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Harry Potter, after a beating by Dudley and friends wishes he had somewhere safe to go, and starts crawling home. He ends up in Equestria. The young Cutie Mark Crusaders find him. A year later, a Hogwarts owl unleashes the CMC, Harry, and Equestria upon wizarding Britain! And adorable cute magic-wielding ponies upon the rest of the world.

Copyedited by gerandakis. Excellent cover art by Mix-up.
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Inspired by Dogger807’s hilarious story, “Magic School Days,” here on FiMfiction. While there is humour (and tree-sap) in this story, that is not its only focus.

Wow, Sir Chaos Omega made a TV-Tropes page for the story! Thanks!

Published on the FiMfiction website with the kind forbearance of the copyright owners of My Little Pony (Hasbro) and the Harry Potter series (Scholastic Press).

The timeline for “My Little Pony” is messed up. That is, if you look closely, the order of the shows as aired is out of order of their logical sequence. Evidence: in Swarm of the Century (#10) we see the dresses that Rarity makes in Suited for Success (#14) — so unless Rarity time-travelled, #14 should take place before #10! Also, in The Ticket Master (#3), the other five seem to know Twilight and Spike quite well, yet in Boast Busters (#6) they don’t seem to know Twilight at all.

With careful attention to details such as those, you can put the three years of episodes prior to Princess Twilight Sparkle (#65, Season Four) into a two-year stretch of time. If you work hard enough, you can even squeeze them down to one five-season stretch of Summer to Summer.

I used the two-year seven-part timeline mapped out by deviantart’s tobyandmavisforever (do a Google search for “tobyandmavisforever mlp timeline” as the fastest way to find them). Thus, Harry arrives in Equestria shortly after the Crystal Empire two-part episode, and Twilight and Spike have been in Ponyville just under a year even though the Crystal Empire episodes start the third year of My Little Pony.

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This is pre-Hogwarts Harry, isn’t it?

Read the synapses it says he gets a letter to hogwarts a year after meeting the cmc.

If you haven't run into it before, an 'omake' is a short piece that is considered non-canon to the story being told. Typically omakes feature breaking the fourth wall, characters acting out of character or extreme exagerations, and silly situations.

Huh. I just realized that Harry’s coat colors are that of Griffindor.

No too bad. However there ar a few issues, but after finishing it it’s a good chapter and I want to see more.

If you wish this to be in pm form just let me know

His Aunt always woke him at dawn to fix breakfast during the week and expected him to wake himselfon

This one should be self explanatory

and nodded as she gracefully stepped past them, tactfully ignoring the sweat dripping of their sides.


She could have made the trip faster herself, but it always depressed her little ponies soo much when she showed she didn’t need their assistance.


Apple Jack, the mare in charge of the farm, was able to show us where they found him. She had already

I always thought Applejack was one word.

He slammed into the wall with a loud crunching noise that made every pony in the room winch. He rebounded from that wall, staggering. He next flung himself with reckless abandon at the wall th


Celestia looks like she three times larger only when you compare her with mares. If you compare her with stallions she only a two times larger at best. She also less massive that her own guards so IMO she weight maybe a little more that a fully grown stallion.
Hell, if you scale her down to average pony size she most likely would weight less that Twilight or Rarity.

Depends on which scene you're looking at as to how large she is, and which other ponies are beside her. Still, even is she's only twice as tall as an average stallion, she would still have difficulty in the hospital -- most human hospitals do not have twelve foot ceilings (double the height of the average person) and instead are about ten feet, and the standard height for a doorway is about six and a half feet. As for mass? Yeah, she weighs a LOT more than an average pony. While scaling height squares the surface area, the volume goes up by the cube. So, even with a more fragile frame, the mere fact that she towers over the others means her mass is much greater.



Depends on which scene you're looking at as to how large she is, and which other ponies are beside her

Celestia near Twilight and Celestia near her guards. On this shots, you can see that big part of her height is her really long legs and neck. And on the second shot, we can see that her body not that much bigger that bodies (barrels?) of her guards. And here we can see that her head just about the same size as the guard.

Still, even is she's only twice as tall as an average stallion, she would still have difficulty in the hospitals

RD walk into the hospital. If we take RD height at the withers then the door at least three times her height.
And here we see M6 visiting Dash. Still a looong way to the ceiling. I doubt that Celestia would have many problems at hospital :).
And for some reasons pretty much all pony buildings like this - they have really high ceiling and big doors. Maybe they keep Celestia height in mind when building something?

While scaling height squares the surface area, the volume goes up by the cube.

If Celestia would be a simple scaled-up mare - I would fully agree with you about her weight. But as you can see - it's not the case here. She more like "stallion-sized body on really long legs". She weight more that average mare? Definitely. She weight ten times more that average pony? I really doubt it. Two or three times. Maybe four at best.

unfortunately, your images are all "access denied."

But thanks for writing! At least you told me what you didn't like.

Huh... Imgur for some bizarre reasons blacklisted Fimfiction. I tried to put pictures on a different image hosting service. Maybe it's work now?

It has my attention. I will be following to stay up-to-date on new chapters.

You know what? I bet the world beyond the mirror has similarly named countries, but instead of accidentally falling through the Canterlot High mirror, Harry found a different hole.

Also, since Harry has British vernacular, he would say his name, not Hairy, but Hahry.


not Hairy, but Hahry.

Good catch! Thanks!

I was half-expecting Celestia to grimace at Harry’s living conditions. Does this mean the Dursleys are under a compulsion spell in this crossover?

Not knowing the boy, she would try to keep as blank an expression as possible so as not to derail her interrogation. If she wanted to console the boy instead of getting info, she would have allowed herself to be more reactive.

When Princess Celestia hears that Harry's family is responsible for his injuries AND for his malnutrition... the Dursley's had best hope Celestia never finds a way to Earth.

In other HP/MLP crossover (Magic School Days by Dogger807), there is a waiting list of Equestians wanting to have a 'chat' with Dumbledore, once it was found he was the one responsible for putting Harry among such terrible beings.

It's fine. It's just a difference between American and British vernacular.

Interesting, I'll keep an eye on this story. Love the intro on the story cover too. Keep it up:twilightsmile:

The doctor winched at his tone. The fillies looked curious

Good chapter.

Thanks. I know the difference, but for some reason my fingers type "winched" all the time, and re-reading never seems to capture that one for me.

Don't worry Harry. This will be the beginning of things getting better for you now.

Ain’t never heard of bones healing that fast, though

Dash broken wing in Reading It And Weep healed in "few days" and a doctor doesn't act like it's unusual or something. So bones healing in spans of the week are pretty normal for ponies. Although maybe Scootaloo doesn't know that.

A broken finger heals faster than a broken femur simply because of the difference in size. And wing bones are generally long and thin, especially when compared to should and hip bones.

Don't change the fact that their bones heal way faster than a human one. When I broke hand it' took around six weeks to bones mend themselves. Less than a week for Dash wing is nothing short of amazing, really.
You don't really need to turn Harry into super amazing and incredible unique being. I have a suspicion that sooner or later it's would lead to MS Harry Potter who would have more magic talent than Twilight and more mana that Twilight and Starlight combined.


Less than a week for Dash wing is nothing short of amazing, really.

Oh, absolutely. So two or three weeks for major damage to BOTH shoulders is not out of line. As mentioned, ponies don't realize how much their own magic is helping to heal them, so his going a bit overboard and working much better at it (because, you know, experience!) is surprising to them.

And no, he's not overpowered. In certain areas he has more experience (healing himself), but that's about it. Twilight is a TANK by comparison to his motorcycle.

Wow, just one question: Why have the Dursleys beat Harry and still have nothing come of it? Even Dumbledore wouldn't have kept Harry there if his life was truly in danger, not to mention that no matter how much of a delinquent Harry was said to be, broken bones and mysterious absences from school due to said broken bones would warrant an investigation, leading to the Dursleys' arrest and Harry being taken into police custody.

That's some dark thoughts coming from Harry at the end. Very resonable for a child in his situation, but I thnk a lttle OOC for this stage, in his life. But i've seen the anger motivated Harry pulled off successfully before.

I do like the story, your writing is very entertaining. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your imagination.

Interesting...in earlier chapters you had Harry act a bit out of character. Not enough to call it out then, but he did seem to be more physically tortured and filled with more self hate than the normal canon Harry. Now from this chapters ending I'm getting the feeling you made these changes to Harry to create a darker version of the character. I can imagine this version of Harry, had he not been sent to equestria, would have followed Tom Riddles path, leading to a "Dark Lord Potter" battle with Voldermart. Now how will that effect the rest of the HIE path of this story.

It's not that difficult for parents to get away with mistreating children for years if they are careful -- just read the newspapers where you read about parents doing just that and the neighbors say, "We never suspected...."

As for missing school, "He caught the flu" "He slipped down the stairs," "He was climbing a tree and slipped," "He's such a klutz!" As long as it wasn't too often an occurrence no one would say anything.

Will the CMC ask Harry to join their group as a new member, also who will take care of Harry once he gets out of the hospital, I could see him being adopted by Twilight that's for sure.

What happens next is already written out over the next dozen chapters. Be patient and all will be revealed.

Now there’s a thought how would ponyville react to hagred


But here's another thought, what type of Pony would Hagrid look like, I would think a BIG Earth Pony bigger then Big Mac.

We have seen him use magic so I say BFU.( Big fucking unicorn)

I should know I'm in that waiting list.

Interesting, Flurry already born or no? Because, as far as I remember, she not only able to teleport herself but also have control over her teleportation. And she... several month old at best? Well, that and she an alicorn :).

a badly written fantasy novel.”

oh damn shots fired

8900491 I’ve heard people use coat in the fur context enough times that they’re interchangeable.

It's a holdover from when people primarily used fur as coats. Now that artificial insulation is superior, most younger people do not make that association.

It's one year after Twilight arrives in Ponyville, and shortly after the Crystal Empire episodes. So Twilight is wingless and Flurry is still a twinkle in her parents eyes.

Keep up the story, I want to see how this story go's

Please tell me there will be divine retribution in the Dursleys future??
I hope Harry doesn't become a bully. :pinkiesad2:
Keep the awesomeness of this epic story coming!! :pinkiehappy:

I have to say I am thoroughly enjoying this so far. There are far too few HP/MLP crossovers for my liking, and most of what there is is either incomplete, abandoned, or not worth reading. This, however, is very good and I hope you finish it out.

I am especially intrigued at how vindictive your Harry is. Most fics don't portray Harry as even considering vengeance against the Dursleys, but your Harry thought of it practically right away. I can only imagine what Dumbledore would say if he knew Harry was considering using magic to punish his relatives. Probably he'd freak out thinking he'd created another Tom Riddle. I would also like to see Dumbledore attempt to convince Celestia to send Harry back to Privet Drive. I can only imagine he'd end up Nightmare Moon's new roommate.

Dumbledore : "So you see, your majesty. Harry must go back. It is for the greater good!"
Celestia : "Interesting, Mr. Dumbledore. Now allow me to present my counter-argument. Girls?"
Mane 6 : *Elements Of Harmony*
Dumbledore : *Mooned*
Celestia : "Welp, that's taken care of. Whose up for some cake to celebrate?"

Anyways, great job so far. Keep it up. Can't wait for more!

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