Five ponies, a gazebo, and a rain shower: There should be a joke here, but instead it's just five mare friends having to take shelter somewhere in the middle of an afternoon shower, and trying to make the best of it.

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I love how the bar is 100% red before any thumbs get put into it.


"This ain't know thunderstorm! If there was a touch of lightning, don'tcha think I would have heard it?"

Besides the foreshadowing, since when was know a synonym of no?

"No, I don't need her to... do me...?"

Oh yes you do. Everybody needs Fluttershy to do them.

"Don't listen to her, Fluttershy!" Pinkie chirped. "Getting wet is fun!"

I bet it is, Pinkie. I bet it is.


I don't even.

Not Random this time?

I'll never understand why you think you're in a writing slump. It's like you digest Dr. Pepper and turn it into genius.

2678202 it's encouraging people to make it green

that was quite enjoyable, actually.

In that case, I love how the bar is 100% green when 10 thumbs have been put into it.

This pleases me greatly

This needs to be an episode.

Hey Skirts! For once, I can honestly say that I haven't got a clue what I just read.

This is sick and twisted and perverse. I loved every minute of it.

So 'Pinkie Pie gets wet' is an actual thing that came to be. I guess you can tell that joke in a non-post-apocalyptic environment too.

Ahaha, this was great! :rainbowlaugh: We can always count on Skirts to give us something funny and adorable like this.

Characterization broke down in a few spots, but some solid sopping wet slice. Nice foreshadow.

I know exactly what you mean, Skirts. GODDAMN FLORIDA.

Comment posted by FloydienSlip deleted Jun 5th, 2013

It just happened to rain outside here when I started reading this. Oddly relaxing. A nice break from all the non-stop action adventure stories I've been reading for the past week.:twilightsmile:

Certainly not your typical style, but I enjoyed it.

I thought it was very cute. Well, maybe cute isn't the right word. I liked seeing all of the characters interactions in a way that was entirely mundane, but very true to the characters. I felt that was very lacking in season three. A good, solid slice of life that wasn't about Spike being terrible at everything, and just let the characters interact.

In the beginning it should be I sung a family of field mice to sleep instead of sang

The one line that made me laugh out loud was the A/N. SS&E does not fail to disappoint.

This is awesome. A perfect little slice of life. The Mane Six are a little cattier than canon paints them to be, but overall I feel like you characterized everyone perfectly.

Edit - whoops, hit submit too early.

What? Wonderbolts shipping that isn't Spitfire/Soarin'? Blasphemy!

Ever read Bon Bon Bon Bon Bon Bon?

Just coming off of being trapped with rainstorms for the last few weeks in Chicago, this sums up all the fun about rain and randomness. :twilightsmile:

Thanks skirts! :heart:

I live in Florida. I can relate greatly.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Oh and it's

please Fluttershy squeaked, hugging Fluttershy tighter

it probably should be Twilight tighter.

I'll echo Twilight's statement...

"What, in Celestia's name, is up with the lake house?!" :fluttershbad:

Uh, excuse me if I don't get it, but what IS up with the lake house?

"Rrrrrgh!" Twilight tossed her hooves towards the top of the gazebo. "What... in the hay... is up... with the lake house?!"

Why don't you ask someone to take you there so you can see it for yourself, Twilight? I'm sure that will clear things up with the bare minimum of awkward misunderstandings. . .

Nice and light, although there were a few points where I think you're characterisation slipped up (~> Rarity). Good stuff :twilightsmile:

"Please..." Fluttershy squeaked, hugging Fluttershy tighter. "Can we stop fighting?"

Uh... okay? :fluttercry:

But anyways, me likey this story! :pinkiehappy:
But I don't understand the Lake House... :applejackunsure:

Five ponies, a gazebo, and a rain shower: There should be a joke here, but instead it's just five mare friends having to take shelter somewhere in the middle of an afternoon shower, and trying to make the best of it.

And yet you make 8182 words out of it. I have to read it to see how you do it. :rainbowlaugh:
Also, couldn't you squeeze just ten more words somewhere in there? 8192 is such a lovely number (software guy fetish, so sue me :pinkiecrazy:).

I gotta say, you have a real talent for writing stories that defy easy categorization, and I actually like it a lot. It makes for a nice change of pace from what I usually read. Good work! :twilightsmile:

Damnit Skirts, I'm never gonna clear out my Read Later list! Why must you write so much quality fiction? :flutterrage:

I enjoyed it.

Although I wonder if you're doing alright, since you're talking about F***ing Florida, and the story's about raining. Hope you're not in too bad of a storm.

I envy your ability to have such rich conversations with imaginary horses, or the ability to draw on life's conversations and turn them into engaging small horse small talk, whichever it is.

The structure of the Crystal Palace would act as a huge antenna!

Massive coincidence? Naaaa, can't be.
It's always good to see the reurn of the lake house.

You were half right: nothing special, but a neat read nonetheless. It's pretty interesting to write what constitutes as downtime with no extraordinary occurrences, no scene change, and the only setup/payoff being a silly joke or two. It means an entertaining narrative can be supported by nothing more than the depth and strength of character in the given cast, like the Family Guy episode in which Brian and Stewie were locked in a vault from beginning to end. I tried the same thing, but I doubt I could match you for fluid prose and readability.

In this case, though, the story is supported by my least favorite cast: six ponies as opposed to seven friends. It is safe to say that the mane six are Spike's closest companions, so it's a mite frustrating when few people interpret him as part of the group (for whatever reason). Friendship isn't demographically exclusive, nor should Spike's friendship be treated as though it's optional. I think this is a bit more important than the quality of any piece of fanfiction, which is why even the most enjoyable pony-focused fics get a downvote from me every time.

Other than that, it's a pretty enjoyable snapshot of a rainy day. The situation was mundane, but you ensured the characters made it entertaining. For that, take a congratulatory Spike: :moustache:

How can people not get the lake house euphemism?

"They're fake and they're made of vanilla wafers!" Pinkie turned to grin at the others. "I know! I've tasted!"

hee! :ajbemused::pinkiehappy:

Well, this IS a romp. You know, it's funny—I haven't been drawn in to your journaling-type stories (despite Rainbow Dash flyin' east and all) but the peculiar thing is, if they were like this I suspect I could read them all day long. For some reason having it be casual friendship and teasing rather than serious adventure with no real goal (maybe I'm misjudging that stuff? shouldn't assume from just a short look) sits better.

I think it might get disheartening having folks pick out all the characterization derps when it ain't but a romp, particularly when they don't really point to anything (such as Twilight being suddenly concerned with her mane getting ruined, her attention being on magic crystals) but at the same time there's a lightness and freeness that would be ruined with heavy-hoofed nitpicking.

You gotta respect the freedom, which is coming from a different place than some of the more serious works. Not like you're at gunpoint bein' forced to make Background Pony II: The Not Even In Th' Story Atall :ajbemused:

10 cinnamon swirls out of ten, would keep devourin' these like candy quite happily :ajsmug:

"The one day in a week I decide to have a pony pedi, and mother nature's mood takes a turn for the worst!" :raritycry:


Probably Rainbow Dash being a cunt. :rainbowkiss:

What a nice read. I took some lessons on the way you characterized each of the ponies. Seemed like really good practice!

Once they arrived, their collective breaths cascaded all around them in a fit of dainty, wheezing groans.

Octavia was set on dainty groans and sighs, too. :pinkiehappy:

Seriously, what happened at the lake house?
I'm as confused as Twilight.

Yeah, that about encapsulates the weather down here in the "Sunshine" state

A fun start to my day, with the various personalities of entertaining ponies bouncing off of one another from an enclosed space. Nicely done!

Heh... I admit, I'm with Twilight and others here in regards to the Lake House. From my clueless perspective, it strikes me as a "Cow Tools" joke (for you Gary Larson fans) where, sure, we get that they're referring to having sex in general, but there's the assumption that if we could grasp the meaning behind the specific choice of "Lake House" in particular then we would be let in on the "real" joke.

I don't get the joke about the lake house either, Twilight.

Excellent fic. Really stays true to the characters.

Also when I hit Like it jumped from 149 to 161, I have the power of 12 Bronies! :pinkiehappy:

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