After initial tensions, war has been narrowly averted. All of Equiss holds its breath as Vinland emerges from the shadows and into the spotlight.

Eager to appease their newly rediscovered spacefairing neighbor, Equestria launched a joint project with Vinland. A new school was created with students and teachers from both nations to be a living example of the friendship between the two nations.

This is that school. This is that time.

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I was not informed about field trips...awesome.

I know it probably won't come for a while, but I'm sincerely hyped for the first field trip arc. I want to see what the trips will be like from an RP standpoint. Hopefully it'll be cool.

344769>>344768 I'm going to get a skype eventually.....

When do I make the thread for my next class?


Here's hoping Lance Dreamweaver'll post his art class. That's the one Silver Cross signed up for...

Wait for the teacher to post the class, suppose.

What do we do for second period? I have advanced mechanics next, I think, and I do not have any idea what I should do.


Don't forget to make an appearance in the thread for your dorm. You're sharing with Silver Bullet and Silver Cross. (Or me an' Vikinga. Very Weston Collageish that way.).

--Sweetie Belle

okay... I understand.

344765 Let's just say, him and Pyro are not together and he more of a perv than I thought.

I think it's triko.ramirez. I have no idea how to change it... What happened with Spez?

344763 Give me your skype name! I'll add you to a group! (I might ask someone else to add you to the weston chat(that is still as cracky as the old one) because I left... I don't like spez anymore.)

Well, I have skype now, but I have no idea how to use it :applejackunsure:

Sup Midnight, haven't seen you in a while.

Hey hey hey! What's the haps!

It's nothing... Nevermind

why would you leave?

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