• Published 3rd Mar 2021
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Scoti 2: Muggles and Mudbloods - SamuelK28

More hijinxes as the Crusaders embark on their second year at Hogwarts!

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Shopping Once More

Author's Note:

Again only a few edits, nothing major but I wonder what that news Scootaloo talks about at the end is?

As with all school holidays, time started to fly by way too quickly and before the Crusaders knew it a week had passed and the girls, Harry and the rest of the Weasley family were all standing in front of the fireplace early on Wednesday morning after a quick breakfast of bacon sandwiches.

Harry was looking somewhat apprehensive, this being his first time, but, after watching numerous others along with some helpful instructions from Molly and Ron, he took a deep breath, stepped into the fireplace and threw the powder at his feet. Unfortunately for him, as soon as he opened his mouth to speak a whole load of hot ash shot in.

“D-Dia-gon Alley,” Harry coughed disappearing from view.

Molly looked worried. “Uh-oh, I hope he hasn’t veered off course. No idea where he might end up. Scoti, just what do you think...”

“D-Dia-gon Alley,” Scootaloo repeated throwing the Floo powder at her own feet as she stepped into the fireplace.

“Why does she always have to take matters into her own hands?” Molly sighed as she prepared for her own journey hoping Harry and her niece had ended up somewhere safe.


Harry was just stepping out of a large stone fireplace covered in soot, in a shop that definitely wasn’t on Diagon Alley, when Scootaloo barrelled into him from behind sending both of them rolling in a heap onto the floor.

“Ah, great. I found you!” Scootaloo giggled underneath Harry as they finally came to a stop and the room stopped spinning. “Mind getting off me now?” she quickly added.

“Sorry,” Harry mumbled slowly disentangling himself from Scootaloo. “Any idea where we might be?”

“How would I know? The only thing I saw as I came out of the fireplace was your backside,” Scootaloo replied testily as she rose from the floor and dusted off her clothes. “Seems like we’re in a shop of some kind, but where I’ve no clue,” she added taking a look around at the creepy and rather disturbing assortment of items the shop had to offer. “They definitely don’t sell this kind of stuff on Diagon Alley.”

“Well, I guess we should just make our way out onto the street and have a look around then,” Harry said walking toward the entrance to the shop. “Thanks for following me by the way. This is a little less scary with a friend by my side.”

“Don’t mention it. It’s what friends do,” Scootaloo replied as the two of them made their way toward the door.

Luck though never seemed to be on Scootaloo’s side and as her keen eyesight caught hold of two figures preparing to enter from the street, she pulled Harry along with her as she darted into a large black cabinet, leaving a small crack open between the doors for them to peer through.

As the doors to the shop opened, she muttered under her breath, “Shit."

It was Draco Malfoy and his father, the very man who had led the slaughter against her parents. Just the sight of him made her blood begin to boil and it took all of her control not to burst out of her hiding place and confront him then and there. She watched as they went straight to a counter where Malfoy senior rang a bell and waited to be served.

“Touch nothing, Draco,” he instructed as Malfoy junior reached toward a glass eye and suddenly stopped, turning instead to his father.

“I thought we were going to Quality Quidditch Supplies to buy my birthday present. Not that it’ll do me much good when I’m not on the house team,” Draco said in a bored drawl. “So unfair that so many others got special permission to have brooms last year and I didn’t. Especially that freak Pegasus girl and Harry Potter. I don’t see why everyone thinks he’s so amazing just because he got lucky when he was a baby,” Draco whined.

“Draco, if you will not be quiet all you will be receiving for your birthday is a one-way trip to your bedroom,” Lucius replied looking less than impressed with his son’s attitude. “And might I remind you it is not wise to view Harry Potter with such disdain when so many of our fellow wizards see him as a hero for ridding us of Voldemort – ah, Mr Borgin, at last,” Lucius sneered as a stooping gentleman appeared from behind a curtain.

“Lucius old friend. Sorry to keep you waiting, just sorting out a rather interesting delivery of items. Anyway, what might I sell you today?” Mr Borgin said in a slimy voice Harry had often heard from the occasional door to door salesman who knocked upon four Privet Drive.

Mr Borgin’s face soon turned sour though when Lucius replied, “I’m not buying today, Mr Borgin, but selling. You see, the Ministry are performing more and more raids these days and with the possible introduction of a meddlesome Muggle Protection Act from that muggle-loving idiot Arthur Weasley, even someone of my status could potentially find themselves troubled,” Lucius explained.

“I see,” Borgin replied as Lucius handed him a roll of parchment to read.

“What’s that?” Draco interrupted pointing to a withered hand on a cushion.

Borgin’s salesman instincts were about to kick in when Lucius growled.

“Draco, what did I say. You are lucky you are getting anything at all for your birthday after seeing your school marks. I cannot believe you allowed that mudblood Granger to beat you in every exam.”

Draco’s face went red with embarrassment and anger but he kept his mouth quiet, not wanting to irk his father further.

Back in the cabinet both Scootaloo and Harry were stifling giggles.

“It’s the same all over,” Mr Borgin stated while examining the list. “Every year wizard blood seems to mean less and less. I heard they are even starting a Cultural Diversity and Inclusivity course at Hogwarts this year! Has the Ministry gone mad?!?”

“Couldn’t agree more Mr Borgin. Now if you don’t mind, I am in somewhat of a hurry.”

“Of course, of course,” Mr Borgin replied as he finished reading the list.

The two adults started to haggle as Draco, bored out of his mind, began to explore the shop and slowly neared the very cabinet in which Harry and Scootaloo were hiding in! Thankfully, just before he closed in on the two unknown witnesses to the very dubious deal, Lucius’ voice bellowed across the shop once more.

“Done. Draco come; we’re leaving.”

Harry wiped a bead of sweat of his forehead as he watched Draco and his father leave, Lucius only turning his head momentarily in the doorway to say a quick goodbye to Mr Borgin.

As soon as they’d gone Mr Borgin muttered darkly to himself and returned through the curtain to the backroom.

Scootaloo and Harry waited for a few minutes in case he came back before bursting out the cupboard and racing to the door. As they darted through it, they immediately crashed heavily into someone walking down the street and fell to the ground in a tangle of limbs.

“Oh my,” a weak voice uttered as Hagrid pulled the two kids off Discord.

“Scoti? Harry? What are you doing in Knockturn Alley? This is no place for children,” Discord scolded rising to his feet and brushing his suit down.

“Father?” Scootaloo said regaining her bearings for a moment before explaining. “Harry’s first time using the floo system didn’t go according to plan. I followed him to make sure he was safe,” Scootaloo admitted before turning and staring at the pale faced woman with light pink hair and an already bulging belly next to him. “Fluttershy? What are you doing here? Wait a minute. My birthday, now here. Are you two?” Scootaloo started to cackle so loudly she doubled over. “Oh man am I glad I didn’t take that bet with Apple Bloom. Really isn’t good for my credentials as a seer all these bets I keep losing,” she wheezed.

Fluttershy hid behind Discord going bright red. Her wings had also shot out from behind her back.

“Stop trying to change the subject. Come along, we’ll head to Gringotts and hopefully bump into the Weasleys along the way,” Discord instructed going slightly red himself as he pushed the two children in front of him, Scootaloo still barely able to control herself while Harry was just trying to keep his broken spectacles upon his face. “You can also explain to us exactly what happened on the way.”

And so, the group made their way along the twisting narrow alleyway, Scootaloo informing her father all about Lucius Malfoy’s dubious dealings. As her tale neared its conclusion, she saw a familiar snow-white marble building loom in the distance, Gringotts.

“Blooming Malfoys, can’t trust any of them. I suggest you stay well clear of them, the both of you,” Hagrid boomed.

“You don’t have to tell me twice,” Scootaloo said as a wicked grin slid across her face. “Anyway father, I think there are more pressing matters to concern ourselves with, like when you are going to marry Fluttershy?”

Discord’s face suddenly turned from one of contemplation over Malfoy’s dubious dealings to one of horror. Quickly he pulled out a stopwatch from the top pocket of his jacket.

“Dearie me, will you look at the time? I’m afraid me and Fluttershy have a lot to do today. We’ve still got to go acquire her a wand and pick up her clothes from Madam Malkins. I’m sure we’ll bump into each other later and we can talk then Scoti. Hagrid can fill you in in the meantime,” he said rapidly and disjointedly before snapping his fingers and disappearing along with an equally stunned Fluttershy just as they reached the steps of Gringotts.

Scootaloo opted to just laugh some more at how awkward her father was finding the whole situation rather than grumble about him avoiding the subject. That was until a pair of hands fell over her eyes

“Guess who?” Hermione giggled.

“You do realise I have an all-seeing eye that will tell me this is my annoying, attention seeking, know-it-all girlfriend,” Scootaloo said cheekily.

The words, Signs Point to Yes, appeared across Scootaloo’s vision.

“I suggest you be nice to your tutor or else she’ll just work you twice as hard. Plus, Discord granted me permission to use the stinging jinx if you aren’t paying attention!” Hermione giggled turning her girlfriend around and booping her on the nose with a finger.

Scootaloo stared at her girlfriend open mouthed for a moment. “He didn’t,” was all she managed to say she was so dumbstruck.

Hermione nodded her head in reply. “He did. Now Harry, care to explain what happened to you? Your glasses!” she exclaimed turning her attention to a rather bedraggled looking Harry.

Before Harry a chance to reply though, two voices Scootaloo recognised only too well sounded over the din of the busy street.

“SCOOTALOO!” Apple Bloom and Sweetie both yelled in unison approaching the steps.

“Harry,” Mr Weasley panted running up behind the two girls along with Ron, George, Fred and Percy. “Thank goodness Scoti found you. Molly was really worried; she’ll be along with Ginny in a moment.”

“Hey everyone. Harry took a detour. We ended up in Knockturn Alley. Real creepy place. Thankfully, Discord, Fluttershy and Hagrid found us.”

“Brilliant,” Fred and George exclaimed.

“We’ve never been allowed in,” Ron added enviously.

“I should ruddy well think not,” Hagrid growled as Mrs. Weasley came barrelling down the street with Ginny holding on for dear life on one of her arms while her handbag swung wildly in the other.

She immediately gave Scootaloo a massive hug. “Thank you Scoti, I knew I could count on you!”

“Hagrid and Discord helped,” Scootaloo managed to squeak as Aunt Molly gripped her tightly.

She slowly dropped her niece to the ground and moved onto Hagrid shaking his hand with such force that Scootaloo thought she might lift the half-giant off the ground!

“It really was nothing ma'am,” Hagrid stated blushing slightly as Molly thanked him over and over again. “Now, I really must be off,” he said finally managing to release his hand from Molly’s iron-like grip. “I look forward to seeing you all at Hogwarts,” he called over his shoulder as he turned and disappeared into the throng of people in the packed marketplace, head and shoulders above everyone else.

“Right, let’s get going. We’ve a lot to do today,” Molly stated leading the way into Gringotts.

As they climbed the steps and followed Molly in Harry hissed to Ron and Hermione, “You won’t believe who me and Scootaloo saw in Borgin and Burkes, Malfoy and his father!”

“Did Lucius Malfoy buy anything?” Arthur said sharply behind them.

“No uncle, he didn’t; he was selling. Otherwise, I’d have informed you immediately. I know you want to get him put away for something just as much as I do,” Scootaloo replied next to Arthur.

A smile started to cross Arthur’s face. “That I do Scoti, that I do. But at least it means he’s worried! And so, he should be. When my Muggle Protection Act gets passed, I’ll get the necessary authority to finally search his manor. Even if he sells some items, I’m sure he won’t want to get rid of some of his most prized possessions.”

“Now, you be careful, Arthur Weasley,” Molly said entering the conversation as they were shepherded into the bank by a bowing goblin at the door. “As we are all well too aware, that family’s trouble with a capital T. I know you are more than a match for Lucius, but him and his family most certainly don’t play fair and will attempt to weasel their way out of any situation by hook or by crook.”

“True, my dear,” Arthur replied giving his wife a kiss on the cheek before Hermione cleverly opted to change the topic of conversation.

“Mr Weasley, I heard you are fascinated by Muggles. I’m sure my parents would be delighted to talk to you. They’re currently exchanging Muggle money over there.”

Arthur’s interest was piqued and he immediately shot off to examine the ten-pound note Mr Granger was exchanging.

“Thank you,” Molly whispered into Hermione’s ear before she called to her husband. “Come along Arthur, you can talk to the Grangers after we’ve been to our vaults.”

It wasn’t long before they returned, purses, bags and satchels filled to the brim with galleons, sickles and knuts. Harry had initially felt dreadful when he’d seen how little the Weasleys had in theirs compared to his, one solitary galleon and a meagre stack of sickles, only to see his mouth drop when Scoti’s, Apple Bloom’s and Sweetie’s vault was opened. Ron had informed him that he’d had a similar reaction when he’d found out just how rich the girls were last summer.

After leaving the bank they all split up. Scootaloo snuck Arthur a few galleons so he could sneak off to the Leaky Cauldron with the Grangers for a drink. Percy said something about a new quill and Fred and George spotted their friend Lee Jordan with strict instructions from Molly not to take even one step down Knockturn Alley. Thus, it was just eight of them who remained as Mrs Weasley bellowed to everyone to meet up at Flourish and Blotts in two hours’ time.

“And what would you six like to do? You hardly have to accompany me and Ginny. It’ll be quite boring,” Molly stated looking at the six soon to be second-year students in front of her. “I’m sure you’d much prefer to wander the street alone.”

“Oh no, we’re all going to help,” Scootaloo immediately replied. “While you sort out Ginny’s robes and trunk, as she’s already got her wand, me and the girls will get her writing supplies, I’ve already placed an order via Wallace, along with her Potions equipment. The boys can pop into Wiseacre’s and get her scales and telescope. Sound good?”

Molly smiled back at her niece. “That sounds wonderful Scoti and would help so much. Right, off we go Ginny!” And without another word she pulled Ginny away and up the street.

“Right then, off we go. Boys, we’ll meet outside Eeylops Owl Emporium in half an hour, okay?” Scootaloo said handing Ron a small bag of galleons. “There should also be enough in there for an ice cream each too!” Scootaloo instructed before she headed off with Hermione, Apple Bloom and Sweetie laughing about some joke or other.

The girls had soon picked up their large order of parchment and colour changing ink. Afterward, they spent several minutes giggling at Ron who was standing outside Quality Quidditch Supplies next door with a large ice cream while gawping at a full set of Chudley Cannon robes through the windows. They then shuffled off to Mr. Mulpepper’s Apothecary via Potage’s Cauldron Shop where they spent the majority of the remainder of their time before meeting up with the boys once more. Finally, after around thirty-five minutes they were standing outside the owl emporium.

“What kept you?” Ron teased. “We had to buy another ice cream each; we were that bored."

“Remind me never to go into an apothecary with Apple Bloom and Hermione again. They practically bought half the shop between them!” Scootaloo exclaimed to a round of laughter before going on. “You get the silver scales and brass telescope?”

“Of course,” Ron replied smugly holding up the bag.

“Sorry, was just worried for a little while you would be to mesmerised by those Chudley Canons robes,” Scootaloo replied to another round of laughter as Ron blushed in embarrassment and attempted to rapidly alter the subject.

“Why’d you ask us to meet you outside here anyway?”

“We’re going to surprise Ginny with her own owl that we can all then borrow to send letters to Molly and elsewhere when required. Wallace can’t be everywhere at once and, no offence Ron, but Errol’s on his last wings,” Scootaloo said bluntly.

“None taken,” Ron replied. “And that’s a brilliant gesture; I’m sure she’ll love it!”

“Thanks. Any idea on what breed we should get her?” Scootaloo asked, examining a brown owl hanging in a cage as she did so.

“Well, she adores Hedwig, so how about a male snowy owl? I know that breed is more expensive and harder to come by, but I know she would adore it and that you can afford it,” Ron responded after a moment of thought.

“That sounds like an excellent idea, but why a male one specifically?” Scootaloo queried a little confused by the specific request.

“Well, we’ve all seen how infatuated she is with Harry so I thought we would call her new owl the same name,” Ron said evilly, provoking Scootaloo’s own wicked grin to resurface as Apple Bloom and Sweetie tried to stifle giggles.

Harry’s face had gone a bright shade of red.

Hermione was glowering at both her girlfriend and Ron.

“Oh, that’s just cruel. I love the way you think Ron,” Scootaloo chuckled as she walked over to the entrance of the shop. “Come on, let’s go buy us another Harry!”


Much to Harry’s displeasure and humiliation, Ron and Scootaloo’s luck was in as the owner had just had an interesting delivery of four young snowy owls, three females and one male. After a little bit of haggling, Harry the snowy owl had soon been purchased for twenty galleons.

They then spent the majority of the remainder of their hour and a bit of freedom exploring the wide array of shops Diagon Alley offered. They picked up a huge supply of sweets and chocolate for the new term from Sugarplum’s Sweets Shop, laughed at discovering Percy in an old junk shop reading Prefects Who Gained Power and unsurprisingly found the twins and Lee Jordan in a joke shop. It was here that Scootaloo reminded the boys of what they owed her, Apple Bloom, Sweetie and Ginny after they’d bought the entire stores supply of magical fireworks among other things and they all headed to Fortescue’s where they picked up ice creams to eat on their way to Flourish and Blotts. They were not the only ones who seemed to be making their way to the bookshop for some reason and as they neared it, to their great surprise, they saw a large crowd jostling outside, trying to get in.

“Huh? Wonder what all the hubbub is about,” Scootaloo stated before her girlfriend squealed like a loon pointing to a banner that hung across the upper windows:


Will be signing copies of his autobiography


Today 12:30-16:30

“OH MY GOD! We can actually meet him!” Hermione squealed like a fangirl, clapping her hands and jumping up and down.

“Looks like you’ve got competition Scootaloo,” Fred joked.

Scootaloo scowled at him. Fred ignored her.

“Come on. Let’s finish these ice creams and get inside. Knowing our mother, she’s probably first in line.”

“What about Ginny’s?” Scootaloo enquired.

“What about it?” Ron mumbled already halfway through it and his fourth ice cream of the day already.

“Never mind, I’ll get her another one later,” Scootaloo sighed

Most of the crowd that had congregated outside the shop seemed to be made up of middle-aged witches and the wizard on the door was having enough trouble dealing with them to notice eight children squeeze inside behind his back. A long queue wound right to the back of the shop where Gilderoy Lockhart would be signing his books. As Harry, Ron and Hermione went to grab a copy of Break with a Banshee, the Crusaders and the twins went to find Molly, who, although not first, was very near the front of the line along with the rest of the Weasleys, Mr. and Mrs. Granger and, to Scootaloo’s surprise, Fluttershy and her father.

“There you lot are,” Molly said as the Crusaders and the twins came over. “Sorry we couldn’t wait for you outside; this was just too good an opportunity to pass up. Where are Harry, Ron and Hermione?”

“Coming mum,” Ron called running over with Harry and Hermione.

“Excellent, it won’t be long now,” Molly stated.

Perfectly timed Gilderoy Lockhart stepped out from the behind a curtain and took his seat as the crowd screamed all manner of things.

“I love you Gilderoy!”

“You’re amazing Gilderoy!”

“Marry me Gilderoy!”

“Thank you, thank you, you are all too kind,” Lockhart said with a dazzling smile of pearl white teeth. He wore blue robes that matched his eyes and his hat sat at a jaunty angle on top his locks of golden hair.

Scootaloo pouted jealously as her girlfriend stared dreamily at Lockhart. She may or may not have then accidentally nudged Hermione into the photographer for the Daily Prophet causing Hermione to stumble to the floor over his feet.

“Out of the way you stupid girl, can’t you see I’m working. These pictures are for the Daily Prophet,” he grumbled angrily.

Lockhart had seen the poor girl fall and much to Scootaloo’s ire rose from his chair and came out from behind his desk to help Hermione back to her feet. Harry had also come over to help Hermione but Lockhart had got to her first. The girl went red in the face as he pulled her to her feet and took the book from her hands and signed it.

“Dearie me, I know it’s a real honour to meet such a famous and extraordinary wizard such as myself, but there’s no need to be tripping over people’s feet to get to me my dear. Now, why don’t you head back to your family. I’m sure they’ll…” he stopped mid-sentence upon seeing Harry. “It can’t be? Harry Potter!” he exclaimed reaching out and pulling Harry towards him. “Here with your girlfriend, are we?”

Harry’s face went as red as Hermione’s. He faltered in an attempt at a reply as Lockhart took charge. He put his arms around both Hermione and Harry and pulled them in close as the photographer snapped away, taking photo after photo.

“Nice big smiles, this is worth the front page,” Lockhart whispered to Harry and Hermione before he coughed and made an announcement to the crowd. “Ladies and gentlemen, what an honour this is for both me and Harry to finally meet each other. We are both extraordinary wizards who have done amazing things to benefit all of wizard kind and as such, I feel it only right to not only give him and his girlfriend just a free copy of my autobiography, but all my books!”

A massive applause along with cheers and whistling burst out throughout the store. Lockhart waited a moment before holding up his hand for quiet. Slowly the noise subsided and he continued.

“But, him, his girlfriend and the rest of his school chums won’t just be getting my books. Oh no. You see, come September, I shall be taking up the position of Defence Against the Dark Arts professor at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry!”

The response to this was deafening and after Harry and Hermione were presented with Lockhart’s entire works Harry staggered, while Hermione was pulled rather reluctantly by Scootaloo, out of the limelight to the edge of the room, where Ginny stood alongside Sweetie who was plucking all the books the other girl would need in her first year off the shelves with her magic and placing them into Apple Bloom’s outstretched arms.

“Ginny, hold this a moment,” Scootaloo said in a tone that made Harry’s face go pale as she passed Ginny the cauldron she’d bought for her. “Also, hold these for a moment.” She took the stack of books from Harry and placed them into the cauldron.”

“Yo-you can have them Ginny, I’ll buy my own,” Harry stammered finishing with an audible gulp as Scootaloo slowly approached him.

She reached out and grabbed the boy’s jumper with her left hand before he could scarper, showing him just how strong she was for her age by lifting him effortlessly off the ground and pushing him against a bookcase.

Hermione looked on unsure whether to laugh at her girlfriend’s jealousy or to calm her down before she did something stupid.

“I know that what just happened wasn’t your fault and believe me when I say that that idiot Lockhart is going to get a few pranks played on him before the school year is out, but let me just give you a sage bit of advice. You ever make any moves on my girlfriend and I’ll drop you of the top of the Astronomy tower. If you’re lucky, I might catch you before you go splat. Do I make myself clear?”

Harry immediately nodded his head as fast as he possibly could.

“Good,” Scootaloo growled, lowering Harry to the floor. The boy had barely touched the floor before Scootaloo found herself being pulled into a passionate kiss by Hermione, much to everyone else’s embarrassment.

“Good lord, how disgusting. What is Hogwarts coming to letting such freaks into their fine establishment,” Draco’s voice spat.

Scootaloo was too engrossed in the kiss to care and decided to just add to the boy’s repulsion by adding a bit of tongue action to the kiss.

She also inwardly smiled when she heard her father’s angry voice startle the boy from behind.

“Master Malfoy, unless you wish to be expelled, I suggest you withhold from such language in the future. Although, I do not condone such behaviour in public Scoti.”

“Sorry Dad,” Scootaloo replied having finally finished her kiss with Hermione. “But thought we’d better demonstrate to Lockhart that Hermione doesn’t swing that way,” she giggled as she wiped her mouth over.

“The boy does have a point though. Such feelings are unnatural and shouldn’t be encouraged,” Lucius Malfoy said calmly as he walked over and placed his hand on Draco’s shoulder.

“Lucius,” Arthur said coldly while a combination of Harry, Hermione, Ron and Sweetie were attempting to hold Scootaloo back from attacking Lucius.

Malfoy senior just ignored the girl’s petty antics and instead turned to the approaching head of the Weasley household. “They must be paying you well at the Ministry for all those raids if you are suddenly able to afford brand new textbooks for your children,” he said walking over and taking A Beginner’s Guide to Transfiguration from the cauldron Ginny held, Apple Bloom having had to swiftly deposit the books she had been holding into it to deal with the raging Pegasus girl who was proving a real handful for her four other friends.

Still Scootaloo managed to slip free of all five of them and approach Lucius, fire blazing wildly in her eyes.

“Actually,” she growled through clenched teeth. “They were a gift from her dead aunt and uncle, both of whom would be here to do so in person today if someone hadn’t murdered them.”

Lucius Malfoy wasn’t about to lower himself to talking to this impudent girl who’d had the gall of spitting at his feet in front of the entire Wizengamot. Instead, he turned nonchalantly to Arthur and said, “Tsk, tsk, really Arthur. It got so bad you’ve had to beg your impudent, homosexual disgrace of a niece to help bail you out. How pathetic and how the houses of Prewett and Weasley have fallen. Her parents are probably glad they aren’t here to see the abomination she is…”

He never got any further as both Arthur and Discord flew at him. Ginny’s cauldron went flying as Mr Malfoy thudded into a bookshelf sending spellbooks flying everywhere. Mrs Weasley and Fluttershy were both screaming at Arthur and Discord to stop, while the twins egged them on. In the melee Apple Bloom might have also thrown a heavy tome entitled The Comprehensive Encyclopaedia of Trolls that had hit Malfoy junior squarely in the face while Scootaloo might have stamped viciously down on Malfoy senior’s left ankle when he was on the floor. As bookcases continued to fall left, right and centre and the shop assistant’s pleas for order continued to go unheeded, it eventually took Hagrid forcing his way through the mass of books on the floor to pull the three men apart.

The Malfoys had clearly fared worse off during the scuffle. Both Lucius and Draco now sported black eyes while the former limped heavily due to Scootaloo’s involvement in the melee. He was also still holding Ginny’s Transfiguration textbook.

“Here, girl. Take your charity. Not like your father can afford you anything decent,” Lucius snarled scornfully shoving the book into Ginny’s chest before summoning Draco and disappearing from the shop.

“The both of yeh should’ve ignored him,” Hagrid scolded Arthur and Discord. Apart from a cut lip and likely a few bruises, the two men seemed to be relatively unhurt from their fight as they dusted themselves down.

“Personally, I hope I broke his fucking ankle,” Scootaloo swore angrily. “I also think it’s time for us to move on. That shop assistant looks like he is about to have a fit. Here, Ginny, let me carry your cauldron for you. With all those books in it, it’s way too heavy for you.”

Discord went over to the shop assistant and apologised for their outrageous behaviour and handed him more than enough galleons to repair any damages they may have caused. Afterward they made their way hastily out onto the street, the Grangers and Fluttershy shaking with fright while Molly was beside herself with anger.

“Brawling in public. Have you no shame? What Gilderoy Lockhart must’ve thought?”

“He was pleased,” Fred piped in. “Was talking to that fellow from the Daily Prophet as we left about whether he could include the fight in his report. All publicity…” Fred immediately cut off as he saw the look his mother was giving him. “I’ll just be quiet.”

“You do that,” Molly growled turning to her niece and Apple Bloom. “And you two, don’t think I didn’t see your involvement in this. Both of you are grounded and on housework duty for the remainder of the holidays.”

Apple Bloom simply held her head low but Scootaloo was staring defiantly at her aunt.

“Seriously, he insulted me and Hermione, my sexual preferences and our family names and then had the audacity to say that my parents would rather be dead than to see what I’ve become. And, to top it all off, he slipped whatever the hell this is into Ginny’s transfiguration textbook,” Scootaloo fumed holding up a small, thin black book in her right hand.

The party immediately stopped their hasty retreat to the Leaky Cauldron. Discord came straight over and took the diary from Scootaloo’s hand. He shivered uncontrollably as soon as he touched the book.

“Extremely dark magic and not of the fun kind. This has been infused with a portion of some deranged individual’s soul,” Discord stated sombrely.

“A Horcrux?” Arthur said mouth hanging agape barely believing it. “Who in their right mind would do such a thing?”

“Yes, my sentiments exactly. Although one name does immediately come to mind,” Discord replied as he opened the diary.

“Voldemort,” Arthur said under his breath, not wanting to believe it.

“My thoughts exactly,” Discord replied opening the book. “Hmm, T.M. Riddle,” he murmured to himself before flicking through the rest of the diary; it was completely blank. “I’ll need to see Dumbledore about this immediately. Until I’ve examined the diary in greater depth, I can’t be sure just how much damage this could have caused if it had been left unchecked in Ginny’s hands, but I’m guessing it would most certainly have not caused anything good. Scoti may well have just prevented yet another catastrophe at Hogwarts before her second year has even begun,” Discord explained before turning to Fluttershy. “My dear it is time for us to go,” he said before bowing to the group. “It was a pleasure meeting you all, especially you Mr. and Mrs. Granger. I am pleased to see you are okay with your daughter’s budding romance with my own and do not discriminate against such relationships as so many seem to do at this current time. As for you three,” he said turning to the Crusaders. “We both look forward to seeing you when the new term begins. Fluttershy shall be studying under Professor Kettleburn this year and taking over Care of Magical Creatures classes alongside Hagrid after Kettleburn’s retirement at the end of the next school year. Until then, try to keep out of trouble,” he finished looking in particular at his daughter before snapping his fingers and disappearing alongside Fluttershy.

“Wow, it must have been serious. He didn’t even stay to give us the news,” Scootaloo quipped as she turned and looked up at her aunt with a smug smile upon her face. “Anyway, more on that later. First, what was that about being grounded?”

Molly didn’t say a word, instead she just came over and grasped her niece in yet another hug before whispering in Scootaloo’s ear, “My guardian angel. Thank you for keeping Ginny safe. Even so, I cannot and will not condone violence even if it was well deserved. Such actions are also not befitting of a lady of your standing. Thus, you're still grounded and confined to your room for the next week.”