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Scoti 2: Muggles and Mudbloods - SamuelK28

More hijinxes as the Crusaders embark on their second year at Hogwarts!

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Morning Mischief and Mandrakes

Author's Note:

This chapter is heavily edited from the letter section onwards.
1) The Mandrake idea was taken from numerous US cartoons I've watched of students looking after dolls, eggs etc. for a week as part of health class. Although I'm British and this isn't part of our curriculum, thought it would be a fun idea to have and a great way to test the girls practically in Herbology as the Mandrakes dominate year two.

Edited 12/10/21

“Rise and shine, bitches!” Wally cawed flying through a wall and leaving ectoplasmic goop all over it.

“Eugh,” Scootaloo groaned reluctantly opening her eyes and realising she was not only back in her human form but also her bed in the dormitory. Apple Bloom or Sweetie must have brought her back. She looked over and checked the magical digital clock on her nightstand. It had been a lot more expensive than an ordinary analog one but she was terrible at telling the time. 7:00, she was presuming am.

With a yawn she forced herself up in her bed and took in her surroundings. Something seemed different with the dormitory. Slowly it dawned on her. It had expanded and there were now eight beds instead of six.

“Hey, you’re awake,” Apple Bloom said from the bed next to hers as she put down the book she had been reading.

“What happened to the dorm?” Scootaloo enquired.

“Professor Sprout thought it best if Monica and Ginny stayed with us and as such decided to combine their dorm with ours,” Apple Bloom explained.

“Awesome!” Scootaloo said with a wide grin.

“Erm, girls, a little help,” Monica’s voice squeaked from across the room.

Scootaloo and Apple Bloom looked across to see the girl absolutely petrified with fear. Wallace had snuck into Monica’s bed in the middle of the night and was now cuddling her.

“Oh, that’s just Wallace, Sweetie’s dog. He’s perfectly harmless,” Scootaloo said as she pushed herself off her own bed and promptly made her way to one of the three bathrooms that now adjoined the enlarged dormitory.

Wallace, slowly waking up himself, opened his eyes and stared into his new-found friend’s eyes before giving her face a huge wet lick.

“Eww,” Monica exclaimed in disgust as the rest of the girls in the dormitory, who’d been awoken by Wally’s alarm call, started giggling in the background. “It’s nice to meet you too Wallace but would you mind getting off me so I can use the bathroom?” she said scratching the massive dog behind one of his equally large ears.

Apple Bloom gave a few barks and grunts across the room and Wallace immediately rose to his feet jumped off Monica’s bed and trotted over to the other girl’s bed where Apple Bloom doted on him.

“Did you just talk to him?” Monica said with disbelief before her eyes nearly fell out of their sockets as the dog suddenly disappeared in a puff of green smoke.

Before Apple Bloom could provide an explanation though, a loud roar erupted from the bathroom Scootaloo had entered.



Scootaloo sat at the table for breakfast and tried to ignore the sniggers and laughter that hadn’t stopped since she’d woken up. Magically reinforced permanent marker. She was so going to get her girlfriend back for this one. As she plotted in her mind just how she was going to do that Professor Sprout started circulating the table handing out their new timetables for the year. As she reached her usually vibrant and talkative quidditch captain she was surprised to see her in such a dour mood.

“Something wrong Scoti?” Professor Sprout asked as she held out the girl’s new timetable to her.

Scootaloo looked up at her head of house from her bowl of shreddies as she took the proffered timetable.

“Oh my,” Professor Sprout snickered seeing the words imprinted upon the girl’s forehead.

“Magically reinforced permanent marker. I’ve no clue how to get off!” Scootaloo groused, glaring across to the Gryffindor table. "And to make matters worse, all my school hats mysteriously disappeared this morning!" The glare re-directed to her dormmates. The sniggers intensified.

“Hmm, afraid that’s not my speciality either. I suggest going to see Madam Pomfrey when you get a free moment,” Professor Sprout advised. “As for your hats, I'm sure they'll turn up by the end of the day unless your dormmates want a thorough inspection of their trunks and the confiscation of any contraband they might have." There were a few nervous gulps and chuckles upon that proclamation but Professor Sprout chose to ignore them, for now. “Anyway, I’ll see you in Herbology first thing,” Professor Sprout ended abruptly as she walked off before Scootaloo had a chance to reply.

Odd? Scootaloo thought to herself as she looked over her timetable.

Monday Double Charms, History, three free periods and a single Herbology to finish.

Tuesday – Three free periods, Potions, double Charms and another single Herbology to finish.

Wednesday – Double Herbology, double Transfiguration and double DADA, with a free period to finish.

Thursday – Double Potions, History, three free periods and a single Transfiguration to finish

Friday – DADA, free period, double Cultural Diversity, History, free period and Divination.

As she pondered her new schedule while polishing of her shreddies and ignoring the discussion going on between her peers about it, her attention was suddenly caught by Professor Sprout’s booming voice.

“Miss Granger, thank you for volunteering to assist me in the Greenhouses after classes today. Might I also ask you to refrain from writing Property of Hermione Granger in magically reinforced permanent marker on a student’s forehead in future? That is all. I’ll see you in Herbology shortly.”

Scootaloo smiled smugly. Looked like she wouldn’t have to pull a revenge prank after all as the sounds of hooting and beating wings caused her to look up just as a black furry lump sent her sprawling off her seat and onto the floor.

“Wallace, what in Equestria?” she exclaimed in exasperation, the dog sitting atop her.

Wallace spat the letter that was in his mouth into Scootaloo’s face and followed that up by giving said face a huge lick before he directed his head towards Apple Bloom and barked several times. He then proceeded to jump off Scootaloo and walked over to Sweetie who was holding out a piece of bacon for him.

“Who’s a clever boy,” Sweetie praised Wallace as Apple Bloom turned to Scootaloo.

“He apologises but he took a wrong turn in the Chaosverse. He thanks you very much for catching him,” Apple Bloom explained as she got up and, as she picked up the letter in her left hand, she hauled Scootaloo to her feet with her right.

“Thanks Bloom and I hardly caught him. His arse literally collided with my face, although I suppose that explains the dwarf in my tea this morning,” Scootaloo said reaching out for the jug of orange juice on the table and a glass. She really didn’t want to know what this taste was currently in her mouth, just that she wanted to get rid of it, fast. “What’s the letter say anyway? Our sisters haven’t sent us anything in weeks.”

Apple Bloom read over the letter.

Dear Girls,

Apologies for the silence. Running a farm is no easy task especially when you are carrying a foal, trying to decorate a new home, dealing with morning sickness, Dash’s constant griping about being unable to drink cider and to top it all of Zap apple season as well! The latter did provide me with some good laughs though when the peculiar magic of the Zap apples rainbowfied Dash’s coat for the whole afternoon and that was after Granny Smith had made her hop around in a bunny outfit for the entire morning! She tried her best to hide from me on both occasions but I got photos for y’all to have a good laugh over. You will find these in the care package on Wallace’s back along with some gifts from me and all the girls to ensure you have the best possible start to your first day back at school! I can’t believe you are all already in your second year! How time flies.

Anyway, aside from wanting to wish y’all the best of luck in your second-year at magic school and providing you with an update on how everything is going down on the farm, Dash wants me to tell you how proud she is of you all and the progress you’ve made over the past year while Rarity misses you greatly Sweetie.

In other news, I have some good yet rather peculiar news to report in case you haven’t already been informed through other means. Our beloved ruler Celestia has made a rapid recovery, in part due to her new found love. This is where it gets mighty strange though. Her new found love is the same monster that infiltrated Princess Cadence’s wedding earlier this year and led an army against Canterlot. It has resulted in a lot of confusion and concern in ponies across Equestria and the recent announcement of their impending marriage to unify the pony and changeling kingdoms has only heightened such feelings. Princess Celestia and Queen Chrysalis are due to be married on Hearths Warming Eve. This will mean that Dash, Rarity and me are going to be very busy over Hearths Warming but we’ll discuss our plans with you nearer the time. For now, enjoy the care package we’ve sent with Wallace and keep us updated on how your second year goes!

Lots of Love,


P.S. Apple Bloom I’m sure you’ll want to know the Zap apple crop was our best one yet this year thanks to Dash’s help.

P.P.S. I’m unsure when our next letter will be. Apparently, a mysterious empire has returned in Northern Equestria after disappearing over a thousand years ago and we’ve been tasked by Celestia to go and investigate. I’ll keep you updated on that when I can, but for now that’s all I’ve got to report.

Apple Bloom finished reading the letter and then re-read it to make sure she’d read that last correctly.

“Uh-oh, I know that look, what’s wrong?” Scootaloo enquired as Sweetie investigated the box of goodies they’d been sent.

“Princess Celestia has recovered from her mental breakdown and found love,” Apple Bloom stated emotionlessly in reply.

“Well, that’s good news isn’t?” Scootaloo replied clearly confused taking a sip of her orange juice. “Who’s the lucky stallion or mare?”

“You are going to want to swallow that orange juice first,” Apple Bloom deadpanned. “I’ve not got time for another shower before lessons.”

Scootaloo swallowed her orange juice before retorting “Oh, come on Bloom. Surely they can’t be…”

“Queen Chrysalis of the changeling kingdom,” Apple Bloom stated with a raised eyebrow.

Scootaloo’s eyes shot open. “Come again? I thought you just said Celestia’s new love is the tyrant that attempted to infiltrate Princess Cadence’s wedding earlier in the year and used her subjects to lay siege to Canterlot.”

“Eeeeyup,” Apple Bloom deadpanned in reply. “And they’re getting married on Hearths Warming Eve.”

Scootaloo rubbed her temple with her metallic right hand and let out a heavy sigh. “Odds of yet another impending disaster?”

Most Likely flashed across Scootaloo’s vision as Apple Bloom responded.

“Almost certain. And it seems they are in the midst of another one already. A mysterious empire has returned in Northern Equestria after disappearing over a thousand years ago. Our sisters are heading there to investigate right now.”

Scootaloo rubbed her temple some more. “Swell, just swell. Did Applejack have any good news to tell us or was it just all imminent doom?” Scootaloo asked taking another sip of orange juice.

“Well, there are these hilarious pictures of Rainbow Dash, an apple fritter each and a jar of Zap apple jam from Applejack, a box of cupcakes from Pinkie, an awesome Hufflepuff scarf each that my sister knitted for us and some Wonderbolt-issue flight goggles Rainbow Dash included for me, Hermione and you Scoots. Oooh nice, apparently Twilight enchanted them to fit us perfectly in any form. Oh, and she also included a book on Equestrian transfiguration magic for me, while Zecora included a book on Zebrican potions for Apple Bloom,” Sweetie mumbled behind Apple Bloom, her mouth half full of apple fritter.

Scootaloo’s head tilted to one side so that she could see Sweetie Belle clearly, her eyes opening wide and face sparked with interest. “Did you say Wonderbolt-issue flight goggles?”

Sweetie Belle swallowed the remains of her apple fritter. “And Creepyloo is back.”


After examining the letter and care package thoroughly, including devouring the apple fritters and giggling for several minutes over the embarrassing pictures of Rainbow Dash, the Crusaders swiftly finished of their breakfasts and met up with Hermione, Harry, Ron and Neville as they departed the Great Hall for Herbology, Scootaloo still proudly wearing her flight goggles atop her mohawk. Hermione, still looking crestfallen after her admonishment and detention from Professor Sprout, immediately perked up at once more seeing the words that she had imprinted upon her girlfriend’s head.

“Totally worth it.” She giggled. “Don’t worry; they’ll fade away after twenty-four hours.”

“Thanks,” Scootaloo grumbled in reply. “I’m guessing there is no way to remove them beforehand.”

“Nope,” Hermione giggled in reply.

“Well, seeing as I’m your property for the day I might as well make use of the perks that come with it,” Scootaloo said wickedly as she grabbed Hermione’s robes and pulled her in for a kiss.

“Girls, get a room,” Sweetie deadpanned rolling her eyes and turning to Apple Bloom for support. “Oh, Apple Bloom, don’t tell me you’ve been hit by the love bug too!”

Apple Bloom was nervously talking to Neville. “S-so, h-how a-are t-the Apple trees d-doing I got you for your birthday?” she asked with a blush.

“Really well, I appreciate the tips you’ve given me, they’ve really helped. They are both already as tall as me and Gran thinks they will be ready to fruit by next year!” Neville exclaimed.

“That’s incredible!” Apple Bloom replied with a goofy grin. “I’m sure you’ll soon have a full orchard of your own!”

“With you constantly visiting me I don’t doubt it,” Neville chuckled nervously before plucking the courage to kiss Apple Bloom on her cheek causing the girl’s whole face to go as red as her hair in embarrassment. “More importantly though over the summer holidays I got to see my parents smile for the first time I can remember and it’s all because of you, thank you,” he whispered into Apple Bloom’s ear as a tear slipped down his cheek.

Apple Bloom was completely taken off guard by her boyfriend’s sudden change of demeanour but before she could regain her composure and respond, Ron rather rudely cut short their private moment.

“Woooo, get in there Neville,” the boy yelled followed by a whistle that was immediately silenced when he saw the sudden look Apple Bloom was giving him, her face now scarlet with anger rather than embarrassment.

“Two words: THE LAKE,” Apple Bloom said in a deadly serious tone.

Ron ran faster than he had ever run before. He didn’t stop until he got to the greenhouses.

Apple Bloom coughed and turned her attention back to Neville. “It was my pleasure. I’m guessing you haven’t been to see them again after we went last week?” she said in a hushed whisper.

“No,” Neville replied. “But we did receive a letter from the hospital the day before I left. My mum said her first word since, since…”

“It happened?” Apple Bloom attempted to finish for him.

Neville nodded his head, tears now freely flowing down his cheeks. “It was apple,” he sniffled to a gasp from Apple Bloom. “Her first word in eleven years was apple and I can’t thank you enough, you’ve been so supportive and…”

He never finished what he was about to say as Apple Bloom ditched acting like a proper lady for a moment, grabbed Neville by the back of the head, and proceeded to give her boyfriend a deeply passionate kiss.

“Woah, now Scootaloo I can understand but you Bloom, I thought you had standards,” Sweetie commented before turning to Harry next to her. “Hey Harry, seeing as everyone else is doing it, how about some kissing practice?”

Sweetie closed her eyes and puckered her lips. As she waited hopefully, the sound of hastily retreating footsteps getting further and further away met her ears.

“RON, WAIT FOR ME!!!” Harry screamed as he pelted down the hallway after his best friend.

“Boys,” Sweetie huffed placing her arms across her chess as Scootaloo, Hermione and Apple Bloom all sniggered in the background. Ignoring them she added, “Right, if you lot are all done, I suggest we get to Herbology before we are all late. The last thing I want on my first day is to follow you two nincompoops into detention.” She pointed at Scootaloo and Hermione making the latter go red in embarrassment as the former just shrugged her shoulders.

“Meh, totally worth it and Apple Butt knows it,” Scootaloo giggled racing after Harry and Ron followed swiftly by an infuriated Apple Bloom.

“I TOLD YOU NEVER TO CALL ME THAT AGAIN!!!” Apple Bloom screamed as she chased after Scootaloo leaving a stunned Neville and Hermione behind, the latter now sporting flight goggles like her girlfriend.

Sweetie just rolled her eyes once more. It was going to be another chaotic year!


The scene that greeted her outside the greenhouse was of no surprise to Sweetie at all. Scootaloo was once more using poor Harry as a human shield as Apple Bloom desperately tried to grab a hold of her.

The rest of the class of second-year Hufflepuffs and Gryffindors were all watching eagerly, quite enjoying the unexpected early morning entertainment as they waited for Professor Sprout. Some were even taking bets on who would come out on top only to see Sweetie Belle spoil their fun.

With a large sigh Sweetie lit her horn and said calmy but sternly, “That’s enough from both of you.” She then lifted her two best friends off the ground and placed them in separate magical bubbles. “You can both stay there until Professor Sprout arrives.”

Apple Bloom did not like her new prison one little bit but opted against challenging Sweetie’s authority on this occasion. Instead, she looked across at Scootaloo and gave the other girl a crazed toothy grin.

Scootaloo gulped. Why was she such an idiot sometimes? Riling Apple Bloom was fun and seriously entertaining, but it also came with the risk of serious bodily harm. What was it with Pegasi and a natural attraction to risk and danger? As she pondered these questions and more a voice carried above the murmurs and whispers of the crowd of students.

“I heard my name?”

Sweetie turned and saw the Herbology professor making her way through the throng of students towards them.

“These two were acting like squabbling toddlers again professor, so I felt it best to separate them before Scootaloo inevitably ended up in the lake again,” Sweetie explained.

“Thank you, Miss Belle, for your intervention. Five points to Hufflepuff,” Professor Sprout said politely before turning and glowering at Apple Bloom and Scootaloo. “As for you two, any more childish tomfoolery from either of you and I’ll have you both in detention with me for the next month. Do I make myself clear?”

Unable to be heard outside their bubble prisons, both girls nodded in acknowledgement.

“Good. You may release them Miss Belle,” Professor Sprout instructed.

Sweetie did just that, without lowering them, and the two girls fell to earth with a thump.

“Ow,” Scootaloo grumbled as she slowly picked herself up from the floor.

Apple Bloom on the other hand managed to land on her feet in a crouched position. She rose and dusted her robes off still scowling at Scootaloo.

“Miss Belle, was it really too much effort to lower your friends first before releasing them?” Professor Sprout sighed.

Sweetie giggled. “Well, you didn’t ask me to and that was more fun. Besides, I thought you wanted them to feel the gravity of the situation."

Professor Sprout opted just to look to the heavens upon that comment. These three girls would be the death of her someday. “Never mind,” she sighed before turning and addressing the whole class. “Anyway, now that that is settled, Greenhouse Three today, everyone!”

The spat between Scootaloo and Apple Bloom was immediately forgotten as murmurs broke out amongst the students. In their first year, the students had only been allowed in Greenhouse One for their own safety and a continuous topic of debate throughout the year had been just what interesting and dangerous plants the other greenhouses might hold within them.

“Right, before we enter, I must ask you all not to touch anything without my permission unless you wish to spend your first day of classes in the infirmary instead. Do I make myself clear?” she instructed as her gaze fixed itself upon Scootaloo.

“Yes, Professor Sprout,” the students all replied as one.

“Excellent. Now come along. Today we shall be re-potting Mandrakes. And watch out for the Venomous Tentacula, it’s teething,” Professor Sprout explained as she pulled a large key from her belt and unlocked the door and entered Greenhouse Three.

In silence the Hufflepuffs and Gryffindors followed her into Greenhouse Three. As she entered, Scootaloo was immediately hit by the familiar smell of earth and fertiliser that she had become accustomed to in Greenhouse One during her first year. Looking up she saw some giant circular flowers that covered and dangled from the ceiling while Professor Sprout had positioned herself behind a trestle bench awaiting to address her students. A pile of gaily-coloured earmuffs sat on the bench.

“Gather round, gather round,” Professor Sprout said encouraging them towards her and the bench at the front of the greenhouse. “Miss Prewett, just what do you think you’re doing now?”

“Well, I’m guessing we’ll be needing these at some point and I just know I’m going to end up with these ones anyway, so might as well get the shame and humiliation out the way now,” Scootaloo said with resignation as she picked up and placed a pair of bright pink fluffy earmuffs around her neck.

This caused a number of sniggers and giggles amongst the students behind her.

“Yes, well, well done for being proactive. Now, how about enlightening us with what you know about the Mandrake plant?”

“Aside from it being able to reverse petrification, not much, although I’m guessing it must be extremely loud if we need earmuffs,” Scootaloo replied nonchalantly as she fell in beside Hermione and Sweetie Belle. “Hermione’s the encyclopaedia for that type of thing,” she added turning to her girlfriend. “I know you’re just dying to enlighten us with your wisdom,” Scootaloo said sarcastically, getting a death glare from her girlfriend in return before Hermione turned her attention to Professor Sprout.

“Mandrake, or Mandragora, is a powerful restorative. As Scoti said it can be used to reverse petrification, but it can also be used to return those who have been transfigured or cursed back to their original state. The cultivation of such a plant is not without its risks, though; the cry of the Mandrake is fatal to anyone who hears it,” Hermione explained proudly.

“Excellent Miss Granger, fifteen points to Gryffindor and for your input Miss Prewett five points to Hufflepuff,” Professor Sprout commended before returning to address the entire class as Hermione looked smugly at Scootaloo who returned the gesture by cheekily sticking out her tongue at her girlfriend. “Now, even though the Mandrakes we have here are only seedlings and their cries won’t kill you, they’ll still knock you out for several hours and, as I stated previously, I’m sure none of you want to spend your first day back in the infirmary. So, please take a pair of earmuffs and when I instruct you to, ensure they are fitted securely.”

There was a mad dash as everyone aside Scootaloo attempted not to end up with a fluffy pink pair, aside Sweetie who intentionally grabbed a pink fluffy pair to match her hair.

“Right, before you put them on, I’ll just warn you once again to ensure your ears are completely covered and that I’ll give you a thumbs-up when it is safe for you to remove them. Earmuffs on,” Professor Sprout instructed as she placed a fluffy pink set over her own ears while walking over to a row of deep trays that contained a hundred or so tufty little purplish green plants.

In silence she rolled up the sleeves of her robes, grasped one of the tufty plants firmly, and pulled hard.

There were a number of inaudible gasps amongst the students as, instead of roots, a small, muddy and extremely ugly baby burst out of the soil bawling its lungs out. The leaves were growing right out the top of its head!

Taking a large plant pot from under the table, Professor Sprout thrust the Mandrake into it, burying it in dragon dung compost until only the leaves were visible. After dusting off her hands on her robes she gave the students a thumbs-up and removed her own earmuffs.

“Okay, in a moment it will be your turn, but first I’ll be placing you into groups of three and four. These will be your practical working groups for the year. Ultimately, this year your practical grade shall be marked somewhat differently. Each group will have a Mandrake to care for and look after. You shall be marked as a group on how well you look after your Mandrake and ensuring it reaches adulthood by the end of the year ready for cultivation. Your grade will be as much about cooperation and teamwork as it is about success. So, without further ado, your groups.” She pulled out a piece of muddy parchment from her pocket. “Potter, Belle, Finch-Fletchley and Weasley will be group one. Abbot, MacMillan, Roper and Brown, group two. Dunbar, Patil, Smith and Perks, group three. Thomas, Finnigan and Hopkins, group four.”

Scootaloo listened to the groups being called out and prayed to herself. “Please, no,” she mumbled under her breath.

“Jones, Bones, and Moon, group five.”


“Prewett, Apple, Longbottom and Granger, group six.”

Scootaloo looked over at Apple Bloom. A wide grin adorned the other girl’s face. On the plus side there was no chance she’d fail Herbology with Apple Bloom and Hermione in her group along with Neville, whose best subject was Herbology, but it also meant that she would have no chance of skiving off. Apple Bloom was also still mad at her over the whole Apple Butt situation and as such was likely to push her twice as hard in the next hour or so. As the students shuffled into their groups, Professor Sprout spoke one final time before their earmuffs came back on again.

“Okay, everyone sorted. Brilliant. Earmuffs on. I’ll attract your attention when it’s time to pack up,” she directed.

The next forty minutes were pure hell for Scootaloo. To begin with, Apple Bloom sat back and also prevented Neville from assisting as well. Instead, she smugly watched for twenty minutes as Scootaloo and Hermione struggled to wrestle their Mandrake out of the earth before stepping forward and yanking it out the earth with one hand like it was the easiest thing in the world. She then pushed the squirming Mandrake back into Scootaloo’s chest and stepped back once more as the girl fought for another twenty minutes in attempting to get it into a pot. Only when it bit down hard on her nose did Apple Bloom intervene once more, singing to the Mandrake and cradling it like a newborn baby. The thing actually fell asleep in her arms before she calmly placed it into its new home and instructed the others to bury it in compost. Even Professor Sprout was astonished by this and gave Apple Bloom a massive smile and a thumbs-up. Sweaty, aching, her nose stinging and blood stained, covered in shit (dragon compost to be precise) and most importantly completely humiliated, Scootaloo thought the lesson couldn’t get any worse until they started to pack away and she saw an ominous dark red and spiky tendril slithering along the floor towards Apple Bloom. With the other girl’s back to her and unable to verbally warn her with the headphones on, Scootaloo did the only thing she could, she lunged at her friend and pushed her with all her might into Neville just as the venomous tentacula struck out.

“FUCK!” Scootaloo screamed as searing pain shot through her right ankle. Even with the earmuffs on the scream was so loud a few heads turned towards her including Professor Sprout’s as the spiky, dark red tendril made a hasty retreat along the floor.

As the greenhouse around her started to spin, Scootaloo heard Professor Sprout’s despairing voice in her ear.

“Scoti, stay with me Scoti. This is going to hurt a lot but I need you to drink this.”

Scootaloo believed nothing could top the pain caused by the cursed quidditch ball in her first year. She was right but that didn’t mean whatever in Tartarus Professor Sprout was forcing down her throat wasn’t equally as bad. She imagined this is what it would feel like to drink acid. The burning sensation in her throat was insane and her brain was demanding that she cough whatever this liquid was back up but as she attempted to, she found her mouth clamped shut and the harsh liquid forced back down her throat.

“Sorry Scoots, this is for your own good,” she heard Apple Bloom’s voice in the distance before an all too familiar feeling of darkness engulfed her once more.