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This story is a sequel to The Princess of Alcohol

Twilight wishes to discuss her four year old daughters magical progression with her parents over dinner.
Night Light wants to give Berry another black eye.
Rainbow Dash and Applejack try to negotiate a deal with Berry over opening a competing bar in Ponyville.
Berry just wants to relax and enjoy the fine food and booze.
Tempest needs a drink, or ten. Then a very long holiday.
Nobody bothers to pay attention to Moonlight.
WARNING: The lowest of low brow humour imaginable, I blame Discord

Cover image by https://www.deviantart.com/lupulrafinat, written in English not American English.

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I want to see a Story about this I think it will make a good series

"A true true friend sues you for a million bits". There you go.

Sorry i input song instead of story

No worries, that song lyric might imply there is another on the way soon, but can't say when! Really struggling writing wise right now.

"Hey, Applejack, I hope you know I didn't really" CLANG.

Everypony stared at the farm mare in shock as Berry collapsed to the floor.

Now that she had coming.

It's impressive. I've never really thought about Berry Punch until now, except possibly when I read MLP time loops. You've managed to make me hate her with a passion of a thousand suns.

So, Rainbow Dash gets permanently scarred by one of her closest friends, and then permanently crippled saving her daughter. For a normal pegasus it would be bad enough, but Rainbow Dash's entire life is flying (and Applejack). And don't say that she'll recieve a prosthetic, there's no way it will have the same level of capability and control as her old one, which means she's almost certainly no longer a Wonderbolt, will never be able to do the Sonic Rainboom again.

Remind me, this is supposed to be a comedy right?

You make a valid point. I think I just love Rainbow Dash with a prosthetic wing to much from that alternate future episode. In all truth I've always seen Dash getting a serious injury at some point due to her headstrong nature. She'll always be a Wonderbolt no matter what and with what happens in part 3, she's out of action for a while anyway. I do thank you for this criticism though as you've given me an idea to maybe try something different in the future looking at how Rainbow adjusts to retirement through her foal. Thanks so much for the constructive criticism. I can only try to improve and adapt my writing if people tell me what they like and dislike!!!

His name is Hen Tai

You just couldn't help yourself, could you? :facehoof:

No, no I could not. My fics are daft designed to give you a cheap laugh and break from the ever growing shite of real life. If this did that, I've succeeded in my goal.

Funny thing is, that picture doesn't show up on the artist's DA page...

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