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Scoti 2: Muggles and Mudbloods - SamuelK28

More hijinxes as the Crusaders embark on their second year at Hogwarts!

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The Start of Term Feast

Author's Note:

Not many edits here either. Once more added in Scootaloo's tail in places and also edited the ending to cover the fact I never really considered how Hermione felt about Lockheart's
sudden demise.

So I always felt it a little odd Ginny never seemed to have any really good friends in her own year, so, as promised, Ebonis got to provide me with Ginny's new best friend. Here's the description I had to play with,

Name: Monica Emerett
Appearance: Think a young version of Storm from the X-Men (Dark skin, deep blue eyes, short pixie-cut light colored hair)

Edited 12/10/2021

Washed and now dressed in their school robes the three girls headed out of the unusually empty and quiet Hufflepuff common room toward the Great Hall as numerous clocks across the school chimed seven times.

“Come on,” Scootaloo said hurrying up the steps out of the basement. “We don’t want to be late for the sorting. I want to know how many new housemates we get this year!”

“Calm down Scoots; the Hogwarts Express might not even be here yet!” Sweetie wheezed trying to keep up.

“Damn, you have been slacking this summer. I think some extra training sessions are going to be needed before our first quidditch match. Hmm, maybe fifty laps around the quidditch pitch with a rucksack full of rocks to start off with?” Scootaloo replied evilly.

“You dare and you can find yourself a new keeper,” Sweetie grumbled in reply.

“Will you two stop bickering like two old mares and focus on walking?” Apple Bloom grumbled forcing her way into the conversation.

“Do you want to join her while wearing the mascot costume?” Scootaloo replied.

“Sorry girls, my days as the mascot bearer are over. Snape wants me to do my Potions O.W.L. by the end of next year and fast track me on to N.E.W.T. level,” Apple Bloom replied holding up her hands apologetically. “That’s going to take most of my free time.”

Sweetie Belle stopped dead in her tracks staring at her friend. “You are kidding? We’re second-years. Our Ordinary Wizarding Levels aren’t supposed to be taken until our fifth year!” she exclaimed, partly jealous and partly impressed by her friend’s ability.

“I know, but he thinks I’m ready. Told me his plan back at the Burrow. Wants me to be his assistant in the long run helping with his classes,” Apple Bloom explained causing Sweetie’s jaw to drop further as Scootaloo giggled.

“Apple Butt and Snape the Snake, what a perfect pair,” Scootaloo mocked before pelting it to the Great Hall with an enraged Apple Bloom in close pursuit as Sweetie Belle brought up the rear.

The clock in the Discord tower finally fell silent as it chimed for the twenty-eighth time.


In the end they had no need to rush to the Great Hall as it was still completely empty aside from Harry, who was sitting at the Gryffindor table while gazing up at the starry night sky that adorned the ceiling.

Before he knew what was even happening the doors had slammed opened and Scootaloo had whizzed in and taken cover behind him.

“Harry, save me! Apple Butt is trying to kill me!” she exclaimed using the poor boy as a human shield to distance herself from her irate friend.

“Last warning. Call me that one more time and…” Apple Bloom started to say ominously before a dull tone the two girls knew only too well reverberated around the hall.

“Miss Prewett, the school year has yet to officially begin and you’re already teasing your fellow housemates. I’m sure Miss Bloom will be more than happy to have some assistance in the Potions lab after classes finish tomorrow. Thank you for mandatorily volunteering. Bring Potter with you as well,” Snape drawled.

The smile on Apple Bloom’s face sent shivers down Scootaloo’s spine. Harry wanted to argue but knew it was futile and that the Potions professor would only make the punishment worse.

“Yes, sir,” Scootaloo whimpered in reply as Sweetie finally caught up and entered the hall.

“Good. Now I suggest you take your seats. The Hogwarts Express rolled in ten minutes ago and the rest of the students are on their way to the castle,” Snape stated heading for the teachers’ table.

“Bollocks,” Scootaloo grumbled as she and Apple Bloom made their way over to the Hufflepuff table to await the arrival of the other students. The new term hadn’t even started and already she had detention!


“GRYFFINDOR,” the hat bellowed for the fifteenth time that evening. The roar that erupted from the Gryffindor table was deafening. It was well known at Hogwarts that the first bragging rights of the school year went to the house that gained the most first-year students. The Gryffindors had been battling for supremacy throughout the ceremony with the Slytherins and their latest capture put them level with Slytherin once more, while Ravenclaw had acquired thirteen new acquisitions and Hufflepuff only eight, much to Professor Sprout’s and her students’ displeasure. Still, the reason the Gryffindors were in such a celebratory mood and so certain of their victory was because there was now only one student left.

“Weasley, Ginerva,” Professor McGonagall finally cried.

A loud groan erupted from the Slytherin table; their students were already well aware they had no chance of gaining the most students again this year.

Timidly Ginny approached the stall having had to hear fifty-one names be called before her. The hat dropped over her eyes.

“ANOTHER WEASLEY!” the hat exclaimed. “Good Lord, you lot breed faster than rabbits. Well, I guess its Gryffindor for you, but, hmm.”

“But what?” Ginny said meekly to the hat.

“Well, you are a timid soul and if I place you in Gryffindor alongside your brothers you’ll forever be in their shadows and unable to fulfil your potential. Slytherin certainly wouldn’t be right for you. You certainly have intelligence though and could be a fit for Ravenclaw, but then there’s Hufflepuff as well. Your cousin would certainly help you flourish and fulfil your potential. I can already see she has done a lot for you and would love for you to be in the same house as her. My, oh my, this is a conundrum.”

“B-b-but my brothers would be sorely disappointed if I didn’t join them,” Ginny argued unconvincingly.

“Maybe so, but what about your own happiness? Wouldn’t they and your parents be happier if you created your own path rather than follow in their shadows?”

“I-I guess,” Ginny stammered a little unsure.

“My, oh my,” the hat repeated. “What to do?”


The hall was deathly still. The jubilation at the Gryffindor table had slowly descended into uncomfortable silence punctuated by uneasy murmurings between individuals. It had now been over seven minutes since the hat had been placed upon Ginny’s head. None of the students at the tables could actually believe they were witnessing a true hatstall, let alone for a Weasley. And then something even more shocking occurred.

“HUFFLEPUFF!” the hat boomed.

“WHAT!” Ron screamed mouth agape.

“YES!” Scootaloo and the sole other new female addition to Hufflepuff screamed rising from their seats and making up for the fact that everyone else was too stunned to even clap politely.

“GIRL POWER!” the other new first-year Hufflepuff girl shrieked next to Scootaloo as Ginny nervously started to cross the hall to the Hufflepuff table, drawn in by their cheers.

Halfway to her new house Ginny was met by Professor Sprout. “That was some hatstall my dear, although I must admit, it’s a pleasure to have a Weasley in my house at last. I’m sure Scoti will make you feel at home,” the gentle Herbology professor said as she helped the poor dazed and confused girl the rest of the way.

Unfortunately for Ginny, she wasn’t even allowed to sit down before Monica pounced on her.

“Oh, my word, am I so relieved,” Monica exclaimed rapidly wrapping her hands around Ginny’s own. She was a scrawny girl similar in height to Ginny with ebony skin and piercing deep blue eyes. Her hair was cut short in a pixie-cut and snow-white aside from one thin pink streak that ran from her forehead all the way down the back of her hair. She continued to speak so fast and with such a thick Scottish accent that Ginny barely understood what she was saying as it all seemed to merge into one word. “I thought I was going to be the only one. How’s a girl meant to make friends when she’s the only girl in her house’s year? Monica Emerett by the way, pleasure to make you acquaintance Ginny Weasley.”

“Miss Emerett, please. I admire your bubbling enthusiasm but can you let Miss Weasley sit down and catch her breath before making introductions? This has come as quite a shock for her and to me too. None of her family has ever been assigned to a house other than Gryffindor,” Professor Sprout sighed stepping between the two girls.

“Oh really? Then fate must have answered my call for a new best friend. I’ve never even had a friend before coming to Hogwarts. Everyone at my old school were meanies and bullies who just wanted to pick on me and call me names.” She finished quietly, looking down at the floor for a moment. “Please be my friend,” she whispered barely audibly.

“O-of course M-Monica,” Ginny stammered releasing her hand from the other girl’s. “Why don’t we talk…” she never got any further as Monica wrapped her arms around Ginny.

“THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!” Monica screamed pulling Ginny past Professor Sprout and into the space at the table between her and Scootaloo, who Professor Sprout had hauled to one side for a moment.

“Look after Ginny for me and keep an eye on Monica. One student with lightning at her disposal was bad enough, but two! Just ensure she doesn’t start any more fires like she did on the train, please.”

“Of course, professor,” Scootaloo replied instinctively before registering just what her head of house had said. “Wait, what?” she swiftly added only to find that Professor Sprout was already retreating to the teachers’ table.

More than a little confused Scootaloo returned to her seat and squeezed in between Ginny and Apple Bloom as Professor Dumbledore rose from his seat at the teachers’ table to announce the beginning of the feast.

“My, wasn’t that a surprise. The Sorting Hat sure does like to provide us with at least one every year,” he said with a chuckle before continuing. “Breaking from my usual tradition of saving notifications til' after we’ve eaten, due to an incident in the early hours of this morning, I shall inform you all now as it is likely many of you will find out shortly through a special late-night edition of the Daily Prophet anyway.”

Murmurs and whispers erupted amongst the students wondering what this big news could be.

“Silence please,” Dumbledore commanded. “To begin with though a reminder of the usual. Firstly, to all first-years, the forest on the school grounds is out of bounds unless accompanied by the gamekeeper Rubeus Hagrid or Professor Discord, unless for some reason you wish to suffer a horribly painful death from the forest’s inhabitants. A few of our older students would also do well to heed this reminder,” he finished looking across at Fred and George Weasley as he had done so during the previous year's feast.

Silence engulfed the hall as Monica leaned across Ginny and whispered to Scootaloo, “Is he serious?”

“Yes, so don’t even think about it,” she said before turning back to Dumbledore who was just about to make his next announcement.

“Secondly,” he bellowed, “Mr Filch our caretaker has also asked me to remind you that no magic is permitted between classes in the corridors and that pranks and joke items on school premises are strictly prohibited, unless you are smart enough not to get caught,” Dumbledore said with a sly smile and twinkle in his eye while still looking at the twins.

The murmurs and whispers from earlier were replaced with laughs and giggles amongst the students.

Dumbledore let these die away before continuing once more. “Next, quidditch trials will be held in the second week of term. Anyone interested in playing for their house teams should contact Madam Hooch or their house team’s captain. I expect it shall be another thrilling and highly absorbing season!” This time his gaze and smile were directed at Scootaloo who responded in turn.

“You know it. No way we’re letting any other team get their hands on the trophy without a fight!” Scootaloo responded boldly.

“I would expect nothing less Miss Prewett. A truly extraordinary performance and effort last year if I do say so myself.” Dumbledore replied to a few sneers and jeers from the Slytherins. “Now, where was I? Oh yes, teachers. This year we have quite a few new faces joining us. Firstly, our second years and any older students who volunteered to, shall be taking a new one-year course in Cultural Diversity and Inclusivity that shall be taught by Professor Pompernickle.”

Professor Pompernickle, in an old set of dusty orange robes and hat, stood and waved to the students to introduce himself as they politely clapped in return, aside from the Slytherins who glowered nastily at the shabby middle-aged wizard. Although he had tried to brush it, his hair was still a blonde scraggly mess that stuck out all over the place from underneath his orange hat.

As Professor Pompernickle returned to his seat once more Dumbledore continued his speech. “If anybody else would like to take the one-year course please contact your head of house to arrange for it to be added to your timetable. I have yet to receive any responses from students from Slytherin wanting to take the course,” Dumbledore stated before pausing momentarily as sniggers erupted from the Slytherin table. Finally, he resumed. “Might I remind you all that although not mandatory, the course will be of benefit to anyone wishing to apply for a job with the Ministry of Magic in future. Furthermore, whilst we are on the subject, our code of conduct has been updated. Any discrimination in any shape or form shall not be tolerated and result in a student’s immediate expulsion without the right to appeal,” he said sternly turning his gaze this time towards the Slytherin table.

The few remaining sniggers suddenly turned to grumbles at the Slytherin table.

“Right, next. I’m sad to report that Professor Kettleburn, our Care of Magical Creatures teacher, will be retiring at the end of the year to spend more time with his remaining limbs. Professor Fluttershy, Professor Discord’s fiancé, shall be assisting him this year and taking over next year. As she is also expecting her first child, Rubeus Hagrid has kindly offered to assist her in the role alongside his gamekeeping duties.”

The applause this time was a lot louder, mostly for Hagrid, although a few of the older boys were looking at Fluttershy wondering why oh why they hadn’t chosen Care of Magical Creatures as one of their elective courses.

“Lastly,” Dumbledore boomed causing the hall to again fall deathly quiet. “Some even more sad news. Many of you will have heard of the legend of the Chamber of Secrets. I have decided to be honest with you all and inform you that, after a recent discovery, the Chamber is most certainly not a legend.”

This caused a lot of whispering amongst all four tables.

“What’s the Chamber of Secrets?”

“Oh, so the rumours fifty years ago are true?”

“Wait, isn’t it supposed to harbour a monster?”

“Silence, please,” Dumbledore called firing a firework from the end of his wand into the night sky above. “Professor Binns shall teach you all more about the Chamber of Secrets in History of Magic over the course of the next few weeks, but what I can inform you now is that thanks to Professors Discord and Lockhart the beast that dwelled within the chamber has been dealt with and you are all perfectly safe. Sadly though, our new Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher, Professor Lockhart, Order of Merlin, Third Class and Honorary Member of the Dark Forces Defence League, was killed in action doing so.”

Gasps and more whispers erupted from the students, the most widely asked question being who was going to be teaching DADA now that Lockhart was dead.

“Silence, please,” Dumbledore asked again, firing off another firework from his wand. “Lockhart died so that all of you can be taught safely and without prejudice. Tonight, we shall feast in honour of his memory and he shall be awarded posthumously a Special Award for Services to the School.”

He raised his wand and pictures of a smiling Lockhart on massive posters appeared all around the room. Behind the teachers table was the largest of all, boldly announcing, "Hero of Hogwarts: Gilderoy Lockhart O.M (Third Class). 26th January 1964 – 1st September 1992".

“And so, without further ado, let us feast and remember this great man’s life. "Fanwich! Smeggle! Blepp! Twadar!”

And just like that the empty platters that adorned the tables suddenly became laden with food, much to Monica’s surprise.

“How?” the girl exclaimed open mouthed as Ginny, slowly getting over her rather difficult sorting, stifled a giggle next to her as she reached for the mashed potatoes.

“You are so funny Monica,” Ginny said as the Fat Friar appeared through the table causing Monica to nearly pass out in fright.

“New students!” the friar exclaimed merrily. “Bless my soul, is that a Weasley I see in Hufflepuff? Oh, how annoyed Sir Nearly Headless Nick will be that I’ve pilfered one of his staple pins,” the friar ended with a hearty chuckle.

Ginny looked a little abashed at his comment and the friar quickly acted to rectify his mistake.

“Don’t worry lass. I know it will be strange at first to be in a different house to your brothers, but I’m sure our quidditch captain will look after you and soon make you feel right at home.”

“I’ll make sure of that. Having Ginny by my side is like Christmas and my birthday all rolled into one!” Scootaloo said happily while tearing the meat of a chicken drumstick with her teeth.

Ginny blushed in embarrassment at Scootaloo’s words.

“Now, friar, how about a little dance?” Scootaloo requested.

“Of course. Anything for the one who has brought glory back to my house,” the friar replied.


For a while everyone was content to just enjoy the feast and discuss what they’d been up to on their summer holidays with their neighbours as the Friar danced jovially atop the table. As the food diminished though and a stream of owls entered the room with a special evening edition of the Daily Prophet focusing on the life of Gilderoy Lockhart, a discussion across the table amongst the second- and first-year girls began on just who would be the new DADA teacher.

“So, who do you think will be the new DADA professor?” Megan asked her friends as she finished her third plateful of food.

“Well, that’s obvious. It’ll be Discord, at least until they can find a replacement,” Scootaloo replied bluntly.

“That’s if they can,” Susan said entering the conversation.

“What do you mean?” Sweetie queried across the table from her.

“I overheard Dumbledore trying to persuade my aunt into taking the position over the summer via floo. She was having none of it, saying she wasn’t going to put her life in danger when she’s got me to look after. Then, as Dumbledore tried to reassure her, she told him straight that she knew You Know Who applied for the position in the mid-1960’s and that no DADA teacher has lasted more than a year since then. He very quickly ended the conversation after that. I wouldn’t be surprised if Lockhart was the only applicant,” Susan explained. “And now with another death it’ll only heighten and fuel those concerns.”

“Huh, interesting. Well, I doubt my dad will be interested in taking the position long term; he’s too much else on to be teaching full time, so they better hurry and find someone!” Scootaloo said before tactfully changing the topic. “Anyway, what I’d like to know about more than anything is this apparent fire on the Hogwarts Express. Care to explain Monica?”

Thankfully due to her skin nobody could see the embarrassment etched on Monica's face as she tried to turn and look away.

“So that’s why the train stopped for fifteen minutes,” Hannah said deeply intrigued.

“It was that smarty pants Gryffindor's fault. She said it was impossible,” the girl grumbled under her breath barely audible.

Scootaloo sighed. “This so-called smarty pants wouldn’t be called Hermione by any chance?”

“Yeah, I guess you’ve run into the stuck-up, know-it-all as well seeing as she’s in the same year as you. Absolute nightmare, isn’t she?” Monica groused.

“She’s my girlfriend,” Scootaloo deadpanned as the rest of her friends tittered at Monica’s description of Hermione.

Monica’s face dropped and she tried to hastily think of something to say. Scootaloo burst out laughing.

“Your face,” Scootaloo said gasping for breath as she tried to regain control of herself. Eventually she was able to continue. “Sorry, that was mean of me, but I just couldn’t resist. Yes, just to clarify, I am a girl who likes other girls. If you’ve a problem with that you can go and sit with the Slytherins right now,” she finished in a very serious tone.

“No, no, not at all,” Monica replied rapidly, stumbling over her words as she did so. “It just took me by surprise is all.”

“Good and yeah, we get that a lot, the egghead and the jock. Just wait though till you see her on a broomstick. Best stunt flier I’ve ever seen. Anyhow, before I get any further off topic, just what did Hermione do this time?” Scootaloo enquired with a devilish smirk upon her face.

“Well,” Monica mumbled sheepishly. “It’s a long story. Let me start from the beginning,” she said taking a deep breath before going on. "My mother and father are what you'd call 'muggles'. My mother especially has always been deeply religious and as such played down magic, refusing its existence. This annoyed my grandmother a lot."

"Why?" Scootaloo requested, deeply intrigued by the other girl's tale.

"Well, you see, she’s a weather witch and desperate not to let another line of weather witches and wizards die out. When she found out I had magic when I was five, she actually tried to kidnap me and attempted to disown my mother for trying to destroy our heritage,” Monica finished, a lot more perky.

“Wow, that seems extreme. If you don’t mind me asking, just what is a weather magician anyway?” Megan enquired.

“Well, you’ve never met my parents and in answer to your question, it is a witch or wizard with the innate ability to immediately summon or alter any form of weather,” Monica explained causing Scootaloo to burst out laughing once more much to Monica’s ire.

Her eyes went a misty white for a moment before a bolt of lightning shot down from the ceiling. To her amazement Scootaloo caught it in her hands and started to juggle it between them. She then sent it flying over the heads of a petrified bunch of Slytherin’s into a suit of armour that exploded upon contact and sent metal flying everywhere. Sensibly, after taking cover while shards of metal rained down upon them, the Slytherins opted to just get on with their meals rather than retaliate. Professor Sprout was burying her head in her hands up at the teachers’ table. It would be a miracle if they didn’t end up on minus house points this year, let alone have any chance of retaining the house cup.

“"Try that again, and I'll make sure you never see another sunny day,” she growled as both Apple Bloom and Sweetie sniggered. “And what are you two sniggering at?

“Impetuous. Yep, she’s definitely got Pegasus blood in her,” Apple Bloom said bluntly to a round of nods and laughter from the second years at the table. “Also, you missed a bit. Your tail’s on fire.”

Scootaloo’s eyes went wide in alarm as she looked behind her and saw that the tip of her tail was indeed on fire. “For buck sake,” she growled swinging her tail around and dunking the tip into a jug of water to extinguish it as the other second-year girls stared in shock at Scootaloo's latest manifestation of draconequus heritage.

“Pegasus?” Monica said confused also staring at the peculiar fluffy appendage that extended from Scootaloo’s back. “The rulers of the skies? They’re nothing but fairy tales according to my gran.”

Sighing once more Scootaloo stood up and then proceeded to unclasp and drop her robes to the floor to reveal the pair of wings that sprouted out the jumper she was wearing. “You were saying?”

Monica stared at her in disbelief before jumping up and rushing over to examine the wings. “Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god!” she squealed with delight feeling just how soft the feathers were.

“I hope now you understand why I was laughing a moment ago. You would think someone who is dating someone who can control the weather wouldn’t be so sceptical when a stranger tells them they can do similar,” Scootaloo explained as she shivered at the coldness of the other girl’s hands as they felt all over her wings.

“These are incredible!” Monica exclaimed in complete awe. “Gran’s so going to want to meet you! But how? And why have you got a snow leopard tail?” she blurted out all in one breath.

“It’s a long story. How about I tell everyone it once you finish yours?” Scootaloo said kindly as she gestured to Monica to retake her seat.

Monica immediately sat down and continued her story. “Well, in the end mum barred my gran from seeing me. This went on for three years, despite more and more bizarre and unexplainable events occurring in our local area and at my school. To begin with it was simply record snowfall and snow days in winter and scorching and record high temperature summer days but as the years past we had a snowstorm in summer, a BBQ at Christmas, bullies frozen like icicles or hit by lightning, freak storms that came out of nowhere when I was angry and upset including an actual hurricane one time. Overall, I was a ticking time bomb.”

“So, what happened?” Scootaloo asked politely.

“I knocked an older girl out for teasing me over my short hair and cut all hers off. The headmistress told my parents I was suspended and they all belittled me and refused to listen to my version of events. I got so mad I summoned a tornado in the headmistress’s office. Ended up destroying three quarters or more of the school. The Ministry of Magic had to get involved to cover it all up although thankfully no one was seriously hurt, just some cuts and bruises. They told my parents to either hand custody of me over to my grandmother willingly or they’d wipe their memories and take not just me away, but my two perfect muggle younger brothers as well. I think in the end my parents were quite happy to see the back of their devil child. I’ve not seen them in what is it, like three years, and been home schooled by my grandmother ever since. Best thing that ever happened to me. Both my parents are religious nutjobs. They punished me severely every time I accidentally used magic. The worst was the hot iron they once took to my back. Gran was ecstatic to have me at last and when she saw the scars they’d inflicted, well, let’s just say it hasn’t stopped snowing over my parents’ house since!” Monica finished with a chuckle as everyone just stared at her.

Eventually, it was Hannah who spoke. “Jeez, what is it with us magic folk and deeply depressing and disturbing backstories?”

Scootaloo just shrugged her shoulders in response. “No idea. Your grandmother does sound awesome Monica and I’d love to meet her someday. So, before I tell you my story, just what happened on the train. Please tell me you set my girlfriend on fire.”

Up until that point Monica had slowly been getting over her embarrassment. Now, even with her darker skin colour, she was starting to turn cherry red.

Seeing how bright the other girl was going Scootaloo cackled uncontrollably and barely managed to squeak out. “Oh, sweet Luna. You did, didn’t you?”

The words Without A Doubt flashed across Scootaloo’s vision as her Magic Eight Ball Eye answered the question for her.

“She may have said that weather witches were the most preposterous thing she’s ever heard of and that I was simply lying through my teeth to try and sound cool. I might have not taken that too well and summoned a lightning cloud that set her hair and the seat she was sitting upon on fire. In my defence, I did swiftly put both out,” Monica said shamefacedly.

Scootaloo broke down at this point in utter hysterics. “Please, stop, you’re killing me. I’m going to be teasing her about this all week,” she manged to somehow say in between all the laughter she was emitting. “What happened next?”

“Thankfully, she actually took it quite well, apologised for antagonising me and said if I ever wanted to fly a broomstick outside of class to come find her. I suppose in truth she’s not all bad,” Monica said, finally finishing her story to a lot of snickers and giggles. “I have got a week of detention with Professor Sprout for what I did though,” she slammed her head upon the table.

“Hard luck, but trust me when I say that’s an offer you definitely don’t want to turn your nose up at from my girlfriend. I won’t spoil the surprise other than say that the broomstick she owns was a gift from me. Now, as promised I’ll tell you mine, Apple Bloom’s and Sweetie’s story along with what happened over my summer. But first, it seems Dumbledore is about to summon dessert!”


“I hate you so much sometimes,” Scootaloo pouted glowering at Sweetie. “Ooh, yeah, right there Ginny, that feels amazing,” Scootaloo admitted guiltily as the girl scratched behind her right ear.

After telling the story, with input from Apple Bloom and Sweetie, of how she and her friends had ended up in this world courtesy of Discord to a gobsmacked Monica over dessert along with the discovery of her new found draconequus heritage over the summer, the first-year had then proceeded to ask what the three girls looked like in their pony forms.

Sweetie had been only too willing to oblige and as such Scootaloo now sat upon Ginny’s lap in her pony form, the girl refusing to let her go for anything as Monica brushed the pouting Pegasus filly’s coat and leopard tail that was longer than the rest of her body! The two girls had done an absolute number on Scootaloo’s mane and tail and had even been provided with some makeup from Sweetie and Megan. Scootaloo had not enjoyed it one bit until Ginny had found that sweet spot behind her ear that had made her back right hoof twitch uncontrollably, much to her annoyance.

“All right girls,” A smug voice called out from behind them, “I think it’s only fair that I get to spend a few minutes with my girlfriend before retiring for the night seeing as she ditched me on the train ride here.”

“Shit, Ginny what ever you do…” Scootaloo never finished as Ginny turned and reluctantly handed Scootaloo over to Hermione with the look of a puppy that had just found its food bowl was half empty rather than half full.

“My, oh my, they really did a number on you, didn’t they?” Hermione cackled as she began to wipe the makeup off her girlfriend’s face. “I do find it interesting how your inorganic parts magically alter themselves to your new shape and that new tail of yours is just too adorable for words,” she said while examining Scootaloo’s metallic right foreleg.

“Hey that tickles,” Scootaloo exclaimed. “And so says the girl who thought weather witches were preposterous when she’s dating someone who’s part Pegasus!”

Hermione’s face started to go red. “She didn’t.”

Scootaloo nodded very slowly and deliberately with the biggest grin imaginable on her face as Monica nervously smiled and waved behind her. “She did.”

Hermione closed her eyes and took a deep breath. “Why did I ever fall in love with you?” she murmured under her breath. “And here I was seriously worried when Ron informed me you’d been petrified in your sleep!”

She suddenly felt something wet and hairy upon her lips and opened her eyes to see Ponyloo giving her a kiss.

“Thanks for caring,” Scootaloo whispered in reply upon finishing. “I foresaw Lockhart’s death and saw the basilisk’s eyes indirectly through him. Unfortunately, it resulted in petrifying my physical body so we weren’t able to save him. I’ll tell you more about it tomorrow. Right now, I’m more concerned with how you are holding up? I can see you’ve been crying. That blithering idiot really meant a lot to you, didn’t he?

Hermione glowered at her girlfriend for a moment before her expression softened slightly. “Yeah,” she admitted. “He did. I’ll be all right though. Just a silly school girl crush, nowhere near as bad as what you’ve put me through these past six months you silly sausage,” Hermione chuckled forcing a smile back onto her face as she booped Ponyloo’s nose. “Still, thanks for caring.”

“Don’t mention it; it’s what a good girlfriend does. But if you dare poke my nose again I’ll bite your finger off,” Scootaloo replied snapping her jaws together playfully in an attempt to lighten the suddenly dour mood.

“Oh really? And what about if I do this,” Hermione said with a devilish grin as she began scratching the exact same spot behind Ponyloo’s right ear Ginny had earlier.

“No, no, stop tha…” Scootaloo began to argue only for her back right hoof to begin twitching uncontrollably again as she moaned with sheer bliss at the sensation.

“I will when a certain pony promises to behave themselves and admits that Gryffindor is the best house!” Hermione retorted with an evil cackle.

“Never!” Scootaloo exclaimed as her back leg continued flailing wildly from Hermione’s ear scratches before she let out an almighty yawn and her eyes slowly closed.

As the ridiculously adorable small pony in her arms wrapped its equally ridiculously oversized tail around itself and drifted off to sleep, Hermione turned her head toward Apple Bloom and Sweetie and asked, “Either of you two got a permanent marker?”