As it turns out, not all I do is make music. I actually have a pretty decent talent making plush pony dolls on the side. It brings in good bits... on occasion, such as this one time a little baby dragon commissioned me into crafting him a white unicorn with a blue mane to snuggle with at night.

Then one day, about a week later, I suddenly found myself with more clients. Like... a lot more clients.

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I love how everything SKAE writes is an auto feature.
No, I'm not jelly, I know very well I can't write for shit.

Oh my gosh. That ending! Bravo skirts! Bravo!

I teeter from the displaced air of her thunderous dive. “Yes... I... d-do believe the closet would be perfect for you. Ahem.”

She peeks out the door. “And remember—if anypony asks—I'm not here!” Thud! And with a rattle of dustpans, she's sealed inside.


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Holy shit this fanfic. I was expecting Celestia to come out at the end though.


10/10 Really funny :rainbowlaugh:

Ah, the good old fashioned love hexagon executed splendidly...

“Yeesh... did I forget to crank the A/C down?”


Oh my GOD yes. :rainbowlaugh:

I've seen love triangles, but this is ridiculous.

This was... just... wow.



Heehee... very cute and funny.

I once showed you a YouTube video I found hilarious. You said, "It only makes me think of the implications. I'm sad. What's going to happen to their relationship?"

That's how I feel about this story. It's clearly cute and funny, and the Background Pony references won it for me, but I can't help imagining a very serious and sad sidefic in this same universe where none of the Mane 6 get what they want and end up alone, heartbroken, and even bitter.

Except Applejack. She's the bomb.

Skirts. You posted this at 9 AM. Did you even sleep, you nutter?


That's okay. Neither did I.

You know that's actually why I tend to read more serious stories than silly ones. In a weird way I tend to find the serious ones more cheerful because the sad stuff is more likely to be resolved rather than just played for laughs.

Not that I didn't enjoy this story. :raritywink:

Applejack: And not one single fuck was given that day.

Is this Background Pony spin off?

As contrived as that large a crush circle feels, it's good for a laugh. Clever, too. Of course Twilight would be there on the dot of opening hours.:rainbowlaugh:

After Fluttershy I was kinda hoping they all wanted AJ dolls, just cause that would have been hilarious. Still, cute story. :twilightsmile:

The circle needs some minor adjustment, but otherwise: :rainbowlaugh:

Them dolls, eh~? :ajsmug:

That ending. Did... did he do what I think he did? :unsuresweetie:

Nicely done, just cute enough with a side of implying to make it silly. Your classic skirts - stinger at the end cracked me up.

Salmon is actually a color, not just a fish :pinkiehappy:
To describe it, it's kinda pinkish-orange, just like a salmon's flesh!

5893792 You know, that reminds me of Clavier's Applejack Anonymous.

As for this fic, it reminds me of a sadder version of Tcherno's Felt Heart, where no one ends up with the pony they want. I loved the Background Pony shout out, but I do wonder what would happen if everyone (everypony?) found out about each other's dolls. Oh, the drama that would entail...

Darling, in the future if you should continue writing stories of such ilk, I (And the rest of the fandom) would be eternally grateful for warnings before reading things like this.
The cute factor is outright dangerous, and the squee levels are lethal.
You really should be ashamed of yourself for failing to provide us with proper protection.

Now just wait for everypony to "accidentally" stumble on eachothers' dolls! :twilightsmile:


“Hehe. I could even put the pony in an itty-bitty hoodie for you, if you like.” A sudden chill rolls through me, and I glance awkwardly at the ceiling. “Yeesh... did I forget to crank the A/C down?”

Hm...mint green unicorn in an old hoodie...

Nope! Doesn't ring a bell at all, Skirts. Sorry.


As for your latest fic featuring the lovely Miss Heartstrings? I liked it. 'Twas cute, funny and fluffy, which you seem to be really good at. :raritywink:



I believe Spike did do just that.

xd ending....


Skirts never actually specified what it was, and neither did Lyra.

Wild and often perverted imaginations, activate!


“Hehe. I could even put the pony in an itty-bitty hoodie for you, if you like.” A sudden chill rolls through me, and I glance awkwardly at the ceiling. “Yeesh... did I forget to crank the A/C down?”

You wonderful, evil bastard.

Say, do you think a speedster's eyes are really ruby-colored? Or is that just a matter of light distortion on account of perceived velocity variance and quantum redshift?

Now, now, Pinkie. String theory doesn't seem to be in this particular Lyra's purview. Besides, unless she's flying backwards, you'd only see the eyes when they were approaching you, which means they'd be blueshifted.

"Yes... I... d-do believe the closet would be perfect for you. Ahem."

She said it, not me.

In any case, a most hilarious love hexagon. Good thing it was Pinkie in the piano; she knows not to betray friends' trust. Also, reasonable orange horse is reasonable. Thank you for this, Skirts.

We needs a sequel. Naoh.


Probably not, but Lyra in her hoodie tends to appear in most Skirts stories. Little Easter egg call back.

5893914 What? The name shortskirtsandexplosions isn't warning enough? ;)


They would care about as much as they did about Spike having that Rarity plushie I think.

Wait. Lyra... making plushies. Skirts, you cad.


I see what you did there.

Welp, that was certainly cute and funny. That Background Pony reference. That I-don't-give-a-fuck Applejack. Those closet!Dash jokes. And somehow, I didn't see the bit with Twilight coming. And then:

He blushed. “...Do your dolls come in waterproof coats?”




This story was hilarious and cute, that waterproof doll thing.. was that for drool? tears? or.. did he also want her to Stich the..hole :twilightoops:

10/10 would read again.

The summary is incorrect:

Rarity has a purple mane.

Very cute story that reaffirms why Skirts is the best Slice of Life author on Fimfiction. A friend of mine used to do commissions on Deviantart and he complained that after he did some MLP art, almost all of his commission requests were for ponies. I like how unconventional these pairings are; apart from Pinkie-Dash, you don't see these combinations very often.

5894272 It's a moderate indigo while the darker gradients are mulberry

I swear, it's like nobody bothers looking up the actual color names for the ponies, just giving them bland names like "red" "violet" "purple" instead of "Cerise" "Cerulean" and "Fuchsia"
...Pokemon references uninteltional

I was completely fine holding it in the entire time until I read this:

He blushed. “...Do your dolls come in waterproof coats?”

I lost my shit right after that.

“And you're name is Lyra Heartstrings,”


"I could even put the pony in an itty-bitty hoodie for you, if you like."


given the fact the ponies could easily overhear the others talking while hiding, wouldn't they know who likes who?

She should charge extra for the bigger plushies.


Until the mane six have a private party with hard cinder and it ends in a harem situation.

5894206 Income the Mature jokes! (Don't know why I typed this.).

It is suggested otherwise. Twilight couldn't hear much, but given her location it shows the build of Lyra's area of residence is rather...sound-dampening(?)
The one I worry most about is Pinkie Pie, given she was in a piano and as I own one, I know the cover doesn't do much to hinder sound. (But come now, it's Pinkie Pie)

Whatever the case, they all still wanted their plushies to fulfil their fantasy of romance.

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