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This story is a sequel to Scoti Alaw Prewett

A new school year and hopefully a quieter one for Scootaloo and the Crusaders. Yeah, like that was ever going to be the case. Before it's even started Scootaloo's already been cut off from Equestria, been attacked by a desk, staged a daring prison rescue and thwarted whatever dastardly scheme Lucius Malfoy was concocting this time. Part of her is actually looking forward to going back to school. As long as they haven't hired another psychopathic nutjob as the new Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher.

Best synopsis I could do without spoiling anything. Lots of twists and turns ahead! Chapters read over and edited by rich-online. Plushies by Varonya (Discord), GingerAle (Fluttershy) and Sewpoke (Scootaloo).

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Nice to see this continue.

Finally got to read these, you're doing a great job so far!


Thanks to both of you, having a really tough week so nice to hear some positive feedback.

No problem, keep up the great work

Keep up the good work can't wait for more. 👍

To be fair, the only reason Dumbledore hired Lockhart is because he was hoping that Harry would get rid of him, but to be perfectly fair to Lockhart he isn't much better compared to Rakepick. Or that Death Eater professor.

Actually the only reason he hired Lockhart was that by this point after nearly 4 decades of persistent DADA teacher changes, most wizards and witches saw the position as cursed and thus he was the only one who applied for the position. Dumbledore had no choice!

Ooh! Go Scoots! You saved Ginny from the Chamber of Secrets!

Oh, I missed the first couple of chapters. I'll have to catch up forthwith.

“Ginny, hold this a moment,” Scootaloo said in a tone that made Harry’s face go pale as she passed Ginny the cauldron she’d bought for her.”

Oh no, she is jealous. I would say, possible insecurities.
Lucilius had made the most generous donation to the Professor Dumbledore, indeed. Good thing Discord took it too.

All she gets in return is a hug and being grounded, because my editor demanded it.

Glad you like that bit. Most of her jealousy I think boils down to just how much she loves Hermione and doesn't want to ever lose her, how sweet.

Ooh! So if Discord destroyed the diary, then I wonder what the book's main conflict will be

Princess Celestia was murdered by a changeling and our greatest fear has come to fruition. Equestria is at war with the changeling kingdom.

Wow, this version of Equestria is really dark.

it has been well documented that for some unknown reason apple wand owners seem to possess an unusual ability to converse with other magical beings in their native tongues along with being able to understand them.

You mean there are several like me in Britain? Oh, I can't wait to meet with them. :yay:

Good going Scoot. Because going by this universe's trend, Ginny most likely not survive her encounter with Riddle.
Hold on, can Apple Bloom talk to the basilisk in the Chamber?

“Now, if you don’t mind, I’ve a mystery to solve before my daughter and her friends arrive for their second year in two weeks’ time. Because knowing her luck, she’ll probably accidentally stumble across the chamber and release whatever monster is inside.”

Well, you can count on it. They are a CMCs - a living magnet to the trouble.

My plan for year two is to calm things down a bit and just have a fun year, aside from the conflict back in Equestria. No giant snakes, evil lunatics, escaped prisoners, Voldemort, questionable competitions, Umbridge and so forth. Just general life at a boarding school with magic, mainly lessons, but also spells going wrong, quidditch, pranks, Snape's questionable teaching ethics etc. This might change but is likely to be the story for year two.

I will get to that at some point, but no. Molly has so far forgot to inform her for some reason she seems unable to communicate with snakes.

so another nail to Malfoy's schemes. Can we see him getting outed?

Heheh, Lockhart is dead and there's no more to be said, there's no buffoonish books to be read, for Lockheart is dead!

Very great chapter, anyway!

Also, I would like to bet Snape on that! I wanna make Butterbeer!

I'm taking bets on Sweetie Belle learning to brew Butterbeer.
Hit me up with your ante.

Brutal work hours dude. Been there... Done That like that you killed off a character I really did not like in the original HP story Keep up the good work and good luck with life.

Thank you, Lockhart is so annoying!

If the curse did really exist all it says that professor can't keep a job for more than 1 year. Discord didn't need to kill him, for Merlin's sake. Lockhart was never meant to be a teacher. With the curse logic Lockhart would have been just fine if Dumbledore hired him as a 'consultant'.

I feel bad for the students who were forced to buy his books before the semester start. Such a waste of money.


Will they be allowed to get a refund on those now?

Who says Discord controlled the basilisk to kill the fool? Wait what, I definitely didn't say that. On the plus side Lockhart will become more famous and viewed as a hero in death rather than revealed as the fraud he actually was.

Yeah I saw that coming Another Weasley? I am so tired of sorting Weasleys into Gryffindor. -- The Hat 1992

Great job on this chapter! Can't wait to see Snape teach them to make Butterbeer!

“HUFFLEPUFF!” the hat boomed.

Snape, don't forget the butterbeer class, okay?


Scoot's not gonna let him forget this

“B-b-but my brothers would be sorely disappointed if I didn’t join them,” Ginny argued unconvincingly.

Snape? Prepare to teach Sweetie the recipe for Butterbeer.

Excellent start to the new year! A weather witch and a pegasus - what could possibly go wrong?

And with that he turned to go, but not before Dumbledore called out, “Thank you Professor Discord. If you need any assistance, I’m sure Professor Lockhart will be only too happy to help.”

“Thank you, I’ll call upon him to assist once I’ve located the chamber,” Discord called out without turning his head back towards Dumbledore as he departed the office and headed straight to the girls’ bathroom on the first floor.

oh god, will Discord be immune to obliviate? Because with Lockhart involved something is sure to go wrong.
And since it is my first comment on this story (I had not realized that you had already published the continuation), it is interesting to me how the events in equestria resemble that timeline where Zecora was the leader of the resistance against the changelings.
Will they be normal pregnancies or will they have crazy and chaotic symptoms? I don't know, something like burping bubbles or that when they go to drink some liquid, they drink the glass instead of the liquid, I was thinking that Rainbow might have a craving to eat or drink rainbows and Applejack cravings for sweet apples or sweet pears.

Well, goodbye to my concern for Lockhart.

Monica is very familiar to me, she reminds me of a certain pegasus filly, surely it is a coincidence, now with the diary and basilisk out of the way, what could go wrong this year?

Well, two of them already have detention for a month. I'll say no more. Next couple chapters will be released soon.

Sweet Faust Bloom, what made you think its even OK as a prank to poison your friend? holy hell

A changeling darted out at her. The next thing it knew it was staring at its own decapitated body.

Friendship might be magic, but knives are a girl’s best friend.

Goddess of Chaos in bad mood. This Pinkie is really terrifying.

She's basically a teenager, acting up is what they do. Also, remember she's a potion genius who may have a vial of anti-venom stasshed in her robes.

Demi-goddess, but yes that is a bad day.


so did Pinkie retcon Thorax's redemption? i seriously hope she didn't sliced up all the drones and Pharynx

I knew someone would bring that up. And also, in her current form.

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