:

3276864 Who knows, you may get lucky.

The thing one will notice here is that his mother seems to be gone, or a hallucination.

Okay, this is an entirely new concept for me here, and I like it. Not crossing my fingers here, but I think this'll somehow end in a very... very sad ending.

Not that I'm scared though, I'm just expressing my feeling about this story.


EricKilla added me on Skype today, told me this fic was deep. I apologized to him for not reading it, as I'd been caught p with admin duties, real life troubles and friends. I finally decided to jump the gun, chew the bullet, take a hit; I decided to crack open the emotional roller-coaster that is Hospice. Regidar, Elijah... my friend, my inspiration, all I can really say about this...

That first line had me in tears, you fucking amazing bastard.

3308292 if everything goes as planned, it will update in around ten hours.

3308301 hehe, doubt it's *that* good...

3308310 Well, if by "better," you mean "sadder," then yes! Yes it can.

This story is making the more subtle aspects of the album stick out like ice crystals. It's wonderful.

2D #30 · Oct 9th, 2013 · · · Sylvia ·

It's sad how I kind of know how Caramel feels with this, all that pain and grief driven from anger; and a million questions lingering in his mind, with no answers... tears, that's all this story brings me. Which is a very good thing, because sadness provokes thought.

This is your best story by far, Elijah. :twilightsmile:

I can't link it to you now, but I was hearing Sufjan Steven's "Casmir Paluski Day" while reading this here chapter.

Minuette is... not a nice pony.

3323243 It's somewhat of a person experience for me as well; I did transcribe a bit of his emotion from "Slyvia" and "The Bell Jar", but a lot of it was my own frustration at people unable to listen to what you have to say to them, and the consequences that follow.

3323893 oh wow no way



"Syliva, I only talk when you are sleeping.
That's when I tell you everything,
And I imagine that somehow you're going to hear me."

Yeah, this whole album is filled with feels - in fact I've chosen this as my performance in music, because damn I love this stuff so much. As for personal experience, I can very much relate to you, and this song. I don't know, but it somehow reminds me of loving my father, even when he abused me with a fist.

Weird, huh?

3328156 Yeah, life is funny, but not ha-ha funny.

The Jared Bell...


Very, very clever. :moustache:

That book is on my to-read list... maybe someday, when I'm in the mood to be depressed. :pinkiesad2: :rainbowlaugh:

Good chapter. The feels were strong in this one. I wonder if Caramel is gonna go ask Rarity about Victory Rose? And he just needs to leave Minuette... gah! :raritydespair: But he's not going to...

Not for a while, I bet... :raritywink:

3331479 I've actually not read "The Bell Jar", fully anyway. From what I hear, it's a very good book.

... Well... that was quite amusing in a sadistically sad fashion... I just noticed how I hate myself and that I never seem to let it out...:rainbowderp:

Let's get that personal bullshizz outta the way and commend this awesome chapter!:pinkiehappy:

Caramel is kind of like me my other side, alone and sometimes pushed to their limits to do things they know they'll regret. I know that it's kind of weird for me to start commenting about the title and the book, since I have no idea what they symbolise, but from the comments I guess it has something to do with the album (or something... I DON'T KNOW:raritydespair:)

Well, that's all the time I have... time to go back...

psst, regi

this is me reminding you about this story <3

3535957 oh shit thanks
probably gonna write more tonight
prepare for a BIIIG chapter



psst, regi

this is me reminding you about the cocaine we need to ditch, the cops just showed up

i need my feels dose bro, pump it uuuuuup <3

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why not, we have three miles of underground drug plantations -- can we not afford soundproofing?!


3569206 because i just had to have that luna plushie

i should stop spamming regi's story

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but i thought you were buying it for me D:

replace "i" with "we" x3



please, it's my fetish
is it because i uploaded a picture of myself for a friend: and that i have so much rebel swag?
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hugs are always good :D :raritywink:



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