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Skyranger Is…

The one I am is the bold one.

Chipping Away At It
Resting His Phone
Resting His Tablet
Working On Other Shores
Just Plain Resting
Occupied With Life
Actually Resting
On Sunnier Shores
Really Just Diddling Around
Being A Streamer for Charity

Putting My Design Back Together...

After some consideration, I have decided to start keeping track of Falak’s design here.
I have decided to fill in the blanks with some new parts and bend the rules, so hang on.

Horn and head: Moonstone Dragon (because what is a Moonstone Dragon without their crescent horn?
Left Wing: Radiance
Right Wing: Grimmchild
Left Arm: Dragon
Right Arm: Vessel
Left Leg:
Right Leg:

One part per Creature or Hollow Knight character except the head.
The Vessel part is above the legs and tail.
I didn’t put Skyrim or Pokémon in the design. At least, I don’t think I added Pokémon parts. Moonstone dragons are DnD.
I don’t recall adding anything from Monster Hunter... but it might be good just in case I have to fill in the blanks.
Vortigaunt is right out.
The whole point of this design is not to be a carbon copy of Discord or Cosmos, so nothing that looks like them.


I’ve lost myself! · 10:08am Jun 4th, 2021

Not me, me, though sometimes it feels that way.

I’ve lost my design for the updated Falak Disc!

I treat these characters as extensions of me, you see, and I put my design in a forum thread.

It’s my fault for not writing it down someplace that couldn’t be deleted!

Unlike the Deca-D, I had in mind this very specific design, which was something to distance Falak from being a Discord clone and pay some homage to Hollow Knight.

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Latest Stories

Blog Posts

  • 26 weeks
    Horde Horticulture: Tilling The Soil

    I have always held, deep down, a longing to play Zombie Farm, a little game by Playforge.

    Long have those pastures been barred from us... but now a brave group moves to let us play once more.

    I have signed this petition. Will you?

    Oh yeah, and I'm likely going to write a one-shot about it.

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  • 34 weeks
    The Night Of The Fenestrated House

    I had almost forgotten this day.

    But it has obtained significance.

    One of my longstanding dreams (other than being a dragon, having magic, and otherwise reading stories to kids) has been to play a virtual, no-risk-to-the-universe SBURB game.

    Tonight, on the cusp of the literal and figurative day that journey began, when I was but seven, that dream was realized by a single revelation on my Discord feed.

    Genesis Project is on Steam Early Access.

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  • 35 weeks
    Let it be known tonight...

    ...That I paint one, insignificant pixel (1641, 253) teal for the glory of our space... in the all new...

    Reddit R/Place Experiment!

    (I am not kidding. It's a whole new tapestry!)

    Aaaaand on another note, I just spotted the Apoc Rising/Dualpoint part I was looking for at 1919, 324 (upper left corner) and then fiddled with 1659, 193 (back on the Unity Crystal display.)

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  • 38 weeks
    Back on the Saddle!

    As of today, I am back in Edmonton and ready to write!... that one test I forgot to do before I left.

    After that, back in action, starting with figuring out the completion of this start for the work zone:

    Harry looked around as he cantered down the street. Compared to the hustle of yesterday, Ponyville Market was surprisingly quiet.

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  • 40 weeks
    Setting Sail For Fun!

    Okay, I may as well announce this. Not dead, just... something else.

    Starting on the 4th, I will be sailing on the Panorama for the second time.

    Now, I'm not planning on appearing in the World's Largest TikTok Dance At Sea, but I will most certainly be at the firework meet-up.

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My Pact

Ego offerre anima, Princesses ad Solem et Lunam, et sic quod mundus numquam oblivione delebitur. Si pactum meum studium nec honores tum removendi a testa rogo permittas societatis iugiter fabulas persequitur quasi spiritus in ministerium sæcula.


Rival Chitin: Chapter 3 pending revision.

Chaos On: Extra Packing: Still missing most of Falak’s new design, but I wrote up what I think is a decent start to the Green Isn’t Your Color chapter.

Queen's Nymph: The town scene has been finished! Now, all that remains is to show it, and then start on the next chapter.

Awareness: Chapter 2 has been stalled at the start of the play.

RiS: Chapter 2 has stalled.

Pending Official Releases
LLPL: Stalling at Nyx's conception... somehow. It shouldn't be hard to take the cues from Stroke, but I suppose it's a mix between permission and writing Nyx in about the same direction without it being cookie-cut from Past Sins.
UPDATE: I have now written out a rough draft of Nyx making her amulet and explaining her suspicions.

Weird Ponyville 1: Prologue mostly fleshed out, chapter 1 pending segmentation.

DoTW: I want to be clear enough on the expectations before I throw it to you: Most of the gore and violence are because of the Horrors mainly being the kind of ponies that kill. Still, both the in-progress chapter and the one I have already made are pending transferral and revision.

Project Rebirth: Hashing out some scenes.


The WUAHWD Challenge · 10:12am Jan 4th, 2021

Wake up, am horse. Wat do?

That’s a question I want to ask all of you. Let’s make a challenge out of it. First, figure out what kind of pony you “am” when you wake up. Hay, try mixing it up with Griffons, Dragons, Draconequui, and all the nonstandard types like Kirin, Zebras, and Bat Ponies!

Second is the actual question of “Wat Do?” Figure out what you are likely to do once you get over the shock of being a pony-or-other.

I think I’d:

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