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A Gathering place for those on this site from Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut. Not sure how social this group has the potential to be, it's as social as you make it!

Oh, also, the main folder can be used for shameless self-promotion.

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Concord, New Hampshire :)

Damn there aren't that many bronies in New England. Sad really.

Massachusetts Brony here, although I live closer to Providence, RI. However, I am 45 miles south of Boston, MA.

Vermont brony here :3

Maine here, pleasure to be with the rest of you guys.

About freakin time I found this group. Thought I was the only brony from New England or at least Vermont anyway.

Connect-a-cut? Lel.

I think we should be asking that about Connecticut, not Massachusetts.

Damn straight! New Hampshire represent!
(Do we really have to include Massachussetts?)


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