Scootaloo has always looked up to Rainbow Dash as a mentor or an older sister. So, when Rainbow Dash promises to give Scootaloo flying lessons one afternoon, it makes the little filly's entire day.

The sad thing about promises, though: just like bodies in gravity, they can shatter.

Cover Art by CoolStoryBrony

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About time you wrote more Scootaloo. Everything is improved with the addition of Scootaloo.

I've never timed it before. I bet it'll be featured before I finish reading it.

2471407 i second that

Story about Scoots from SS&E... Eh, close enough :scootangel:

Coincidentally, I just watched "Sleepless in Ponyville" again with my sister an hour ago. Fate?

Just saw the author note, thought this sounded familiar :3 Loved it though.

So many undertones and hidden messages...

Haven't read it yet, but just thought I should point out:

just like bodies in by gravity

Shall read. :twilightsmile:

This was originally written for the Kaizo Petra arc of End of Ponies.

Ohhh.. I was wondering where I had read it before.

I suspected this was End of Ponies-related. Still, it stands excellently on its own. A wonderful story of loss, defeat, and how different people react to them.

well, since you came up all the way here to wake me out of a weird dream involving Tank, suspenders, and a crapload of green pipes...

I see a deeper significance here than you may have intended. Mario is the older, more confident brother, the one who gets all the accolades, the fame, the glory, and the girl. Luigi lies in his brother's shadow, and yet is just as capable, if not more so. He's only held back by his low self-esteem, but that's a huge burden for him to bear.
And yet, when it becomes necessary, when Mario is in danger and Luigi has nothing left to hide behind, he gets the job done. He works past his fear, and his bravery is all the greater for just how far he must go in order to do so. All because his brother needs him. That is loyalty. That is heroism. That is the power of the younger sibling.

And this has been overanalysis of pastel ponies by way of turtle-stomping plumbers. :twilightsheepish:

2471418 It's now in the featured box. You're welcome.

So touching and painful and heart-rending all at once. Most excellent story.

Your so callled "lazy story" left me in tears, so I'd say it deserves being called awesome instead

I like how featured box is always featuring SSnE fic no matter how small the like count is. It just like they make it automatically for SSnE everytime he updating his stories. And I'm glad it did.

2471387 Get your milkshakes, now with more Scootaloo!

Yes, I had to go there.

2472079 Y'all can call me 'The Future-Predicting Princess Rarity' now :raritywink:

you should change your name to that

2472094 Wait, no, you can only have twenty-four characters in your username. :fluttercry:

I raise a glass to Rainbow Dash. "Here is to impossible standards."

You just never cease to amaze us SSaE. Great job with yet another amazing story. Keep up the great writing!

Be thankful you've never worked with EMT's or other healthcare workers. Those were some of the most jaded Mfer's I've every worked with. See enough people die, I guess that's what happens.

I'm really glad this little piece of Kaizo Petra got pulled out of the trash. This story, and the story about Scoots going to visit Rainbow Dash at the Best Young Fliers Competition, are some of my favorite flashback moments from the story.

Oh hey, I remember this. Nice to see something could be salvaged from the flaming paintball guns.

I've reused those, y'know. I forget exactly where, but the spontaneously combusting paintball guns made it to the digital construct somehow.

Oh my, you really know how to get some liquid pride out of me :fluttercry: Amazing as always!

I got tears in a Carl's Jr. because of this, you wonderful horror story of a person you.

Your way of turning a story on its head into something much more meaningful than the face value is an amazing talent. Feels like The Adventures of Huckleberry Scootaloo, or every time I thought I was angry.

SS&E always seems to know how to hit you right in the feels.

This was very well executed, but one question:

If the fire was so huge, why didn't Scootaloo or the CMC see the plume of smoke from the hill they were in?

For some reason, this fandom finds great joy in ripping out Scootaloo's heart over and over and over again. The poor filly is an abuse magnet.

At least, that is what I assume this story is going to do. Or maybe, SS&E has just written a joyous story about someone who gets everything they wanted and was happy forever and ever. Yeah, that's not happening.

Time to drink broken pony tears.

Par for the course from you.
Another fic par excellence by tiny pants and eruptions.

That was an excellent, very moving story. The idea of Scootaloo adding to Rainbow Dash's life in a way nopony else can is something I really like. Be nice if the show could do something of that nature.

"A single day doesn't go by without me knowing where you're flying and for what awesome reason! Eh heh heh!"

"Yeah, uh, you might wanna cut that out, kid," Rainbow Dash said, resisting the urge to chuckle, and failing. "It's a taaaaaad bit creepy."

Uhm... Duly noted.

Holy shit... you actually wrote something that didn't end in heartbreak and tragedy. I even feel kind of happy after reading this, instated of sad and depressed like I usually feel after reading your stories. Its.... nice.

So... this story... I didn't care for it all too much. I didn't feel much for it. I don't really know if it would benefit you for me to go on about why I didn't like it, since this story was written in the spur of the moment (if that's what "manic drive" was referring to). You've written quite a few things I've very much enjoyed, but this one just didn't do a thing for me. Sorry.

Um... anyone seen any fragments of my feels? They exploded and I need to try to piece them back together.

This was... interesting. It was sad, yeah, but I felt like Scoots was way too philosophical, there were a few jumps made that required you to jump with them, and it felt a bit rushed despite it's length.

Excellent story :D

Rainbow's story has a problem: There are fewer thermals over water than there are over land :rainbowderp:



So, this story is 81210 characters long. He claims he wrote it in 7 hours, giving an average of 193 characters per minute. Which is slightly under par… when typing something ]dictated! Considering how great and well-written the story is, that's seriously awesome, even if he had everything planned beforehand.

More obviously heart-warming than most of your stuff. Nice, simple and warm - love it.

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