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Skywriter is for all practical purposes Jeffrey Channing Wells, best known in Internet circles as the co-creator of the award-winning daily webcomic "Skin Horse," whose coincidentally equine name is just that.  He also writes non-pony fiction, which you should totally check out over at  He quite sensibly views winged ponies as having the best of both worlds, a point which is totally indisputable so don't even try.  To sum, up, Ms. Lovingcup Harshwhinny is best pony.  Thank you.

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I decided that it was not really appropriate for posting on FiMFic itself, because of lack of MLP-style ponies, but if you are a sane person and enjoy pegasi and batponies even without cutie marks, you may enjoy a recent post on my non-Pony blog, a little story called "Chariot."

If you're an equal-opportunity hoof-fancier, check 'er out!

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That's Sleepy Unicorn, and he's a pretty interesting character. He sleeps all the time, and when they first introduce him, when pressed to do magic, he mentions that he came from a moon that was destroyed by magic, and gives you the impression that he did bad things with his magic in the past, and that's one reason he's avoiding it. ("Magic should be used by the pure of heart, and that's not me.")

So, secretly has a dark part, I'd say. Not necessarily evil. He's probably one of the more interesting characters in Hanazuki, actually. (A fair amount more about his part has been revealed recently, and we'll probably be learning all about it.)

--Sweetie Belle

#388 · 1w, 3d ago · · ·


So is that unicorn secretly evil, or what?

#387 · 1w, 3d ago · · ·

--Sweetie Belle

#386 · 2w, 5d ago · · ·


Long overdue.

#385 · 2w, 5d ago · · ·

Many thanks for the watch. :twilightsmile:

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