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Through his early life, Harry Potter wasn't even sure what his name was. And once he was sure, he shortly became sure it was wrong- that there was something very, very different about him.

About her, actually, to hay with biology.

He never told the Dursleys. Just like he never told them the friend he made at school was magical. Then of course, right when Hogwarts was getting ready to address first-year letters, the pulse of magic it generated to build the list of potential first-years met with Harry's determination, and that of a few others, and gave them some very unique opportunities to change their situations.

This story is actually a rewrite, believe it or not. The original version was a straight-up girl-harry story, and HP-only, so it never reached this site. It got stuck after just a few chapters, and has sat for months on "writer's block". And then, I got this idea, which made it into a crossover- and I believe it is a unique twist in the world of HP/MLP crossovers.

And if you're wondering why it was published with two chapters, that's because there are no ponies in chapter one. It went live with the first chapter on my Patreon, where my patrons have early access to future chapters.

Note that, even though I expect many of the same OCs to appear, this story is NOT connected to my other HP/MLP crossover, On the Implications of Parallel Worlds, in any way.

This story will update on Wednesdays, when ready, or simply when ready for patrons. Tags may be updated as the story progresses. Additional character tags not available on this site: Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Ginny Weasley, Draco Malfoy.

This story has been cancelled for far too many character and plot developments that just wouldn't. I can no longer stand to work on it.

It could be argued that the phrase “based on a true story” applies to this story.

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Great first two chapters! Can't wait to see where this goes!

Hmm. Wanting to be female, and going to Equestria. Why are all the good characters fillies, while colts are ponies like Snips and Snails?

Oh my. So ... a dream-walking, dying Chrysalis found Harry?

Sign me up! Great start. :raritywink:

This... This is a very good question.

It's... a little more complicated than that, but kinda, yeah.

It'll be explained more fully in upcoming chapters, once I finish writing them.

Good start so far. Premise is a little odd, but I'll give it a shot.

So whatever Hermione is here gets weaker as they get older, or more magically powerful?

I wonder if a pony version of Patchouli would look like Twilight...

.... I think I understand what you're saying, and I'm sorry to say it's probably a bit far off the mark.

Here, Hermione is a regular human. She is afflicted with some kind of disorder (genetic, viral, maybe even "birth defect") that has the weakening effect... and her magical core responded to how much easier it was for her to get hurt by rapidly developing a self-repair mechanism, and coming out far earlier than it normally would with that healing ability. She probably just didn't notice when her ability eventually broadened to cover more than just healing magic, as the rest of her magical core "awakened"...

You have my like and follow.

Edit: you have my thumb up and follow.

:pinkiehappy: It's the same difference, I believe...

Thank you, by the way.

I'm a simple man. I see harry potter fanfiction, I like and favorite.

Love the new chapter! I wonder how Harry will react...

This is, indeed, interesting.

I can't recall her doppelganger ever saying that in the chapter though...

And who is 'he'? Grogar?

So it sounds like either four more beings will be bonding with creatures from the show or only four people will be getting this chance. So we know that Harry and Hermione have been chosen so we will be getting a few more, possibly.

One thing about female weightlifters: Except in the very upper end, they look like female non-weightlifters. That housewife with two kids over there could need help opening the door, or she could just bench-press you over her head. Male weightlifters bulk up in an obvious fashion. Female weightlifters just look more 'chunky' unless they go about it for very specific results.

Reason #144 Why You Should Treat All Women With Respect.

“Once we’re done here, even bullets will have difficulty penetrating your skin very much at all. Any injuries you sustain from a fall- even if it’s a fifty-foot latter- should be largely harmless, and very easy for you to take care of with that healing ability anyways.”

I think you mean 'ladder'.

This is gonna be good; I can tell. :ajsmug:

Those last few lines, HA! I'll keep an eye on this.

Idk, that early on probably wouldn't have that much bounce. Though, some people develop early; pretty sure I once knew someone like that, though I've long since forgotten who she was, since it was so long ago, and we weren't friends, exactly. Passing acquaintances, if anything.

I do know I started wearing a training bra around fourth or fifth grade, though it's debatable on whether or not it was strictly necessary. I'm not even entirely sure what those are for...

Breast development can start as early as the age of seven. In the case of one young actress by the name of Soleil Moon Frye that development can be very life-altering. She developed Breast hypertrophy {often inappropriately referred to as port star tits} and had breast-reduction three months prior to her sixteenth birthday.

As for those "training" bras, they aren't a complete scam and waste of money. Their one redeeming quality is the elimination of friction from clothing rubbing against the nipples while exercising. Course fabric and cold weather can be a recipe for considerable discomfort for both sexes. I used to work with a guy who would put bandaids on his nipples prior to running to prevent chafing. His friends used to tease him about it until they all went running on a cold morning. XD
And yes, if you've soft clothing and aren't going to be exercising, they are unnecessary.

I will have to say that I'm not too crazy about Celestia being killed off like that. The ramifications suggest that Equestria has fallen. :unsuresweetie:


"and one last thing: Your band size might have gone up."

Bras have two sizes: Band size, and cup size. Band size is the one about how big around the torso is at that point, not including the bust.

... Is that what you were talking about?


In this case, her body fat ratio was already way down into "underweight" category so she wouldn't have to contend with such "dead weight" with her weak muscles. The vision didn't improve her body fat ratio- as a matter of fact, it made it worse, by adding muscle mass, and not adding any fat. As such, unlike most even woman body builders, she didn't really have any fat to hide the muscle. You can be sure that's going to change coming up, though.

And especially considering exactly whose strength she inherited, yes, Dudley had better run in terror. She could probably tie a steel beam into a pretzel with her bare hands- and if not, the reason would be because she couldn't get her arms around it or that it kept ripping apart in her hands, rather than that she wasn't strong enough to bend it.

That is the plan.

... I hope I can deliver on that, though.

I think training bras are supposed to get you used to the feeling of wearing a bra...

That said, if you don't need one, it's healthiest to go braless. The less you wear a bra, the stronger the connecting tissues inside your body will become- and the less you'll need a bra.

Well, I can say that Equestria hasn't fallen, per se- it just nearly has, and has gone through quite the change.

I don't like killing characters off either, especially major ones like Celestia, so I'll probably end up finding some way to bring her back at some point down the road...

“Any injuries you sustain from a fall- even if it’s a fifty-foot latter- should be largely harmless, and very easy for you to take care of with that healing ability anyways.”

Should be ladder.

My biggest question now is how Equestria will cope with suddenly being devoid of Princesses. Its runner-up is whether the other three visions will be shown immediately or after their characters are introduced in the course of events.

Yeah, the breast development thing tracks, given that one anecdote I gave. Also, heh, yeah, no exercise here. At the very least I suppose it could be an acclimation device, as well as a defensive measure during things like PE and recess, depending on the age. (I was homeschooled after elementary, so I never really experienced the benefit of such a thing- or the usefulness of a sportsbra... I'd kind of like to, as about the only exercise I can probably get is walking.)

Your reply made me think that with the boost Hermione got to her muscular development she might mean she only needs a bra for comfort, at least unless she grows beyond a C cup.

Heh heh with the strength boost, Hermione will probably never need a bra again for support or comfort, no matter how large her breasts get. Because Magic!

She'd still probably wear one in public if she got any kind of significant cup size, just because she'd know what the men would be thinking if they realized she wasn't wearing one...

So Celestia went to Hermione...
And Chrysalis went to Potter...
All that's left is Luna and Cadance, maybe Twilight?

She could probably tie a steel beam into a pretzel with her bare hands

"You feel like you could break the world in two... With your bare hands!"

And he wanted to be one.

This reminds me of Ask Glittershell, a tumblr blog with Snails going through the trials of dysphoria between his feminine self and his colt self.

I can't wait.

This is going to be incredible.

I wonder if Luna Lovegood will get anything?

Well Luna is obviously going to get Luna.

What happened to Equestria for this to happen? For them to be dead? Who is 'he'? So many questions and no answers. But all I know is that something Bad happened in Equestria and both Chrysalis and Celestia are Dead. So things there are bad.

You have both my interest and concern but have a follow.

And concern? May I ask what about?

This is intriguing. I am really curious to know where these interferences would lead to.

That there will be mass femalization of the HP cast. If it limits itself to just Harry it gets a pass but still leaves me uncomfortable because that just reminds me of the fact there are a lot of Harry/Draco (or Harry/Ron?) Ship fics that leave one or the other or both pregnant. You have given it some justification with Hermione, a girl, being the first person to stand up for him making him think girls are strong which is why I am giving it an uncomfortable pass. Also it is yet to be seen if it was pointless or not.

Right now the story is a 5/10 from me which is purely average. The writing is good and you've left some very interesting plot threads but as mentioned above, you've also left me uncomfortable and very little has actually happened.

TLDR Fics that transgender only male characters into female ones or vice versa just because the author can leave me really uncomfortable because they often don't end up well. And said transgenderization is pointless.

Well... I can say for certain that this isn't a "shipfic", though some such elements may appear in it.

Mmm, no, there won't be any mass feminization- there'd be little point to such a tale. Additionally, I'm only transing characters that could potentially have come out as trans based on my interpretations of the characters as explored in other stories- which means, there's a total of two candidates, if you've read The Gate or On the Implications of Parallel Worlds: Harry/Hailey, and Draco/Silversong.

... No, it won't be a Harry/Draco or Harry/Ron ship (Harry/Draco seems to be the more popular one)- as a matter of fact, I don't write shipfics. Some minor shipping may appear in my stories, but it's never the focus.

As for the pregnancy thing? While it'll certainly be possible, with physical transformation into a girl, you may rest assured that won't happen during the story. I just don't want to deal with a pregnant main character, really no matter who they are. Completely aside from the characters' ages...

... Dare I say the transgenderization isn't pointless in this one? Everyone's looking for Harry, so they won't recognize Hailey- especially when she realizes that Harry is famous and actively pushes it away from herself... probably by claiming to be a muggleborn living with her biological parents, who just happened to have a similar name.

I've read Gate to the end and the other to chapter 31 and liked Gate better to that point. And fair enough with it not being pointless in this case.

And her doppelganger was right. She did need a bigger bra.

Yeah, I am not envying an 11 year old kid

There's always constants in harry potter fics on this site.
1. Hermione went to school with Harry.
2. Draco gets turned into a girl
3. Hermione's mom is named Emma.

Well at least Silversong happening this time was an accident. And good job Ron on refusing Flurry Heart's power although it is gonna be really awkward for Equestria.

Well, it's better than all of the Princesses dying...

She had to concede, though, it was no wonder her brothers didn’t want to talk to her about the bra . She wondered whose it was- it looked too big for her mother.

The future her, maybe? It sounded like a reasonable side-effect from absorbing the Princess of Love's power.

Next chapter, we find out what happened in Equestria.

I have a feeling it has something to so with the fact that Luna was the only one that, probably, not dead.

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