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Undergoing a Rewrite.

Long ago, magical life fled to a domed continent on the ocean floor. Ponies are Shifters (can change between their Equine, Anthro, or Human form). With the arrival of Harry Potter in their land, they learn humans are evolving into magic.

I got the idea for Atlantis and the shifting abilities from "If Wishes Were Ponies", found here:


They mostly use Atlantis as a joke but that gave me an idea. Hope you like it.

Art was found on Deviant and done by AviraTheStrange, found here:


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Sweet story so far, but how OLD is Harry in the start of this, because I think it would be great if it's years BEFORE he would get his Hogwarts letter just like in that other fic where you got the idea for this one.

I have taken your suggestions to heart and altered Harry's age.

He is now 8 and a half, and will address the change in the next chapter to alert my other readers.

Honestly, his age was something I was debating on as I wasn't sure how quickly my readers wanted me to hurry up and get to Hogwarts.

aunt got from the dollar store.


Yes you can, they are just reading glasses and not Perception based.

I'm saying petunia just picked up random cheapo glasses that actually made Harry's eyes worse because he wasn't supposed to wear them all the time


Yes you can get $1.00 Reading Glasses from this store called 'The Dollar Store' I get quite a lot of my stuff from there since they got food, cleaning stuff for floors and bathroom, just about anything you can find there


Sweet, this way at least the Professors at Hogwarts will be in for quite a SHOCK, so since you have Sunset bring Harry to the Princesses, which includes Twilight this must be AFTER she ascends into an Alicorn but WAY before the start of season 9 since you have Celestia and Luna still as Princesses.

This fic begins as a reimagining of the first Equestria Girls movie. So very soon after Twilight ascended into an Alicorn


Good but why is Sunset back in Equestria, since this is set after the FIRST Equestria Girls movie like you said that would mean either Sunset went back with Twilight or Twilight figured out how to open the portal between the Pony Equestria and the Human Equestria like she did in the second movie but did it right after the first one.


I'm using that Silver Quill idea.
Basically, Sunset occasionally meets with Flash to get an update about what is going on in Equestria, and Flash will visit Sunset every chance he gets because he is a love sick puppy.


OH, you are a Youtube Fan of Silver Quill too I see, a Hippogriff after my own heart, I bet he just LOVED it when the MLP Movie came out with Hippogriffs in it too, he would rub it into the faces of the other reviewers too from the Rift Cafe on Youtube. So then will Harry be adopted by any of the Mane 6 members or the Princesses or even Sunset Shimmer, either as a little brother or son, because we all know that Harry really wants a loving family.

I actually plan to have him adopted by Lyra and her herd (the background 6) with Scootaloo as one of their children as well as my other favorite foals
(Rumble, Pipsqueak, Dinky, Button Mash)


Oh, so I'm guessing you didn't see the episode where Scootaloo's parents show up , also please tell me that the Background 6 has Vinyl and Octavia in it too, because that couple is one of my Faves, I like Vinyl Scratch a LOT because both pony and human version of her are cute in my mind.

Question when's naruto the character gonna show up?

I did, good Episode, but I want Harry to be the Adopted little brother of Scootaloo, and child of the Background six. This fic is a bit AU so I'm just taking some creative liberties.

Doctor Whooves is married to five mares, in a traditional pony herd:
Bon Bon,

And all the Mare's got pregnant around the same time.

The mares are also, all in a relationship with each other as well.


Nice, I'm guessing that Good old Doc Hooves has been married to Derpy the longest and had foals with her first, after all there is Dinky and also one other unicorn mare that is another daughter of Derpy's but I don't know her name.

I only know of Dinky, but yes.
The Doctor has been married to Derpy the longest and they had Thunderlane.
Then Derpy convinced the Doctor to form a herd with 2 couples they were friends with (Vinyl / Octavia, and Lyra / Bon Bon) in order to give the ponies foals. As Stallions are very rare in Equestria. For every 6 mares there is 1 Stallion born.

The Doctor is a pony subspecies known as a "Time Pony", which are like Time Lords but native to Atlantis. They do regeneration (like Phoenixes), but Time Ponies also have limited Time Magic, and (the biggest draw to them for mares) they are more likely to give a mare Colts then Fillies (or rather whatever the gender of the Time Pony is what they are more likely to have as children). Time Ponies are recognized easily as they all have Hour Glass Cutie marks (Though like other pony subspecies a child born of them will likely be a regular pony, as the Time Pony magic is a recessive gene).

The Doctor got all the mares pregnant around the same thing (including Derpy) as they wanted their foals to grow up together. They all have very well paying jobs to support all these kids and still live very comfortable (Mostly because Octavia and Vinyl are famous musicians) while Doctor Whooves stays home and raises the foals.

Doctor Whooves is based on the show's version. So he is not "The Doctor" from Doctor Who but rather a stay at home dad who invents things as a hobby. However he has patents for all his investments and makes good bits on royalties. He actually invented Cameras, projectors with sound, as well as many other things ponies enjoy in their daily lives. He even invented that medical scanner Twilight used in the episode "Feeling Pinkie Keen"


Sparkler you can see a picture of this Unicorn sitting next to Dinky in a pie eating contest so I would think they were sisters.

A great start to the rewrite! I'm looking forward to another chapter (hopefully they won't be as long though, no offense...)

Don't worry,
they won't be near this long lol

As the Author's Note says.
Most chapters will be between 5 thousand and 7 thousand words. I feel that is long enough to let stuff actually happen, while showing off some lore, and of course, adding the character development I promised.

Ah. Well, I look forward to seeing another chapter soon

Hopefully I can get it out quickly. I have near 2k worlds written so far.

Great second chapter, I agree, perfect way to end it. Looking forward to another chapter!

Thank you for saying so.
Although I think it was a bit too short.
But it was just such a good scene to see end on.

It's not too short, I mean, heck, most of my stories only have chapters that are 1,000 or so words. This was a great second chapter

If I remember correctly, the story never got to be finished in the first place.

Great third chapter! So it seems like Chryssi and Cozy already know each other, does that mean the Legion of Doom is around? Either way, great chapter, I loved Rainbow and Twi's interaction

The Legion of Doom isn't quite set up. It's more like Cozy and Chrysalis know of each other, and were brought together by Sunset, for the specific purpose of pulling this heist.

Sunset was already working on Uniting the Subponies, before the Harry was discovered.

And just too be clear, I'm thrilled you loved RD and Twi's interaction. I actually had to move the dialog around a bit, while writing the chapter. It was tricky to get it to flow right.

Ah, okay. The dialogue between Dash and Twi did flow really well. I'm looking forward to the next chapter

Use the crown to break the block!

I know, poor Sunny

Just wanted to give her an actual reason behind her quest to save Subponies, and this came out.

I like giving my characters complicated motivations.

I want to see Dumbledore defeat Sunset, but I don't want to see him use his magic. I want to see him use his knowledge and experience of someone who did wrong for what he thought was good and found that he was wrong.

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