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Wow. I haven’t even read the thing yet, but just from the title, I am already thinking “ok, pinkie SERIOUSLY needs to lay off the parties. This is going overboard.”

If this is what theyre like when theyre just moving in, I got to visit at Hearth Warming. :pinkiecrazy:

And after the Ursa Minor incident, he became the Gazette's senior Ponyville correspondent. Despite his protests.

“Well, Mister 'Stu Leaves'!” She slaps the notepad shut and winks at me yet again. “We'll have to work on that between now and your 'Super Fabulous Coming Out' party! A name like that's too small for such a cake!”

“I-I...” My ears are burning as I shrink inward. “I d-don't know what you're talking a-about!”

“Uh uh uhhhh!” Pinkie points at her shivering left rear fetlock, all the while winking a third time. “The Pinkie Sense doesn't liiiiiiie!”

:facehoof: Pinkie! Even if Mr. Leaves does experience sexual attraction to other stallions: It's not your place to tell him that he must act on that attraction, or that he must “come out”.

Actuality, if this is about Mr. Leaves not wanting to be preened by Rainbow Dash, or not reacting to Pinkie's flirting (if that's what Pinkie was doing), there's a simpler expiation here: This was a weird situation. Twilight's friends were being weird. Adding a semi-sexual element made it more weird, and made Mr. Leaves more weirded out. And Pinkie's "coming out" jab made it even more weird.

I've been there. I remember a time or two, when someone suddenly tried to get sexual with me, in a really weird way. And I didn't accept their sexual advances, I was just weirded out.

he's considered the top-rated expert on irrigation and the developmental history of potamology!”

As he is both a expert on rivers, irrigation, and hydraulics and a horse pony, dose this make him a hippopotamus?

I am surprised Pinkie did not inundate poor Leaves with all sorts of knowledgable facts and trivia regarding the mineral composition of silt. Maybe set Leaves and Maud up for some correspondence, too? She is the on with the rocktorate after all...

This is fantastic. A return to the beginning. The style even fees right.

There are too many quotables in this story, but here are a few that really caught my eye.

It'll be lucky if the place ain't burnt to a crisp by year's end...

It surprisingly takes a whole four years.

Pffft! Are ya joshin' me?

“Joshin”... I haven’t heard that word since the 90’s

She's got “office clerk” embroidered all over her.

Yeah don’t let her hear you say that.

Awww, these interactions definitely feel plucked straight from season 1. Everything from Applejack's complaints towards Rarity's "prissiness" and Fluttershy's overtly shy demeanor to Rainbow hilariously barreling in only to cause mild destruction and at least one pony having to dodge out of the way. It's all very nice in a nostalgic way.


I was told a bit about MLP before I watched the show in late 2012. An intercepting 'what' in between every other sentence was more or less my initial reaction too, but I think that's part of what gave me the appeal to watch it in the first place.

“Uhm... 'Leaves?'”

She's already writing down notes with a pencil... … … that's somehow dangling from her bangs. What.

“Hmmmmmm... very plain title for a pegasus. You got a first name, Mister?”

“Uhhhh... 'Stu?'”

“Well, Mister 'Stu Leaves'!”

Oh, hi, Stu. Us Appledashery fans see you.

Just a bunch of rowdy strangers.

Probably the last time anyone in Equestria ever hears from them.

And a magical 10 years later...

Gosh, who was Stu Leaves again?? I've only got like two neural connections to that name...
1. Boring
2. Stupid Leaves

Hmm... Well one day that Stu Leaves is gonna feel real silly when he realizes that that Canterlot bookworm has become "Queen of, Like, the World".

“Mrfff... if you say so...” He rolls his eyes and then rolls past me, tail flicking with indignance. “Friggin' Canterlot snobster's fillin' the horseshoes. It'll be lucky if the place ain't burnt to a crisp by year's end...”


Probably the last time anyone in Equestria ever hears from them.

Even more so ironic.

Really good. As always.

It'll be lucky if the place ain't burnt to a crisp by year's end...”


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