• Published 2nd Nov 2017
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No Hugs for Sugar Crush - FerociousCreation

If a bat pony offered you a hug, would you accept it? Apparently, Mineral Water would not hesitate to deny Sugar Crush one.

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Hug 'n Sweet Deal

A filly’s mouth was gaped wide open, amazed at the large amount chocolate treats on display. Sugar Crush stood behind the counter, waiting for the child to make up her mind. It was a slow day at the Chocolate Palace, which was no surprise to the thestral, considering it was a Wednesday. Beams of the setting sun’s light stabbed into Sugar Crush’s slit pupils. Sunset was in her opinion the second worst part of the daytime; the worst being sunrise.

“Can I have…” the filly began, and Sugar Crush did her best to not look disgruntled by the sunlight. “...a… chocolate covered…” Most ponies would be irritated by a child’s indecisive nature when it came to choosing anything, especially sugary treats. But Sugar Crush giggled, not bothered by the behavior. “...marshmallow!” the filly concluded. “Three, please.”

The request was said and Sugar Crush went to work. She grabbed the tongs, picked the largest marshmallows that were on display, and put the sweets in a bag for the child. Sugar Crush looked at the filly standing in the sunlight, the child’s crystal body glittering in a beautiful spectacle. Sugar Crush would have appreciated the crystal pony’s natural beauty if her eyes were not so sensitive to light.

As the silver thestral walked to the cash register, Sugar Crush said, “Five bits, please.” The crystal filly tossed the bits on the counter in an eager fit, ready to receive her sweets. Instead of simply placing the bag of chocolate marshmallows on the counter, Sugar Crush walked around the counter. “Do you also want a complimentary hug and a free small dessert?”

Like her glittering fur, the filly’s eyes shined. “Yes, please!” The child latched her little body to Sugar Crush, less interested in affection and more eager to receive something for free. Sugar Crush put an arm around the child and gave a light squeeze.

“So, what would you like for your free sweet?” Sugar Crush asked. She pointed to the miniature sweet section, “Today, anypony who gets a hug from me receives a free mini cookie.”

Once more, the child’s mouth widened, “I want… a…” Various cookies, ranging from simple chocolate chip to the less appealing raisin oatmeal, rested in their individual trays; so many choices awaited the small foal. “...peanut butter cookie, please.”

Sugar Crush walked around the counter to complete the child’s request. A bell chimed, signaling the thestral that the front door had opened. She looked to see a unicorn stallion enter the shop. His amethyst fur glowed alongside the sun’s harsh light, almost blinding Sugar Crush in the process. Part of her regretted choosing to reside in the Crystal Empire. But the other hoof, Sugar Crush was interested in the city that had vanished for over for 1000 years. Her home had fallen a similar fate, so the Crystal Empire and her home on the moon had a lot in common.

“Welcome to the Chocolate Palace!” Sugar Crush beamed, though most of her smile was much wider than she would have liked because of the harsh light. “Where the only small part of the Crystal Empire has a kingdom of its own!” She did her best to open her eyes but only managed to crack them open. It was enough for Sugar Crush to get her customer’s small cookie.

Sugar Crush went to the cashier before being blessed with the conclusion of the sunset; no more bright light for the thestral. Able to see once again, the mare noticed the amethyst stallion was behind the child. His mane was a muddy violet, dark as the last moments in twilight. His hair was a spiky mess, but it suited him. And much like his hair, the unicorn's short tail was frazzled. But just like the rest of him, the crystal pony shined; he was his own galaxy of stars. He also had a nice smell to him, as if he bathed just before coming to the sweet shop. It was hard to see but Sugar Crush managed to catch a glimpse of his cutie mark. It was a bottle filled with a blue color and had a swirl of white wisping out of the top with three small bubbles near the bottle's rim.

Sugar Crush placed the bag of sweets on the countertop and scooted it over to her customer. “Here you are, sweetie.”

“Thank you!” The filly bit the bag and scurried out the door. Sunset meant children should be home and the child was late for curfew. Sugar Crush’s second customer looked to the array of goods, his eyes looking bored. Or maybe he was tired. She couldn’t tell. But the long silence between the two forced Sugar Crush to speak up and asked the typical question, “Do you need help with anything?”

“No, but thank you,” he answered.

She didn’t like to force a customer to be hasty, but Sugar Crush did like to make them eager with her two free items: a hug alongside with her item of the day. “With every purchase, I give a free hug, but once per day per customer. And with every hug, you can get a free item. Today’s free sweet is a small cookie.”

“That’s quite the deal,” the customer replied, not moving his eyes to her. “I assume you get regulars quite often because of it.”

“You can say that,” Sugar Crush swayed in place. “You, too, can become a regular as well if you wish.”

The unicorn kept himself from looking at Sugar Crush, “I appreciate the offer, but I won’t be needing the hug. I just want a half-dozen of chocolate chip cookies.”

Sugar Crush was taken aback by the customer’s choice to not have a free hug and cookie. Free items are what many love to receive, regardless of the free item’s size. “You sure? Maybe I can convince you with a free hug and two cookies?”

The thestral’s offer brought the customer’s eyes to her own. But before he could answer the question, the unicorn paused, and his eyes shifted over Sugar Crush. “I see are a thestral.”

Pride inflated inside Sugar Crush’s breast and her wings fanned out, “One of Princess Luna’s creatures of the night.” Her quick action knocked the tip jar off the counter, and it landed on the floor with a loud shatter. Coins rolled away like scattered ants found under a rock. The sound of breaking glass exploded in Sugar Crush’s highly sensitive ears, and the noise rang in the mare’s head, alongside self-inflicted insults.

“Impressive wingspan,” the customer nodded, his attention not swayed by the thestral’s clumsy pride. “I knew a thestral once, myself. She was a good pony. Too bad Sombra was the ultimate cause of our separation.”

Sugar Crush's attention was sapped away from the nasty mess and turned to the purple stallion. She frowned and knew the stallion’s friend was no more. “I’m sorry for-”

“There is no need to be sorry for me,” the pony answered with no change in expression. He flipped open his saddlebag and levitated six bits to Sugar Crush. “Don’t let my predicament weigh you down.”

Despite the request, Sugar Crush was even more eager to hug the stallion. “How about I give you a free hug and one of my newest premium cookies to make you feel better? It’s s'mores flavor.”

“Please, I just want my cookies.” Though it was very small, the unicorn’s brows creased, a sign of irritation.

Sugar Crush couldn’t understand the crystal pony’s resistant nature, but she knew arguing with a customer would mean a complaint would be filed. She didn’t want to give up on her venture, however. She knew something was wrong. And Sugar Crush wanted the amethyst unicorn to receive his complimentary hug, one way or another.

She placed all six chocolate chip cookies in a bag and grabbed one of her premium cookies with a pair of tongs, she but didn’t put it alongside the others. As she kept a grip on the s’mores cookie, Sugar Crush looked at the stallion. “Might I ask your name?”

“It doesn’t matter,” he answered. However, Sugar Crush was not going to allow the unicorn to deny another request. So she stared at him just as he did to her when he observed her features. “Just… hoof me my cookies.” Sugar Crush only blinked. After a short moment, the stallion caved in. “Mineral Water.”

Sugar Crush smiled and placed the free item in the bag. “Wonderful name.”

“I guess…” Mineral Water noticed the additional weight added to his bag and pointed to it. “I appreciate the free cookie, but there is no need to be courteous to me.”

“It’s on the house,” Sugar Crush nodded and hooved the bag of cookies to Mineral Water before he could resist them.

“Thank you, miss...” Mineral Water said in a tone that asked, "what is your name?"

The thestral placed a hoof on her chest, “Sugar Crush.” Whether he wanted to know or not, Sugar Crush wanted to be sure Mineral Water knew her name. She was going to make sure of that before getting well acquainted with the resistant stallion.

“Well, thank you, Sugar Crush,” Mineral nodded, but gave no smile. He then turned around and walked toward the door. Sugar Crush briskly walked around the counter and pulled the door open. The bell rang in a cheerful chime as the thestral beamed at Mineral. “Thank… you…”

“Your welcome,” Sugar Crush said. She walked a little forward so the door leaned against her hip. A silver arm extended from Sugar Crush. “You also forgot your hug, and I wanted to be sure you got it.”

“No thanks, Sugar Crush.” Before Mineral could make it out the door frame, he saw in his peripheral the thestral reach her extended arm to make a grab at him. Mineral Water stretched out his own arm and blocked the limb. “Please, I am fine.” The small barricade did nothing but tempt Sugar Crush. Unable to contain herself, the thestral lept at Mineral, her wings fanned out for extra reach.

Sugar Crush was expecting herself to collide with Mineral Water’s body. But the unicorn had suddenly vanished before her very eyes. With nothing to stop her fall, Sugar Crush fell to the ground with a hard thump. Sparkles danced above her head, the residue of a magical spell was all that remained of Mineral. The thestral did nothing to bring her wings back to her side and remained on the ground in a sad slump. “Why are you so resistant, Mineral Water…?” she said to nopony in particular.

Giving chase to the amethyst pony would be a poor decision because Sugar Crush had to work for another hour. If only she had a second pony present to keep an eye on the shop for her. Sugar Crush pondered what to do. Then an idea came to her. The silver thestral scrambled onto all fours and flew straight up into the twilight sky. From above, Sugar Crush would use her vantage point to attempt to locate Mineral Water; and if any customers were to approach the shop, Sugar Crush would be able to see them.

The large crystal castle loomed at the center of the city, attempting to shine alongside the stars. Streetlamps lit the streets, and from what Sugar Crush could see, very few ponies were out and about; an advantage she appreciated. Her slit pupils scanned here and there, looking for anypony resembling an amethyst gem.

It didn’t take long before the mare had located Mineral Water; the brown paper bag is what gave him away. He walked alone, eating a cookie as he went. Sugar Crush could not tell if he was eating a chocolate chip or the s’mores cookie. Mineral Water rounded a corner and entered the Emerald Residences. After walking a few houses down, the stallion entered a two-story estate. From above, Sugar Crush saw lights flick on through the windows.

“The Emerald District,” Sugar Crush said to herself. She gently glided to the ground and entered the Chocolate Palace. It then dawned on the thestral that she forgot about the broken tip jar and went to clean up her clumsy mess. One by one, Sugar Crush picked up each bit, but carefully had to walk around the sharp glass.

As she went about the store, picking up the loose change, Sugar Crush couldn’t get her mind off of Mineral Water. He was so resistant to not wanting to get a hug from her. Nopony has ever denied Sugar Crush’s hug ‘n sweet deal. What stuck in her mind more was how Mineral Water mentioned he had a thestral friend before. He didn’t have to mention it, but he did. And considering how the Crystal Empire disappeared over 1000 years ago, Mineral Water’s friend was most likely on the moon when the kingdom vanished.

Sugar Crush placed the last bit on the counter and began to sweep up the glass jar fragments. Her throat began to hurt, trying to imagine what it might have felt for the crystal ponies when they disappeared along with Sombra. How many friends, families, and loved ones were torn away from each other?

The store light made a shard of glass shimmer just before Sugar Crush was about to step on it. She chuckled to herself as Mineral Water continued to plague her mind. The broken glass that remained on the floor reminded the thestral of his glittering body. His name was so interesting to Sugar Crush. Mineral Water. She tried to picture the concept of mineral water in her head. Powdered gems swirling in a glass of water was the first thing Sugar Crush managed to muster up.

Again, the thestral laughed to herself. What was the point of crushing minerals and putting it in water? Would it taste good?

Sugar Crush flinched and almost dropped her broom. An idea had given birth.


The moment Mineral Water had opened his eyes, he didn’t recognize where he was. His head was facing a cement wall, and a light above him glared down. A yawn escaped the pony, and he blinked a few times before realizing he was in his basement. Various plastic bottles littered his desk in a messy clutter, some turned over, some standing upright. Each bottle had their own label, some saying, “Body Soap,” others having, “Shampoo,” “Conditioner,” “Bath Soap,” and various other bathing terms stamped onto the plastic containers.

Mineral Water’s neck cramped and the stallion grumbled with irritation. Every time he fell asleep in his workshop was another day with a stiff neck. Thankfully, Mineral was the type of pony to wake up the moment his consciousness came to. He got out of his chair and walked toward the stairs. Tall shelves towered over Mineral, casting their shadow over him. Each shelf had various chemicals and ingredients neatly organized. The room smelled of soap, ranging from different scents as Mineral walked through his workshop.

After reaching the first floor and closed the door to his basement, Mineral Water gave himself a long stretch. He hummed a few random notes as his limbs were relieved of some tension. Perhaps a warm bath with his new shampoo would be a start to relieving his tense neck; even though shampoo is a mane product, and not for spinal relief.

Mineral Water entered the kitchen to be greeted by his neglected snack from the following evening. A plate of four cookies rested on the table with a glass of milk not even sipped. The stallion sputtered a bothered grumble. Once again, Mineral’s neglectful nature ruined yet another meal. He levitated one of the chocolate chip cookies over to him and bit it. The snack crunched, hardened by the exposure to the open air. Mineral Water didn't dare drink the milk, so he dumped the liquid into the sink.

He rinsed out the cup and placed it in his dishwasher. Mineral then told himself he would stay in the kitchen and finish breakfast. He looked at the pantry door, a meal inside waiting to be made. But before Mineral Water walked toward his potential breakfast, something alongside the stale cookies rested on the near-empty table.

It was the brown paper bag that still held the s'mores cookie Sugar Crush gave to him for free. He remembered how she stared at him and was amused with her constant insisting on trying to give him a hug. Mineral Water pondered why Sugar Crush wanted to give him a simple kind gesture. Perhaps she wanted to be sweet to others, just like her name. Whatever the case, Mineral Water knew her kindness would be better off with somepony else; he didn’t deserve another pony’s attention.

Mineral Water opened the fridge and magically grabbed the carton milk. A cabinet from the other side of the kitchen flung open by his magical powers. He walked over to it, looked within, and saw it filled with tall 8 oz. cups. His amethyst hoof grabbed the nearest one and placed it on the counter. Milk sloshed around the container as Mineral Water carefully poured the liquid. Mineral wondered if the free premium cookie he was so generously given actually tasted like s’mores.


Mineral Water tensed up when his quiet home was disturbed. Nopony was expected to be at his house, nor was a delivery. In fact, nopony comes to his home; at least, not anymore. As if he had forgotten what it was like to have somepony at his door, Mineral Water was hesitant to get it. Another round of louder knocks rang the door and its frame. Mineral left his milk on the kitchen counter but kept a mental note of its existence. Wouldn’t want yet another cup to go to waste.

The door hinges squeaked as Mineral Water opened it. But instead of being greeted with a body, a bag was resting on his doormat: a brown paper bag. He looked around his yard, then his block to see who may have left such a thing. But even the Emerald District was lacking bodies of ponies. Maybe the overcast was keeping everypony indoors. Mineral Water didn’t pick up the brown bag with his hooves, and instead, levitated it over to himself. Upon inspection, Mineral saw the contents of the bag: three cookies and a note.

Mineral Water couldn’t help but smile, even though his eyes rolled in his head. He knew exactly who left such a thing on his doormat. Mineral Water wondered if Sugar Crush asked somepony where he lived so she could leave him another free sample; at least it wasn’t a hug. Before he could think about Sugar Crush any further, Mineral Water reached in and grabbed the note. On it, it read in crude writing: Look up.

The crystal pony’s eyes widened but did what the note requested. Hanging by her sapphire tail on an extruding beam at the second story, Sugar Crush looked down at him with hungry eyes. “You forgot your hug from yesterday,” she said casually as if what she was doing was considered normal. Sugar Crush’s leathery wings fanned out and pushed the thestral from her hanging post. She dove at Mineral with quick speed; however, the stallion was much quicker. Mineral Water dashed back inside and slammed the door. A second later followed a hard "thunk" on the door. “Ow…” Sugar Crush whined outside. “Why did you run inside? I just wanted to give you your hug!”

Mineral Water cracked the door open to speak to the highly persistent mare. “I was more concerned with you crashing into me.”

Sugar Crush’s slit pupil entered the crack, “Well, don’t you want your free samples I left you?” Mineral Water looked around himself only to realize he left the brown bag behind.

“First, I want to know why you are here,” said Mineral Water. “Unless you just wanted to lure me outside with cookies so you can give your complimentary hug.”

The thestral’s eye moved from the door crack. “Well, yes, I do want to give you a hug. But there is more to it than just that.”

Mineral Water was hesitant on opening the door, but he slowly did so. Instead of seeing the smile he saw the day before, Sugar Crush wore a concerning frown. With the mare now at his front door, Mineral Water was able to get a good look at her. Sugar Crush’s silver fur almost made her blend in with the overcast, but her two sapphire shades in her mane and tail helped the thestral stay visible. A long strand of Sugar Crush’s mane extended from her forehead and bobbed with every adjustment she made. Her hair was short and had a nice wave to it, alongside the blue shades it bore. Three simple blocks of sugar cubes were applied to Sugar Crush's hip, her cutie mark simple and plain.

“Yesterday, you mentioned you had a thestral friend,” Sugar Crush said.

“That I did,” Mineral Water replied, but his eyes looked at the bag Sugar Crush held. “I was just stating that I knew one.”

“But why? You didn’t have to tell me that you did.” Sugar Crush tilted her head a little, “Was there a reason?”

“I…” Mineral Water closed his eyes, lost in the memory of his long gone friend. “You just reminded me of her.”

Mineral Water opened his eyelids but couldn’t get himself to look at the thestral. “I know I know little about you,” Sugar Crush began, “but there must be a reason why you told me, and it’s more than just because I reminded you of your friend.” She extended the brown bag from her hoof to Mineral Water. “If I am not helping, I understand. But I do know what it is like to be banished, too. To be stuck somewhere because of somepony’s wrongdoing.” Sugar Crush’s words pulled Mineral's eyes to her face. “I thought I was going to go crazy on the moon, but thankfully, I was blessed to be born in this day and age when I and the other thestrals were no longer bound by Princess Luna’s sin.”

A smile crept onto Mineral Water’s lips. “I have to thank the Great and Glorious Spike for my freedom.” But the grin was short lived. “However, I am the reason why my friend isn’t here…”

“Don’t blame yourself for something that was out of your hooves,” said Sugar Crush. “I wanted to come to Equestria all my life, but couldn’t because of Nightmare Moon. Thanks to Twilight Sparkle, I was granted freedom.”

“And now here we are,” Mineral Water said. “Two prisoners of the past.” Sugar Crush still had her hoof extended, the brown bag in her grip. Mineral Water took the gift and said, “Thanks.”

“And thank you for inspiring me,” Sugar Crush beamed.

Mineral Water creased his brows. “How… did I do such a thing?”

The thestral pointed at the bag, “Try a cookie and find out.” Mineral looked between the brown bag and silver mare. Instead of simply standing at the door like a lost child, Mineral Water reached into the bag and grabbed one of the three cookies. “Just take a bite and tell me what you think.” It felt warm in Mineral Water’s hoof. “It’s fresh from the oven, so it should taste even better.”

From what Mineral Water could see, it just looked like a regular chocolate chip cookie. There must be a gimmick to it… Mineral took a large bite out of the sweet and began to taste the ingredients.

As Mineral Water’s brows rose and fell, Sugar Crush stood with anticipation. But her body couldn’t hold still and she bounced with excitement. I wonder if he will taste it.

“Very well baked,” Mineral Water began. “I do like how there aren't too much chocolate chips in the cookie. It helps balance the flavor of the chocolate and cookie itself. I can taste the butter… no, margarine in the cookie… You did put margarine as an ingredient, didn’t you?” Sugar Crush nodded but was not expecting such a complicated response. “You look surprised,” said Mineral Water after he swallowed.

Sugar Crush shook her head a little, still bewitched by the professional criticism. “I just didn’t expect you to go into such detail,” she said. “Everypony who I ask to give a critique of anything I make is either a, ‘I like this,’ or ‘I don’t like how this tastes,’ without giving proper reasons why. You on the other hoof can tell that I put margarine in my batter.”

“Margarine has a sort of salty flavor that butter lacks.”

“That’s what I say to ponies, too!” Sugar Crush stamped her hoof, “But they say that butter and margarine are the same.”

Mineral Water chuckled, “Butter and margarine are very different from each other.”

“I KNOW!” Sugar Crush shouted.

Mineral Water clenched his teeth, overwhelmed by the thestral’s flaring attitude. “Calm down, Sugar Crush. We’re talking about ingredients, not politics.”

Sugar Crush’s ears fell back and she gave a shy grin. “Sorry…”

Mineral Water continued to lick the inside of his mouth, his brows moving in a thinking bend. Sugar Crush turned her ears toward him and awaited his next line of criticism. “There is something interesting about this cookie, however.” He looked at the bitten cookie and squinted at it, “Why do I taste grape?”

Sugar Crush squealed, “EEEEEE! YOU TASTED IT!”

The loud shriek worried Mineral Water more than it hurt his ears. “If you continue to be loud, somepony might file a complaint. This is the Emerald District, after all.”

“Sorry... again,” Sugar Crush whispered, but continued to bounce in place. “It’s just, you were able to taste the surprise!” She moved forward to hug Mineral Water, but he stuck out an arm to stop her. “Let me hug you!” Sugar Crush complained.

“Please, I don’t need one,” Mineral Water grumbled. “Stop insisting.”

The thestral’s cheeks puffed with irritation, “I hope you know I won’t stop until you receive your free hug.” Sugar Crush watched Mineral Water back up and slam the door shut. “Aww, come on! I was just kidding!”

Instead of opening the door once again, Mineral Water cracked it open slightly, “Why does the cookie have a small taste of grape?”

Sugar Crush grinned, “Open the door all the way and I will tell you what to do next.” She stood with no response for a good ten seconds until the door opened.

Mineral Water looked at the cookie, then back at her. “What do you mean?”

“May I come inside? I want to see your reaction.”

“Reaction to what?” Mineral Water asked with a raised brow.

“Pleeeeeaaaase!” Sugar Crush begged.

The mystery was not going to be solved if he didn’t allow the thestral into his home. But Mineral Water worried if Sugar Crush would make for another embrace. “Just don’t try and hug me. Otherwise, I will not give you any feedback.” The crystal pony watched Sugar Crush’s urge to hug him quickly deflate. That seemed to work. “Come inside.”

As Sugar Crush walked through the crystal pony’s home, she was intrigued by the design. Living up to the Emerald District’s name, the shiny green walls were smoothed, each corner rounded, not pointed. There were picture frames resting on the floor, the pictures facing the walls. Sugar Crush was tempted to take a peek at one, but knew she had to beg Mineral Water to let her inside; she wasn't necessarily a friend of his.

The kitchen was not as impressive as the hallway. White painted cabinets hovered over a marble countertop. The table was wooden and painted white. Six chairs sat at the large table but looked like they have not been moved in ages. Upon inspecting the table, she saw her chocolate chip cookies. “Having cookies for breakfast?” she asked.

“With your grape flavored cookie,” Mineral said, “and whatever other flavors are prepared for me, it looks to be that way.”

“Then get yourself a glass of milk,” said Sugar Crush. “Matter of fact, make that three.”

Mineral Water gave the thestral an odd stare. “Why three?”

“For each individual cookie I made. You don't have to fill up each glass all the way. Just pour a small amount into each one.”

Mineral Water turned to his already filled glass of milk sitting on the counter. He grabbed it and then two empty glasses. After evening out the liquid in his three glasses, Mineral Water looked to Sugar Crush who stood close behind him. “Am I expecting a magic trick?” he joked.

“Dip the cookie you bit into the milk and find out,” Sugar Crush beamed while bouncing in place. Mineral Water could see she had something special planned, and it wasn't another hug. The bitten cookie was too big to be dunked, so he broke it in half. He took one piece and dipped it into the milk. And to his surprise, he watched the milk change color.

“MMMMMM!” Sugar Crush mumbled as her entire body bounced with the intensity of a tremor. Mineral Water looked back to see the amusing thestral vibrate in place. He looked back at the glass of milk as purple began to infest the white color. Mineral Water took the cookie piece and swirled it around, the milk quickly turning completely violet. The stallion bit the soaked cookie before taking a sip of the milk. Whatever was in the cookie that changed the milk color should be consumable.

The flavor was unmistakable. “The milk tastes like grape!” Mineral Water smiled, surprised with the deceptive cookie. “And you came up with this last night?”

“Yup, yup!” Sugar Crush nodded. “I call that cookie, Amethyst Grape. I was inspired by your name and, well, the Magical Mineral Milk cookies were born.”

Mineral Water was at a loss for words. “I… wow…” He stepped toward the thestral, trying to muster up a compliment. A smile Mineral had not worn in a long time lifted his cheeks. “This means a lot to me. Nopony has… well, except for my old thestral friend, has gone out of their way like this for me. This is amazing.”

Sugar Crush blushed, “And I am sure your friend found you amazing as well. And I wouldn't mind being your friend.”

The stallion’s ears fell back, flustered by the compliment, “Thanks, but you don't know what type of pony I am.” He shook his head to remove his smile. “You wouldn't want to be friends with a workaholic.” Mineral Water pointed to the previous evening’s plate of cookies, “If I can neglect a dessert no child would ever deny, my work would easily blind me from you.”

A sly grin reached for Sugar Crush’s eyes, “I know a perfect way to remind you of me.” She reached for Mineral Water to try and pull him into a hug. But Mineral Water took a few steps back.

“I thought I said no hugging,” he said. “You really want to give me that free hug.” Mineral Water scoffed, “Is your form of currency for giving out free items an embrace? If that is the case, then getting a ‘free’ item isn’t free at all.”

The jab didn’t seem to hurt Sugar Crush’s feelings, but it did make her smile falter. “Do you want to be my friend?”

Mineral Water looked at the purple glass of milk. He levitated the cup and swirled the liquid inside. “I do,” Mineral Water said, a confession true from his heart.

“Then here is what our friendship will entail,” Sugar Crush began. “Since you are so resistant to receiving hugs, I will put forth more of an effort to hug you.”

“I don’t think you understand the concept of ‘no hugs,’ Sugar Crush,” said Mineral Water.

“But this will truly help you with our friendship. You said you are worried about work blinding you. If you have to worry about me hugging you, that will make you think of me more.” The true reason behind the soon-to-be attempted hugging was something Mineral Water was expecting. “And trust me when I say I will do everything in my power to give you a hug. But don’t worry. I won’t do anything that will harm anypony.”

It was a clever scheme, Mineral Water had to admit. And he did want to fill in the emptiness in his life. “Alright,” the crystal pony nodded, “I will be your friend.”

“EEEEE!” Sugar Crush squeaked and lunged forward. At once, Mineral Water stuck out his arm to block the advancing thestral. The limb did not stop Sugar Crush from trying to reach her new friend and started to climb his arm. A simple teleportation spell got Mineral Water away from the affectionate mare. He only stood a few meters away, his brows creased, “You better not fly in my house to try and catch me…”

Sugar Crush swayed a little in place, her excited mood only stagnated by her hooves glued to the floor. “I’m just happy that I made a friend,” she winked.

“Well, thanks for… having a persistent mindset,” Mineral Water replied.

Sugar Crush was overwhelmed with happiness, befriending somepony who inspired her. And she knew if she didn’t leave, the mare might act irrationally inside Mineral's home and break something. “I hope you enjoy the other flavors,” said Sugar Crush.

Mineral Water pawed at his chin, “I will soon find out.”

“Then I am going to take my leave.”

Before Sugar Crush could sway another direction, Mineral said, “But it wouldn’t be fair if you left empty-hooved.” The stallion started to walk out the kitchen. “Wait outside. Since you gave me some free cookies, I will give you something in return.”

Sugar Crush tilted her head, “Like what?”

“You will see,” Mineral said before leaving her view. Sugar Crush was humbled by the offer, but all she wanted to do was give Mineral Water something to smile about. The last thing she expected was an exchange of equal value.

The thestral left the kitchen and went into the white filled outdoors. The overcast was cool on her fur, and she could taste the moisture. A few minutes of silence passed before Mineral Water returned. A bottle filled with yellow gel levitated beside the crystal pony, the liquid resembling thick honey. It glittered like molten amber, and it seemed to have some shiny fragments of glass. “What is it?” Sugar Crush finally asked after trying to figure out what the fluid was.

“Body and hair wash,” Mineral Water answered. “I make soaps, shampoos, and other things that make a pony clean. What is unique about this bottle is that it is not for crystal ponies.”

“How come?”

“Because when a non-crystal pony applies it to their body and mane, it gives them the effect of a crystal pony’s natural glittering body.” Mineral Water smiled, “So you, too, can become a temporary crystal pony when you apply my Crystal Coat.”

“Ooooo!” Sugar Crush clapped her hooves, “That sounds wonderful.” The bottle drifted to the thestral, and she quickly snagged it when the wash got within reach. “What does it smell like?”

“Each Crystal Coat comes in various scents,” said Mineral Water. “The one I gave you is mango.”

Sugar Crush’s eyes grew wide. “I love mangos!” she shouted. Mineral Water winced at his friend’s outburst and worried if his neighbors were disturbed by the constant shrieking and shouting Sugar Crush was making.

“My old friend loved mangos,” Mineral Water said. “It was a guess that you like them as well.”

“What was her name, if you don’t mind me asking?”

Mineral Water looked up at the sky and smiled. “Nebula.”

“Was she just as pretty as her name?” Sugar Crush asked.

Mineral Water let out a sigh, “She was. She was.”

Sugar Crush watched the crystal pony’s smile slowly disappear, just like the world that the fog had consumed. She walked toward her friend and reached out a hoof. Her gesture was easily telegraphed and Mineral Water stuck out his arm to block the thestral. But instead of jumping on him, Sugar Crush patted Mineral’s arm. “I hope I can be a good friend for you.”

The stallion flushed, “I would love it if you were.”

Sugar Crush giggled, her ears knocked back by the compliment. “Then be on the lookout for me.” Her wings fanned out and a gust of wind made the grass dance. “Bye.”

“Goodbye, Sugar Crush.”

A hard push off the ground launched Sugar Crush into the dense overcast. Cold air bit in her ears as she ascended. Sugar Crush held onto her soap tightly. She couldn’t wait to get home and smell like a mango.

Author's Note:

Thank you for reading the first chapter of No Hugs for Sugar Crush. I do hope you enjoy the future updates that are to come. Any thoughts, criticism, and comments are well appreciated.

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