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Scoti 2: Muggles and Mudbloods - SamuelK28

More hijinxes as the Crusaders embark on their second year at Hogwarts!

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The Ford Escort

Author's Note:

1. Not many edits here, a few grammar edits, adding Scootaloo's pesky tail and altering a few of the car scenes due to the Crusaders earlier car trip.

2. Killing Lockhart off has been part of my plans for a while. In truth his death is actually to his benefit as it will likely make him even more famous and considered a hero. I did think about bringing him back as a ghost but decided not to as he is that much of a coward he'd be to afraid to come back and end up being found out, as ghosts cannot change their decision after they return.

3. I've 2 copies of a 2001 HP cartoon sticker album, 1 filled, 1 not and took the layout of everything from that. Anyone really wants to see it let me know and I'll take a photo and drop a link at some point.
Anyway, enjoy, Edited 03/10/21

“Come along; we haven’t all day.” Scootaloo heard her father’s voice ahead of her.

Wait; her father was at Hogwarts while she was still at the Burrow. So, how had she gotten here, wherever here was? She was in some dark, dank and dingy tunnel. Oh no, this was a dream wasn’t it? Great, she’d enjoyed the past few months and not having her dreams invaded by a grotesque face or some doom and gloom prophecy every other week.

Wonder what this one is going to be about? Scootaloo thought to herself pretty much resigned to the fact it would be something bad. Just how bad she wasn’t quite sure yet.

A voice that wasn’t her own spoke nervously back.

“I-is this wise? We don’t even know what the monster is. Wouldn’t it be more sensible to come back with a team of Aurors?”

Where had she heard it before?

“Nonsense Lockhart. I’m sure the two of us, two Defence Against the Dark Arts experts, will be more than a match for whatever is lurking down here. Just ensure you are on your guard. Absolutely anything could jump out at us,” her father replied completely unfazed.

This though just made her, or Lockhart as she appeared to be, even more twitchy, jumping at even the smallest of shadows.

At that point the dream became hazy for a bit until she found herself in what seemed to be a large cave. A constant hissing seemed to be reverberating in her ears and she felt Lockhart’s heart beating rapidly, wand raised. Sweat was dripping down his forehead.

“Discord, where are you?” he cried as his eyes scanned all around him. Then, suddenly, they fell upon a pair of bulbous yellow eyes…


Apple Bloom awoke to the rooster’s crow outside. Stifling a yawn, she pulled herself up in her bed and got rid of the cricks in her back and neck. It was September first once more and there was a lot to do in the next two hours before the Ministry car arrived at 8:00am to take them to London. The last two weeks of the holidays had gone way too fast for her liking, even in spite of having spent most her time assisting Molly with the housework, although secretly she was looking forward to seeing Snape the snake once again. She jumped out of her bed onto the floor and did a few more stretches before strolling over to Sweetie’s bed and pushing the other girl with one hand. Sweetie flew onto the floor entangled in her duvet cover.

“Morning,” Apple Bloom giggled.

“Is this going to be a yearly thing?” Sweetie groaned from the floor. “Awaken Sweetie for her first day back at school through torture.”

Apple Bloom giggled with a smile on her face. “Thanks for the idea. Maybe next year we’ll get Scoots to use her lightning,” Apple Bloom said in jest before skipping over to her other friend’s bed preparing to give her an early morning wake-up call also.

“Shit, why didn’t I keep my mouth shut?” Sweetie mumbled to herself while slowly unentangling herself from her duvet and rising from the floor, dusting off her night clothes as she did so.


The scream came so unexpectedly that it caused Sweetie to jump high into the air. It was so loud the Burrow actually shook from the force.

“Apple Bloom, what’s wrong?” Sweetie exclaimed as she gradually got over her second wakeup call of the morning.

Apple Bloom didn’t reply. She had turned her head away from Scootaloo and was weeping openly into her hands. Sweetie bolted over to Scootaloo’s bed to see Apple Bloom had pulled the covers back in preparation to pounce on Scootaloo.

“What the fuck?” Sweetie swore.

Scootaloo’s eyes were open with a glazed expression upon them and she seemed to be frozen in a state of complete shock. She looked like a living statue.

“I-is s-she dead?” Sweetie uttered not wanting it to be true as the door swung open and Molly raced into the room in her nightgown.

“What in Merlin’s beard…” she began before pausing upon seeing the taut figure of her niece on the bed.

Without another word she went straight over and examined Scootaloo thoroughly as the rest of the Weasleys converged in the doorway to the bedroom.

Finally, as Sweetie tried to comfort Apple Bloom after her nasty shock, Molly spoke.

“She’s alive, just petrified. I’ll have to contact St. Mungo’s and Hogwarts immediately. How did this happen?” Molly pressed urgently to the two other occupants of the room.

“I don’t know.” Apple Bloom sniffled into Sweetie’s chest. “I-I just came over to wake her up and found her this way. I thought she was dead,” the girl wailed before burying her head into Sweetie’s chest.

“How peculiar. No matter. Hopefully once we reverse the process, she might be able to enlighten us some more,” Molly said calmly.

“We will be able to return her back to normal, won’t we?” Sweetie asked in a worried tone.

“M-Mandrake Restorative Draught,” Apple Bloom sniffled as she slowly removed her head from Sweetie’s chest and wiped away a tear. “S-St. Mungo’s should have some. I’d make it but don’t have any matured mandrake roots.”

“There, you see. We’ll soon have her back to normal,” Molly said with a smile as she went across and took Apple Bloom’s head in her right hand while she cleaned the traumatised girl’s face with a handkerchief in her left. “Why don’t you come down and finish helping me make breakfast to take your mind off Scootaloo while I make the necessary calls via the floo network?”

“I-I’d like that,” Apple Bloom said slowly getting over the nasty shock she’d received.

As Molly walked over to the rest of her family with Apple Bloom close behind, she barked, “Well? What are you all doing standing here? We’ve less than two hours until we need to be on the road and I expect all your trunks to be downstairs in an hour.”

Reluctantly the rest of the Weasleys and Harry dispersed to go finish their packing leaving Sweetie to try to sort out her own, Apple Bloom’s and Scootaloo’s. She was just thankful most of it had been done the day before!


Dumbledore sat at his desk with his head in his hands. He knew the position was cursed, but three hours! What would the Ministry say when he informed them the latest Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher had been killed fighting a basilisk in the Chamber of Secrets under the school before the term had even officially started? And just three months after Quirrell’s so called disappearance. Hmm, yet another coverup possibly. Or more likely they would make it so Gilderoy sounded like a hero rather than the buffoon he actually was. He could see the headline in the Daily Prophet already:

Gilderoy Lockhart Dead at 28 – Fabled Defender Against the Dark Arts dies protecting the students of Hogwarts

On the plus side he had never wanted to hire the nitwit in the first place; rather, he had been forced into doing because no other witch or wizard had the nerve to apply to such a cursed position. Gilderoy’s death would now only make it even harder to locate some fool for the position. Even Snape hadn’t applied this time around now that he’d gotten the Potions protégé he’d always dreamed of, even if she wasn’t in Slytherin. At least Professor Discord had managed to deal with the Basilisk. A giant snake hunting down non-pure-blooded students was the last thing the school needed right now with the Ministry up his arse over inclusivity and discrimination. Hmm, maybe he could coax Discord to take up the position, even if just temporarily until a new teacher could be found.

As he pondered this idea and just how he could persuade Discord to take up the role, he noticed the fire in his room suddenly turn from orange to green as a face appeared.

“Oh Albus, thank goodness you’re awake,” Molly Weasley’s voice echoed as her face appeared in the flames.

“Mrs. Weasley, this is a surprise,” Dumbledore said in a formal tone rising from his desk and approaching the fireplace. “Shouldn’t you be preparing your children for their return journey to Hogwarts? Wouldn’t want to be late now, would we?”

“That’s just it. Something peculiar has happened during the night and I’m unsure whether Scoti will be ready in time to make it to London for the train. The nurse from St. Mungo’s is examining her now,” Molly explained.

“Oh my, nothing serious I hope?” Dumbledore asked, just the slightest hint of worry creeping into his voice.

“Apple Bloom awoke to find her petrified. Thankfully St. Mungo’s had some Mandrake Restorative Draught. The nurse is applying it now but she won't be able to leave here until mid-morning at the earliest,” Molly went on.

“How peculiar,” Dumbledore responded stroking his beard. “Not to worry. You focus on getting your own children ready and I’ll send one of the professors to you and contact the Ministry. They’ll have Harry and the girls brought directly by car here.”

“Oh, thank you very much Albus; that’s a big relief,” Molly said with a relieved sigh.

“No problem. Now, I must get on. As you can probably understand I am very busy. I look forward to seeing the children back for another school year shortly,” Dumbledore said stoically.

“Of course. Thanks again,” Molly’s head replied before disappearing, the green flames turning once more back to orange.

Dumbledore walked back over to his desk and picked up a quill from an ink pot and wrote leisurely on a blank piece of parchment:

Note to self: It appears that if a seer sees the eyes of a basilisk indirectly through another it results in petrification.


Scootaloo sat up groggily in bed, the nurse still examining her. The Weasleys had departed for London well over an hour ago and she’d not even had the chance to say goodbye, having only just come around in the past five minutes. Downstairs Sweetie, Harry and Apple Bloom were helping Perkins, Arthur’s elderly assistant from the Misuse of Muggle Artefacts Office, pack the car they would now be taking to get to Hogwarts once she was cleared for travel. There was one other occupant of the house now that the Weasleys had departed. Professor Snape sat in a chair at the end of her bed looking even more unhappy than usual.

“So, just to be on the safe side, can you tell me once more who you are and where you are?” the nurse repeated for the third time.

“How many times do you want me to repeat it?” Scootaloo responded rudely. “My name is Scoti Alaw Prewett. I’m staying with my aunt and uncle at their home in Ottery St. Catchpole. I went to bed at nine o’clock on the 31st August 1992 and the last thing I remember was having a dream involving my father and Gilderoy Lockhart who were hunting for something. I then saw a great big pair of yellow eyes staring at me. Next thing I know I’m waking up to be told by a nurse I’d somehow been petrified in my sleep!”

“Yes, it does sound all rather peculiar and I’m afraid I have no explanation for you on just how it happened,” the nurse replied. “But, aside from the petrification, there seems to be no memory loss or anything else wrong with you. Overall, you seem perfectly fit and healthy for someone your age,” she went on.

“So, she’s okay to travel?” Snape said in his usual monotonous tone from the end of the bed.

“Yes, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with her now the petrification has been resolved. I would though advise no strenuous activity for the remainder of the day as you may still be a little lightheaded on your feet and if you feel at all unwell upon your arrival at school to seek out Madam Pomfrey immediately,” the nurse said to Scootaloo as she started to pack away her things into a bag.

“Of course. I shall ensure she does as you instruct. Thank you, nurse,” Snape droned once more from the end of the bed before he rose and showed the nurse to the door.

Snape watched her leave down the stairs before closing the door.

Colloportus,” he cast on the door before following it up with, “Imperturbable”.

“Wait, what are you doing?” Scootaloo said nervously as Snape strolled back over to her bed.

“Although what I am about to say may be revealed in some form to your fellow students at some point in the near future, until that time arises you are not to utter a single word of what I’m about to say to you unless you wish to make me very, very happy by expelling you. Understood?” Snape growled returning to Scootaloo’s bed and sitting at the end of it.

Scootaloo gulped and rapidly nodded her head in reply.

“Excellent. I’m sure you remember that diary you found a few weeks ago, yes?”

Scootaloo nodded rapidly once more.

“Good. Well, it was linked to some attacks fifty years ago at the school. Long story short, one of the founders, Salazar Slytherin, disagreed with the others over who should attend Hogwarts, believing only those with pure blood should be allowed to attend, and ultimately left the school because of the disagreement. This was not before he created a secret chamber way beneath the school and hid a monster within it that only his heir would be able to control. Three students were petrified and one died fifty years ago before the attacks stopped. It is now clear to us a sixteen-year-old Voldemort, a fifth-year student at the time, was behind the attacks, but at the time he managed to frame Hagrid, who was a third-year student then, for them. Your father over the past few weeks has been attempting to find the Chamber of Secrets and deal with the monster to ensure such a tragedy will never be possible again. After locating the entrance, last night he set out with that buffoon Lockhart to deal with the monster, which turned out to be a basilisk. Although Professor Discord dealt with the monster, it was not before it had killed Professor Lockhart with its gaze. We believe that your dream happened a few hours before to warn you about what was about to occur, but by indirectly seeing the basilisk’s eyes through Lockhart’s, you were petrified and then discovered too late for us to do anything to prevent his unfortunate demise,” Snape droned, not seeming the least bit bothered that Lockhart was dead.

“Okay, that’s quite a lot to take in,” Scootaloo replied, completely flummoxed as her brain tried to decipher all the information Snape had just provided her.

“I expect it is. You have twenty minutes to get dressed, ensure you’ve not forgotten anything and meet us downstairs. We’ve a long car journey ahead and although a magical car will cut a significant amount of the journey time, I still expect it to take anywhere between seven to nine hours to reach Hogwarts from here. I would like to catch the feast and see what new students I will have gracing my house this year,” Snape droned rising from the bed and walking to the door, removing the charms he had placed upon it before exiting.

Scootaloo sat in her bed for a moment still trying to process everything Snape had just told her before remembering just how stern and strict the Potions master could be. She wouldn’t be surprised at all if she was even one minute late, he would have already left her behind. She leapt out of bed and rushed over to where her clothes had been neatly laid out the night before.

It was seventeen minutes later when she came hurtling downstairs toothbrush still in her mouth along with a number of items from the bathroom. Aside from a few of her divination books and items, Apple Bloom and Sweetie had done an amazing job in ensuring everything else had been packed safely in her trunk.

“Ready to go? The others are already in the car waiting,” Snape stated rising from a chair in the lounge.

Scootaloo nodded in reply, unable to speak with the toothbrush in her mouth. She quickly pulled it out and put it into a wash bag.

“Very well,” Snape droned heading to the door and holding it open for her.

As Scootaloo stepped out into the bright autumn sunshine a dark blue car awaited her, the engine already revving away. The names Ford and Escort were imprinted on the boot. She was surprised when she opened one of the back doors to see just how spacious it was inside, more than enough room for her, Harry, Sweetie and Apple Bloom to sit comfortably next to one another. Sweetie was already out like a light, the sedatives provided by the nurse from St Mungo’s to help with her car sickness having already taken effect.

Apple Bloom practically pounced on her as she entered the car.

“I’m so glad you’re okay. I was really worried when I found you this morning looking like a statue from the Canterlot Castle gardens.”

“Thanks Bloom,” Scootaloo managed to squeak out reciprocating the hug. “Although I won’t be okay anymore if you keep squeezing me to death!”

Apple Bloom giggled and slowly eased her death grip on the Pegasus girl as Snape opened the front passenger’s door and entered the car.

“Right girls and Potter,” he said, referring to Harry with obvious disdain.

Harry gulped nervously. He had wanted to go with the Weasleys and travel on the Hogwarts Express, but although Molly had said they could probably squeeze him in, it would have been a tight fit in their car and Dumbledore had also requested he travel with the girls. He really hoped this car ride wouldn’t be as long as the train journey as Snape continued his monologue.

“Please ensure you have your seatbelts on. As you have probably noticed, although this is a muggle invention the Ministry has placed numerous enchantments on it to assist and hasten our journey. Nevertheless, even with these enchantments the journey will probably still take us a good seven to nine hours.”

Harry’s head dropped. Seven to nine hours stuck in a car with Snape!

“I expect you all to be on your best behaviour. Either read, play games, talk amongst yourselves or sleep as Miss Belle is already doing. I really don’t mind as long as you do it quietly. I don’t believe any of you would want to be either cleaning the Potions lab for a month or be Miss Apple’s test subject for a week. Do I make myself clear?”

“Yes, Professor Snape,” the three awake children replied simultaneously.

“Good. We shall stop every three to four hours for toilet breaks. Mrs Weasley has also kindly provided us with some lunch. Now, Perkins, if you’d please.”

The car shot off at a ridiculous speed completely oblivious to all the other traffic that was on the road and squeezing through the tightest of gaps between cars. Harry hung on for dear life scared out of his mind as Scootaloo settled down to sleep using her tail for a pillow and Apple Bloom continued reading the potions book Snape had sent her over the summer.


It was nearing six o’clock in the evening when the car veered off the main A road onto a single-track lane.

“Hold on girls; it may get a little bumpy from here,” Snape informed the Crusaders, completely ignoring Harry’s presence in the vehicle.

It had been an interesting car journey to say the least. After about twenty minutes of hanging onto the car in sheer terror, Harry had spent most the journey either staring out the window, reading or, with Sweetie comatose, entertaining Wallace; the poor dog bored out of his brains lying between Sweetie's and Harry’s legs. Scootaloo had actually managed to drift off to sleep almost immediately and had only woken twice since. One of those times had been when Apple Bloom had shoved her out of the car to see if she needed the toilet, the other when her tail had gotten cramp and needed to stretch sending her head banging into the car door as a result. Despite Snape’s warnings, Apple Bloom had actually managed to spark a conversation with her mentor halfway through the journey surrounding her summer studies that had lasted most of the second half of the trip.

As the car jerked to a halt in front of a gate the children were all thrown forward before falling back onto their seats with a bump. Scootaloo was somehow still snoring her head off although Sweetie had finally awakened.

“Can nothing aside a small earthquake or Apple Bloom wake that girl up?” Harry queried as Snape got out and opened the gate.

“Huh?” Sweetie queried sleepily. “We there?” she yawned. “Oof my head is pounding,” she added still feeling the hangover effects of the sedatives.

“Not yet Sleepy Belle although it’s not much further now,” Apple Bloom replied as the car slowly trundled through the now open gate. “It might be a little bumpy though from here on.”

“Great,” Sweetie groaned as even the slight movement of the car was causing her face to turn a slight shade of green. “And personally, I’m not sure even a small earthquake could wake Scootaloo up,” Sweetie replied as Snape, after closing the gate, returned to the car.

“Ah, Miss Belle, I see you’ve returned to the land of the living. Drink this,” Snape sneered passing back a vial of bubbling black liquid that Apple Bloom took a hold of for Sweetie as the car once more began to move.

Sweetie stared at the vial and gulped. “What is that?”

“Something to ensure you don’t decorate the interior of the car during the remainder of the journey,” Snape droned returning to looking out the front window of the car. “Now, unless you want a detention, I suggest you stop asking questions and drink it.”

With a sigh Sweetie took the bubbling vial of black liquid from Apple Bloom and downed it, swallowing the whole lot in one massive gulp.

“That was by far the worst thing I’ve ever consumed,” Sweetie deadpanned with a look of revulsion plastered across her face.

“Well, now you know how we feel about your cooking!” Apple Bloom quipped next to Sweetie receiving a friendly punch to her arm for her troubles.

“Haha, very funny. So, what do you want to do to pass the time?” Sweetie asked as the car continued along a single-track road.


The two awake girls attempted to teach Harry how to play poker with sweets as the car continued along the final part of its journey but, after the car turned off the single-track road and onto a dirt track that twisted and turned as it disappeared high into a mountain range, it soon became impossible as they and the cards were thrown all over the place like beans in a tin can as the car bumped and bounced along the makeshift road. Snape had been the one who had officially brought the game to a halt when the seven of diamonds landed in his hair, much to Scootaloo's relief as her tail had joined in and was somehow trouncing the lot of them. For any normal car the track would have been virtually impassable, but the magically enhanced and resistant Ford Escort was able to take it all in its stride, even if a little slower than on a normal tarmac road. Somehow, Scootaloo still remained fast asleep snuggled up to her tail.

Just as Harry, Sweetie and Apple Bloom were wondering how much more of this their behinds could take, and, in the case of Sweetie, her stomach, the castle suddenly loomed up out of nowhere. At last, they were almost there.

“Right. We are nearly there,” Snape reiterated in a disgruntled tone from the front passenger seat. “The train still won’t be here for another hour or so yet and the feast for another hour after that. I suggest finding McGonagall and Sprout and taking your trunks to your dormitories before proceeding to get ready for the festivities,” he instructed.

“Could you keep it down? I’m trying to sleep,” Scootaloo groaned in response.

“Oy, sleepy head, we’re nearly there. Time to wake up,” Apple Bloom said shaking her friend forcefully.

Scootaloo awoke from drooling on her tail with a jump. “Huh, what?” she exclaimed wiping her mouth before letting out a tremendous yawn. “Apple Bloom,” she groused. “I was just about to find out what house Ginny is going to be placed in!”

“Pfft. Really Scoots. You don’t need to be a seer to see that one. No Weasley has ever been placed in a house other than Gryffindor. It’s even in Hogwarts: A History and has been suggested on more than one occasion they are possibly descendants of Godric Gryffindor,” Sweetie said matter-of-factly entering the conversation.

“Well, you never know?” Scootaloo replied as the haze of sleep slowly dissipated from her.

“For once I’d have to agree with Miss Belle. The day a Weasley is placed in a house other than Gryffindor is the day I’ll teach you lot how to brew Butterbeer,” Snape said from the front of the car. “And that is never going to happen.”

“I’ll hold you to that one,” Scootaloo sniggered from the back of the car as they crossed over the railway line.

At this point the road branched off in two directions, the right fork going up to Hogsmeade Station while the left wound around the great lake like a snake, on its way to the village.

“Don’t count on it,” Snape growled under his breath as the girls and Harry gawped at the castle that rose up from nowhere across the lake.

Soon, as the car followed the dusty road around the lake it was replaced by the outer wall of the castle and then the road split once more. To their left the road curved around into the village and a sign read:

Welcome to Hogsmeade

The only all-wizarding village in Britain.

The car though took the right fork and followed the outer wall of the castle to a pair of wrought iron gates flanked by stone columns topped with winged boars. As the car turned and paused at the gates waiting for them to open, Scootaloo caught site of another sign by the side of the road they’d just turned off:

DANGER: Forbidden Forest ahead,

Enter at your own risk

She was guessing that the edge of the forest was likely where the dirt track road ended. Anyway, someone must have realised they had arrived as the gates started to creak open. The car once again picked up speed on the long, sloping driveway that led up to the castle. Unfortunately for the occupants of the car it was just as bumpy as the apparent road they’d just departed.

“Yowch, can’t we go just a little slower, not like we are late or anything,” Scootaloo grumbled rubbing her rump and tail tenderly after the car went over yet another large stone.

“Maybe Miss Prewett you should go back to sleep for the next minute before you speak your way into detention,” Snape droned, causing Scootaloo to immediately shut up and stop complaining.

The girl didn’t have to suffer for much longer though as in less than a minute the car pulled up outside the castle. A small welcome party was already waiting for them.

Professor Sprout immediately pounced upon Scootaloo as she got out of the car to stretch her sore cramped muscles after such a long period of inactivity.

“My dear, how are you feeling?” she said in a worried tone rushing over to her quidditch captain.

“Well, I’ve a sore arse from all those bumps we went over up the driveway and my muscles ache from sitting down for so long but otherwise I’m fit as a fiddle and ready to defend our quidditch trophy. Nurse gave me a clean bill of health this morning after unparalysing me.”

Professor Sprout immediately lifted the girl off the floor and wrapped her in a hug. “You’ve grown! I soon won’t be able to do this,” the stumpy little witch said before lowering Scootaloo to the ground. “I’m very glad to hear that; that was quite the scare you gave us this morning,” Professor Sprout said with a warm smile.

“It’s great to see you too professor,” Scootaloo replied with a smile of her own.

The touching embrace was broken as Apple Bloom walked past. “Scootaloo, you dope, unparalysing is not even a word. Now, come on; this luggage isn’t going to get itself to our dormitory.”

“It’s good to see you too Apple Bloom,” Professor Sprout said, releasing Scootaloo and turning and nodding to Apple Bloom. “Where’s Sweetie Belle?”

“WALLACE, STOP CHASING MRS NORRIS AND GET BACK HERE THIS INSTANT!” The other girl’s voice bellowed from across the courtyard.

“That answer your question?” Apple Bloom giggled. “Excuse me for just one moment. "BARK, BARK, YIP, YIP, GRRRRRRR.”

Professor Sprout, along with Professor McGonagall who had been addressing Harry, stared at Apple Bloom open mouthed as the dog dejectedly trotted over to her with his tail between his legs before giving Apple Bloom a despairing look and whining pitifully.

“Don’t you give me that look. You know very well you’re not allowed to chase Mrs Norris,” she chastised Wallace looking at him sternly.

To everyone else in the courtyard this just sounded like even more barks and grunts.

“Well, that’s certainly new,” Professor Sprout said with a look of astonishment on her face as Scootaloo’s tail made an impromptu appearance and decided to tickle the Herbology professor’s nose.