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You, the student will be assigned a teacher as they ASSIST you in writing, so that you, too, can write as well. The teacher has a choice to pick the fic in the almighty Queue folder where stories can be picked, and the students will be PM'd a message to start lessons.

Leave links to your Gdocs with your work/ homework in threads.

Both teacher and student will arrange times and dates for proper teachings.

List of Teachers can be found in Message Boards!

Ciao for now, and don't be afraid to drop your fic in the Queue!

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Comment posted by Rainbow Dash deleted May 14th, 2014

This is an awesome idea, and I'd like to join as a student, if that's okay. I've never wrote any stories on here, but I'd truly like to.

Hey guys (and gals)! Solar here, just wanting to welcome any and all newcomers to the group!


WELCOME TO OUR CLU~U~B:pinkiehappy:

This is some damn good Idea

I could be a teacher, if you need another one. I can assure you, as far as teachers go, you won't find a more patient and kind one :P

289640 Message Boards.

Where's the list of teachers?
Besides that blog post KillJoy just made.

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