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In 1980 Sybil Trelawney made a prophecy that would alter the Magical world forever. It is well known that this could have applied to either Harry Potter or Neville Longbottom, but what if there was another child that could have fulfilled the prophecy to, a girl? Unwilling to take chances over what Snape heard, Voldemort orders for her elimination as well. Chaos though, has other plans.

Ten years later and it is time for Scoti Alaw Prewett or Scootaloo to return to the dimension of her birth and attend her magical schooling alongside her two best friends. Chaos ensues.

A CMC Goes to Hogwarts story that focuses on their time at the school with little pieces of the overall goings on in the background. Plushies in pic owned by me and made by the wonderful Sewpoke who can be found on Twitter.

From Chapter 29 (Quidditch 4) to chapter 33 (Scootaloo and a Dragon Too) edited by rich-online.

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These first three chapters are great. They could use a bit of editing but they're otherwise awesome and I can't wait to see more

Even though the whole CMC goes to Hogwarts premise has been done to death. I still very much find great Joy in all of the various stories.

However you have given this story a rather interesting spin with Scootaloo being born as the last surviving member of the house of Prewett is rather interesting. Also having the CMC keep their pony attributes is also interesting and will prove to be very helpful in the trails to come but may garner them some unwanted attention.

So overall YES

Won't lie, editing is my major weakness. I write for fun and my own enjoyment. When it comes to editing I get lazy and just really cannot be bothered. I've now got to the point I literally just do whatever Office suggests and whatever I feel needs tweaking on a quick skim read.

Ah. Well, the story is still good. I'm looking forward to seeing more

I agree with your point totally, but after reading Magic School Days, I found a huge gap in the literature out there. Magic School Days started awesome but has expanded to an enormous array of characters with a bizarre idea of shipping them all with each other, has totally altered the whole Harry Potter universe and the CMC has grown into a massive group. If Wishes Were Ponies seems to focus on Harry Potter going to Equestria, Others either focus on only one of the CMC or have some really bizarre things going on, like a multitude of characters from different dimensions. Nowhere on here could I find what I really wanted. A simple fic focusing solely on the CMC and there schooling whilst following the natural progression of the Harry Potter books. Thus I wrote my own for myself, like all my other bizarre ramblings. i stick it here in case someone else might enjoy it. Yes the first few chapters will be sameish as other CMC fics but I hope slowly it'll branch out on its own with a lot more focus on lessons and extracurricular activities going hilariously wrong.

Thanks, I do try editing, another 10000 words or so has been written, up until the end of their first night at Hogwarts. I'll be going over that tomorrow. From that point on updates will be as quickly as new ideas come to my head, mostly lessons going terribly wrong interspersed with slightly altered aspects from the first book. Also, feel free to tell me whatever is wrong grammatically and I'll make an attempt in future to improve. Have a great day/night.

Alright then. You have a great day/night too

Thanks for the nice comment, I'll get more edited and put up this afternoon.

This was another great chapter. A bit long, but worth it

Scoti Alaw Prewett

How'd you come up with that name? Is that even a real name?

Good Question! The McKinnon and Prewett families are two actual families killed off in Harry Potter during the first wizarding war, the first is Scottish and the second Welsh. Thus cue a hunt for names similar to or make up Scootaloo of Welsh and Scottish origin. Alaw is a feminine name of Welsh origin derived from a river in Anglesey, that I found easy enough, but no matter how hard I tried I couldn't find anything close to the first half aside Scott. Thus I decided that if anyone asked I'd state they were expecting a boy and thus decided to name her Scoti instead, a term which was used to describe the Gaels, some of the early settlers in northern England and which ultimately led to the name Scotland. Hope that makes some sense, I research these things way to much and hope I didn't bore you!

Thanks again, originally was just going to be first part but added the train part as otherwise next chapter was going to end up at between 8-9000 in words.

Ah. Well, it wasn't that long. Looking forward to the next chapter

This is another great chapter. Quick question though, did you mean to write "daughter of Lady Applejack" when you wrote about Apple Bloom's sorting? Anyway, can't wait for the next chapter!

“Never say no…” One of the twin’s started

“To free ice cream.” Before the other finished.

“Oh brilliant. Apparently, she’s a seer as well.” Minerva sighed.

What were you expecting?

Typo, should be sister, my bad!

Oh. Okay, nevermind. It's a great chapter!

Skadi could have worked. Norse Goddess of Winter; Norway is still northern Europe, and it'd be close enough both phonetically (to Scoti) and geographically that I could see them thinking "Yeah, that'll work for girl Scott."

So far I like to say I like what I read so far. However, I feel like I should say that the first chapter feels a bit rushed through out it.

Fair enough. I'd totally agree with that. I was trying to get the foundations done ASAP so I could continue with the more important stuff, i.e. their schooling, and am not always the most patient person. Furthermore, the part with Discord I knew had to be pushed through quickly as he could probably only slow time for a little while and had to get on with causing chaos for Twilight and co.

The latter had already been classed as a Metamorphmagus and was often utilising her horn to attempt to change into yet another animal.

Two things. First, Metamorphmagus is the ability that Tonks had, which let's you alter your appearance on a whim. Things like facial structure, hair and eye color, etc. It is not the ability to change into an animal. That is an Animagus.

Second, an Animagus is only able to turn into one animal, without a wand or word, just your own magic. Not a bunch of different animals.

Now, you could cast a transfiguration spell on yourself to turn yourself into a different animal (or even partially, as we see with Krum in Book 4), but that isn't the same thing as an animagus. A regular transfiguration would just turn you into a regular animal; your animagus form is almost literally your inner animal.

Regardless, what Sweetie is doing isn't a Metamorphmagus or Animagus thing, just really good transfiguration.

Thanks for your comment. I won't deny it is an intriguing topic and one I mused on for a while as her powers are like a combination of both but as I knew she could easily transfigure herself into multiple creatures I didn't feel an animagus was the correct definition. From what I can read Tonks is the only Metamorphmagus and thus it is likely there are different types, but they all stem from one key point, using willpower not a spell to transfigure oneself. Whereas Tonks can transfigure parts of her body at will, Sweetie is currently only able to use hers to transfigure herself fully into other animals or by using her wand or horn to transfigure other items, but may change over time. From my research it is also unclear if Metamorphmagus can change into other animals or not, thus I've interpreted that some can for my story. Hope that clears this issue up for you a bit.

These were a great two chapters. I can't wait to see what will happen next. I'm hoping for AB to get her mark

Another great chapter, congrats to Apple Bloom for earning her mark!

One mistake I noticed, “her” instead of “here” in the note.

Likely, and blow Snape’s socks off with an O. W. L. level potion.

Close but not quite, poor Flint is in for a tough time.

Thank fudge it was only that, I'm blasting these out as quick as possible for people's enjoyment.

Really glad you are enjoying this. It is these kind of comments which keep me trying to write new chapters as fast as possible. I don't want this to be one of those fics where new chapters take months to come out.

Heh, makes sense. I am really enjoying this, it's a great story

Somehow I am always reminded of that one head-canon that Pinkie may be a decended of Discord or some other draconequus with all the wacky silly stuff she to do and come up with.

Overall excellent work I loved the triple update. Try not drive yourself insane cranking out new chapters too quickly.

Thanks, these three were one whole chapter, just ended up splitting into three after it ended up way longer than expected! I will certainly try not to burn myself out although I'm really enjoying writing right now, finding it a great stress reliever.

N. E. W. T. level, and just the only thing I noticed.

Scootaloo has Transfiguration with Dumbledore instead of McGonagall?
Edit: posted thus when I woke up and read this chapter, but I had already had it open from last night so it didn't show me that there were more chapters till I went back to the home page. Saw your reasoning now.

After being directed through an enormous entrance hall bigger than the one in Twilight’s castle, the three girls found themselves in a small empty chamber.

Shouldn't that be Canterlot castle, as Twilight at this point still lives in the Golden Oaks library, if you meant to use the word castle that is.

Ahh, very good point, can't believe I missed that. Will edit.

Interesting choice to put the ponies in Hufflepuff, unlike the similar stories here. i'd agree that in general ponies would be well-suited to Hufflepuff, although I personally see the CMCs as the perfect embodiment of Gryffindor.

Thanks for your opinion. Personally I'd disagree and I think my explanation is well rounded out here. Although Scootaloo would fit in Gryffindor, I'm unsure the other two would personally fit there. Apple Bloom is perfect Hufflepuff material and Sweetie would more likely fit in Slytheirn or Ravenclaw I feel. Overall though I felt that Hufflepuff was the perfect fit for them all plus it allows me to divert their story enough from Harry's whilst also doing the occasional crossover here and there.

I'm glad you're doing something different. One of my complaints with the novels is that Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw were so little used one wonders what they're there for.

Agreed. From what I've read and seen Hufflepuff are seen a lot like the fawlty towers house. A bunch misfits and clowns and that is part of what I'm going to imply here. It'll really add to the comedy aspect. I'm already thinking their Quidditch strategy this year and how they've been absolutely mauled by the other houses in prior years.

Even though Scootaloo used to be a human being, she managed to gain wings because I have to assume she is a pegasus

While, I do not agree that Scootaloo got herself a new broom as a first year, perhaps she should have waited a year or two for the opportunity to get a better version. Oh joy, she gets a super rare expensive wand too. I am calling a rip off on that.

Simply put, she's been a Pegasus for all of the time she's been alive that she can remember. It has been hard enough for her not being able to fly throughout her childhood, let alone then to have her wings removed completely. Discord is taking up the role as her adoptive father and although he is chaos incarnated, he does not want to cause her anymore unnecessary suffering, thus why he allowed her to keep her wings and made it so she could fly with them. More info on Scootaloo's childhood is coming up in one of the three chapters I hopefully will get out tomorrow.

Rip off? I'm unsure what you mean there although if you are talking about Harry's wand let me explain Scootaloo's wand. Cherry wood produces magic of strange power, she's been touched by chaos, makes sense. She's always been reckless, a bit of a daredevil and had no sense of personal safety, also looking up to Rainbow. Dragon Heartstring is a powerful core and one which is perfect for more flamboyant spells and again is why I went with a longer wand length as they are drawn to those with bigger personalities and a dramatic style of magic. Cherry and Dragon Heartstring should also only be given too magicians with exceptional self-control and strength of mind, something which will also be revisited in the second chapter that will hopefully be released tomorrow. Also, like the wand, the broom chose her not the other way around and will be necessary as is in later chapters. Thanks for your comments, but honestly I'm doing this for my own personal enjoyment and if anyone else likes reading it, that is a bonus. You are more than welcome to do your own research and write your own HP/Pony crossover, but I promise you it is no easy feat and takes a lot of your spare time.

Not sure if I am okay with all three of them getting sorted into Hufflepuff. It's like saying they are never going to be good enough for any other three houses, which what basically the hat said to them. I do agree that the Scootaloo's hostile behavior banned her from ever considering Slytherin as a career choice

I apologize, I thought that the wand ingredients that made Scootaloo's wand didn't feel that special to me. As for the price, not even Harry's wand cost that much and I felt that Mr Wandmaker wouldn't try to sell expensive wands to 11 years old even if they are supposed to be theirs. It's kind of makes him look bad.

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